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Presenting our exclusive and transformative offer: buy One Small Step boost, an extraordinary Legendary Kinetic Shotgun that has now graced the realms of Destiny 2. Unveil its unparalleled potential through the prism of our top-tier carry services, meticulously curated by seasoned D2 virtuosos. Their profound reservoirs of expertise and wisdom guarantee the expeditious unlocking of any coveted weapons that dwells within your desires.

Unlock its unmatched potential with our top-tier carry services meticulously provided by seasoned D2 players. With their profound expertise and knowledge, we ensure the fast unlocking of any weapon you desire - the legendary shotgun itself, the highly sought-after God Roll, or specific perks. Our professional gamers will diligently farm the One Small Step on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Embark on your Destiny 2 odyssey with us today and indulge in the sheer convenience of boosting and elevating your gameplay to awe-inspiring heights.

Why buying the One Small Step is a must?

The main reason to purchase the One Small Step in Destiny 2 is its rapid fire rate, which makes it effective at dealing with close to medium range enemies. Its deeper ammo reserves and the ability to reload faster when the magazine is empty provide great sustain during intense encounters. This makes it a popular choice for clearing mobs of enemies in PvE activities.

How to Get the One Small Step?

To obtain the One Small Step Shotgun, players need to start the “Essence of Rage” quest on The Moon. The quest requires a Phantasmal Core, which can be obtained using Phantasmal Fragments. Once you have the core, complete the quest objectives that involve obtaining kills with melee, grenade, and super abilities, and also collect the Fangs of Shun'Gath from killing Shun'Gath in the World's Grave. Finally, head to the Lectern of Enchantment and turn in the Essence of Rage to receive the One Small Step Shotgun.

The Perks of the One Small Step and the God Roll

Behold the New Pacific Epitaph Shotgun, its base stats revealing its power:

  • Impact: 65
  • Range: 25
  • Stability: 31
  • Handling: 40
  • Reload Speed: 61
  • Rounds Per Minute: 140
  • Magazine: 7

The pursuit of the God Roll for the New Pacific Epitaph is a path guided by individual preferences and playstyles. For PvE and PvP, here are some recommended perk combinations:

PvE God Roll:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling (Balanced stats)
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag (Increased stability, reload speed, and magazine size)
  • Perk 1: Lead From Gold (Picking up heavy ammo also grants ammo to this weapon)
  • Perk 2: Swashbuckler (Melee kills increase damage)

PvP God Roll:

  • Barrel: Rifled Barrel (Increased range)
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds (Increased range)
  • Perk 1: Quickdraw (Faster ready and stow speed)
  • Perk 2: Opening Shot (Improved accuracy and range on opening shot of attack)

What Makes D2 One Small Step Farm Worth It?

Farming the One Small Step Destiny 2 Shotgun demands a blend of commitment, expertise, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. However, not every player is bestowed with the luxury of time or the requisite skills to navigate this demanding path. But fear not, for Gamingcy's adept carry services are primed to bridge this gap seamlessly.

Our ranks are adorned with seasoned Destiny 2 sherpas, possessing intricate knowledge and exceptional skills. With unrelenting determination, they embark on the quest to secure the One Small Step farming on your behalf, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances your gaming journey. Whether you're a battle-scarred veteran or a fresh-faced initiate, the allure of unlocking the One Small Step legendary shotgun cannot be underestimated.

Place your trust in Gamingcy, your unwavering companion, and allow us to elevate your Destiny 2 odyssey. Through our boosts, you shall wield this exceptional weapon with resolute confidence, asserting dominance on the battlefield in a triumphant manner. Embrace our expertise and set forth on a journey that will redefine your Destiny 2 legacy, etching an indelible mark in the annals of time.


Average starting time: 1-3 hours

Average Execution time: 1-2 hours

Rewards you will get:

  • One Small Step Legendary Kinetic Shotgun;
  • Unique Armor and Weapon drops;
  • Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

Options available:

  • Random Roll: a weapon with random perk combos.
  • Rolls with Guaranteed Perk: We will get you a weapon with the desired perk roll.
  • God roll: We will get you a weapon with the desired god roll.


  • 1600+ Power Level
  • Lightfall DLC
  • Recovery (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
One Small Step

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