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Enlarge your collections!
Enlarge your collections!

This boosting service allows you to buy Tomb of Sargeras Transmogs farming for real money. All services are provided manually by expert players who have mastered the game.

Our professional gamer will securely play your account and provide an easy and smooth Sargeras transmog boost: he will farm this WoW Legion raid until he gets the complete ToT gear set for you.

Farming Sargeras transmog sets may be long and tedious because this process is very rng-based. Each raid run (attempt) takes time (up to 1 hour), and it usually takes multiple runs to get the entire tier 20. At the same time, ToT T20 sets look amazing on most classes and 
races, and it makes this gear so tempting for the transmogrification.

World of Warcraft Sargeras transmog boost service by Gamingcy is an excellent opportunity to save time and effort. All the WoW gold and other rng-based ToT rewards you may receive during the boost are yours to keep. You will also get a step towards Azeroth's Next Top Model meta-achievement.

How to get Sargeras T20 transmog gear fast?

The answer is simple! Buy Sargeras transmogs farm from our professional WoW gamers!

Transmogrification is a World of Warcraft feature that allows you to make your current gear/weapon look like another item from your collection.

If you have alt characters, the process may be faster. Pay for Tier 20 transmog sets boost by Gamingcy, and skip the tedious ToT raid gear grinding.

This boosting service is a perfect solution for the World of Warcraft collectibles enthusiasts: it will save dozens of hours of your time and allow you to get the rarest and coolest tier-20 gear skins for your character.

Take advantage of the WoW Sargeras xmog boost by Gamingcy, and enlarge your World of Warcraft collections hassle-free!

Sargeras Transmog Sets Boost
How does it work?

The whole process will be fast and straightforward. After you buy the Sargeras transmog boost, our manager will contact you via Skype/Discord/Email. It usually takes us 5-10 minutes to get in touch. You can also contact us 24/7 via Gamingcy#0001 Discord.

There you will arrange all the details about the ToT carry: starting time, convenient playing schedule, and other nuances.

Our manager will keep you updated during the boosting process and immediately inform you in the preferred messenger when the job is done. Never grind WoW skins for hours again: buy a boost, and leave all the routine to Gamingcy!


Average starting time: 1-3 hours

Average Execution time: 1-5 weeks

Rewards & Options description:

  • Tomb of Sargeras Tier 20 Set in the desired difficulty;
  • Retro Trend achievement;
  • Criteria for the Azeroth's Next Top Model achievement («Stylist» title);
  • Some raid achievements (depends on chosen difficulty).

Depending on your class and raid difficulty, you will get one or more desired sets:

Class Tomb of Sargeras LFR Sets Tomb of Sargeras Normal Sets Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Sets Tomb of Sargeras Mythic Sets
Death Knight Gravewarden Armaments (Raid Finder Recolor) Gravewarden Armaments Gravewarden Armaments (Heroic Recolor) Gravewarden Armaments (Mythic Recolor)
Demon Hunter Demonbane Armor (Raid Finder Recolor) Demonbane Armor Demonbane Armor (Heroic Recolor) Demonbane Armor (Mythic Recolor)
Druid Stormheart Raiment (Raid Finder Recolor) Stormheart Raiment Stormheart Raiment (Heroic Recolor) Stormheart Raiment (Mythic Recolor)
Hunter Wildstalker Armor (Raid Finder Recolor) Wildstalker Armor Wildstalker Armor (Heroic Recolor) Wildstalker Armor (Mythic Recolor)
Mage Regalia of the Arcane Tempest (Raid Finder Recolor) Regalia of the Arcane Tempest Regalia of the Arcane Tempest (Heroic Recolor) Regalia of the Arcane Tempest (Mythic Recolor)
Monk Xuen's Battlegear (Raid Finder Recolor) Xuen's Battlegear Xuen's Battlegear (Heroic Recolor) Xuen's Battlegear (Mythic Recolor)
Paladin Radiant Lightbringer Armor (Raid Finder Recolor) Radiant Lightbringer Armor Radiant Lightbringer Armor (Heroic Recolor) Radiant Lightbringer Armor (Mythic Recolor)
Priest Vestments of Blind Absolution (Raid Finder Recolor) Vestments of Blind Absolution Vestments of Blind Absolution (Heroic Recolor) Vestments of Blind Absolution (Mythic Recolor)
Rogue Fanged Slayer's Armor (Raid Finder Recolor) Fanged Slayer's Armor Fanged Slayer's Armor (Heroic Recolor) Fanged Slayer's Armor (Mythic Recolor)
Shaman Regalia of the Skybreaker (Raid Finder Lookalike) Regalia of the Skybreaker Regalia of the Skybreaker (Heroic Recolor) Regalia of the Skybreaker (Mythic Recolor)
Warlock Diabolic Raiment (Raid Finder Recolor) Diabolic Raiment Diabolic Raiment (Heroic Recolor) Diabolic Raiment (Mythic Recolor)
Warrior Titanic Onslaught Armor (Raid Finder Recolor) Titanic Onslaught Armor Titanic Onslaught Armor (Heroic Recolor) Titanic Onslaught Armor (Mythic Recolor)

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 60+ level character in EU or US servers
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
  • We can also provide this service with self-play by request
ToS Transmog Sets

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Highly Recommend
Fast and easy raid. Very experienced players and will definitely use again.
Excellent service
Excellent service! Quick, professional, trustworthy
Super happy
Super happy. Thanks for the run. So quick. Thought it would take a long time but was there in just over an hour from 1350. I’m norammly maxed at 1550 player in...
Average Joe
Service was straight to the point...
Service was straight to the point. No BS. Will be using again!
Kenneth Bonniwell
Cool experience
Cool experience! Service was great and games were fun!
easy and quick
easy and quick
Smooth experience
Practical and easy way to get a smooth wow raid or dungeon run in few minutes. Customer support replies almost instantly and guides you through your order until...
Top notch players
The run was quick and handled very professionally.
The service was very fast and friend...
The service was very fast and friendly. Great value, great folks.
Great crew and easy to work with....
Great crew and easy to work with. Outstanding performance with no issues. I will be using their services again.
Professional Service and Clean Runs!...
Great team and experience! First time using their service. Professional and clean run. Definitely recommend!
Super fast and great
Super fast and great
Timothy Fontaine
Your teams have very talented…...
Your teams have very talented individuals that can adapt well, and the entire process was quick and easy to get started. Thank you.
Very communicative
Very communicative, and delivered the results as promised. Would consider using again in the future.
Team was great
Team was great, got it done in just a couple hours and they even gave me a little coaching.
Great fast service!
Great fast service!
customer (Avery C.)
Fanzastic :)
The Group was amazing! Fast and 100% save! 😁 My next order will come!
Great service Quick and very nice…...
Great service Quick and very nice people tuaght me little bit to so overall 5star great service and good price to
On time, fast and great players....
On time, fast and great players.
Rank 1 PVP Players, FORREAL...
Most of my friends don't play anymore and LFG is just a joke. Started my journey with them at 1600 and in 1 hour got to 1950. Absolutely amazing players, made m...
Elias Amador