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Discover the extraordinary offerings at Gamingcy: on this page, you have the opportunity to buy the Beyond Light Seal boost and unlock the prestigious Splintered title in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Our exceptional services cater to players across PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. Rest assured, our sherpas are well-versed in all challenges and triumphs within this remarkable D2 expansion, originally introduced in 2020.

Please note that this boost requires account sharing, as our expert gamer will securely play your character and skillfully accomplish the selected triumphs, ultimately granting you access to the illustrious Beyond Light seal. Here's a list of the triumphs you must complete in Lightfall:

  • Mater of the Hunt
  • Masterful saboteur
  • Training Complete
  • Reuniting the Eventide Rookery
  • Salvage the Past
  • Solo Lost Sector Mastery
  • Fallen Brig Brigade
  • Born in Darkness
  • Studying Darkness

Choose the approach that suits you best – you can either opt for the entire Beyond Light seal carry with a fantastic bundle discount or select specific triumphs to be swiftly and securely completed by our skilled PRO gamers. Prepare to rise to greatness with Gamingcy by your side! Dominate Destiny 2's challenges and claim victory with confidence!

The Splintered Title Boost: How does it work?

Purchasing Destiny 2 Splintered Title boost is made effortless with our comprehensive service, guided by expert gamers who handle all the requirements for you, turnkey. Our process is carefully engineered to be swift, user-friendly, and intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience at every step. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Choose Your Triumphs: Begin by selecting the Triumphs you wish to unlock during the Beyond Light seal carry. We offer a diverse range of Triumphs to cater to various objectives and stages of progression.
  2. Secure Payment: After making your selections, add them to your cart and proceed to make a secure payment. We accept a variety of payment methods, including Visa/Mastercard and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Connect with Your Assigned Manager: Following a successful transaction, reach out to your dedicated manager through preferred communication channels like Discord, Skype, or Email. This personalized correspondence ensures prompt resolution of any queries or concerns you may have.
  4. Schedule Your Destiny 2 Splintered Boosting: You and your manager will work together to find the most suitable schedule for your Destiny 2 Splintered boosting service. Alternatively, you can choose to kick off with the soonest available PvE fireteam.
  5. Expert Gaming Sessions: Our professional gamers will conduct focused gaming sessions on your account until they achieve the BL Triumph(s) you've purchased. This guarantees successful results, but please note that account sharing will be necessary during this step.
  6. Notification and Unlocking: Once the task is completed, we'll notify you on Discord. At this point, your D2 Splintered title will be unlocked, and you can begin enjoying its rewards.
  7. Share Your Experience: Lastly, we kindly ask that you share your experience with Gamingcy on Trustpilot. Your valuable feedback helps us refine our services and aids other customers in recognizing us as the premier boosting website on the internet.
    Choose Gamingcy for a worry-free and gratifying journey towards claiming the Splintered Title in Destiny 2!

How to get the Beyond Light Seal and Splintered Title?

In Destiny 2, obtaining the Beyond Light Seal and Splintered Title requires completing a series of challenging Triumphs tied to the Beyond Light expansion. These Triumphs encompass a wide range of tasks, demanding both skill and teamwork. 

Initiating the journey to the Splintered Title, gamers must gather all weapons and concealed items from Europa. While many of these can be earned by accomplishing the various challenges necessary for this Title, some require dedicated exploration. Securing all items rewards the Europan Collector badge, intrinsically linked to the Splintered Title. The items needed to fulfill this segment are as follows:

  • Last Flight Home: Achieve a Triumph score of 1,400 during your Europa sojourn
  • Bright Warning: Accomplish the Salvage the Past Triumph
  • Shattered Sky: Finish the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph
  • Gilded Smoke: Generate 250 Orbs of Power in your chosen difficulty level during Empire Hunts
  • Europan Eclipse: Vanquish 100 Champions during Empire Hunts, also on your selected difficulty level
  • Salvation's Downfall: Overcome 500 foes in groups of minimum four within an Eclipsed Zone
  • Crystocrene Armor Set: Complete Variks' tasks or defeat HVT Brigs
  • Salvation's Grip: Finish The Stasis Prototype mission
  • The Lament: Conclude the Lost Lament quest
  • Cloudstrike: Garner sufficient victories in Empire Hunts on chosen difficulty, awaiting the random drop
  • Europa Guns: These are rewards from Empire Hunts or Weapon Quests assigned by Variks.

Cloudstrike, the pair of Shaders, and the Europa weapons, which do not correlate with any particular action, could prove hard-to-get as they depend on random drops, requiring persistent gaming effort.

Earning the prestigious Splintered title entails accomplishing several demanding objectives and challenges. Among these requirements are uncovering nearly all secrets on Europa, collecting Penguin Souvenirs and dead Exos, completing Augment Triumphs, defeating multiple drones, soloing Master Lost Sectors, and achieving various accomplishments in Empire Hunts. Additionally, players must complete the Europan Collector badge, which involves fulfilling diverse triumphs related to Europa's items. This includes earning a specific Triumph score, completing designated missions, generating Orbs of Power, defeating Champions in Empire Hunts, and more. Fortunately, with Gamingcy's assistance, completing these challenges will be a breeze.


Average starting time: 1-3 hours

Average Execution time: 1-20 days

Rewards you will get: 

  • Full or selected Triumphs completed;
  • The Splintered Title (all triumphs);
  • Exp for your Season Pass and Artifact level;
  • A chance to get other rng-based rewards during the completion.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
Beyond Light Seal

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Very good team
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