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Allied Races Custom Unlocking
  • Get the desired Allied Race
  • Add Heritage Armor unlocking
  • Each allied race goes with unique mount
FROM $14.00
Allied Races Bundle Unlocking
  • 5x Horde / 5x Alliance Allied Races
  • Package deal mechanics: the more you buy, the more you save (up to 20% off!)
FROM $96.00
Vulpera Heritage Armor
  • Get Vulpera Allied Race unlocked
  • Get Caravan Hyena mount
  • Unlock Vulpera Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $18.00
Mechagnome Heritage Armor
  • Get Mechagnome Allied Race unlocked
  • Unlock Mechagnome Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $26.00
Kul'tiran Heritage Armor
  • Get Kul’tiran Allied Race unlocked
  • Get Kul Tiran Charger mount
  • Unlock Kul’tiran Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $35.00
Zandalari Troll Heritage Armor
  • Unlock Zandalari Troll Allied Race
  • Get Zandalari Direhorn mount
  • Unlock Zanalari Troll Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $35.00
Lightforged Draenei Heritage Armor
  • Lightforged Draenei Allied Race
  • Get Lightforged Felcrusher mount
  • Unlock Lightforged Draenei Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $14.00
Highmountain Tauren Heritage Armor
  • Highmountain Tauren Allied Race
  • Highmountain Thunderhoof mount
  • Unlock Highmountain Tauren Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $14.00
Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor
  • Unlock Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race
  • Get Dark Iron Core Hound mount
  • Unlock Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $17.00
Mag'har Orc Heritage Armor
  • Unlock Mag’har Orc Allied Race
  • Get Mag'har Direwolf mount
  • Unlock Mag’har Orc Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $17.00
Void Elf Heritage Armor
  • Unlock Void Elf Allied Race
  • Get Starcursed Voidstrider mount
  • Unlock Void Elf Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $14.00
Nightborne Heritage Armor
  • Unlock Nightborne Allied Race
  • Get Nightborne Manasaber mount
  • Unlock Nightborne Heritage Armor set (optionally)
FROM $20.00

Discover An Extraordinary Allied Races Unlocking: No More Strenuous Grind!

The allied races were first introduced at the end of the Legion and reworked in the BFA expansion. Unlocking of each allied race implies the completion of a long and grindy questline. Here at Gamingcy, you can buy allied races unlocking in an express mode. It is the fastest and easiest way to unlock new races for your World of Warcraft characters.

You can choose your most favorite race and buy it from our professional carry team. How to unlock allied races fast? Don't worry about it. We will complete all steps to unlock it by grinding special quests and storylines for you!

Affordable Allied Races Services That Will Double Your Performance

Allied races unlock a trial of patience and perseverance. However, the reputation requirements for getting a new race to your character pool have been nerfed in Dragonflight. How to unlock allied race you want? There are still some complicated quest chains to complete before you can join a new faction.

Never Overpay For Allied Races Boost Again

Even though rolling the brand new races everyone's been drooling over sounds super exciting, there is always a grave challenge to every activity in this glorious MMORPG. Allied races grind is a tedious task that requires completing the sprawling questline and leveling up a new character.

We offer premium quality services on this website for a fair price. To be honest, allied race unlock can be done in such an easy way. You'll be thrilled how smooth and straightforward WoW allied races farming can be. Our proficient teams of players have deduced the most efficient ways of succeeding and know perfectly well how to get allied races WoW for you and any other customer.

The allied race carry that we offer you to buy here makes perfect sense. Imagine playing the game at your own pace and schedule while letting us play for you during your off time. Suddenly you're free of wasted time, tedious grinding, and monotone gameplay. Let us worry about those dull moments and allow ourselves to play the game you want and deserve. Select any race and let our booster take care of the rest!

Beat the Competition! Allied Races Boosting is 80% Faster

There are ten races, and each possesses powerful passive and active abilities, making them even more alluring to unlock and play. With our WoW allied races boost, you can now unlock them all. The allied races for sale have new looks, abilities, traits, and an entirely new character outlook in-game. Sure, you could do it yourself, but not many can afford that luxury as the free time we all have is becoming more and more precious to us all.

So what are the main differences between, let's say, the Kul Tirans and Zandalari Trolls races? How to unlock the allied races? Well, firstly, they are fighting on the different sides of the major Horde - Alliance battle. Secondly, there is much more to it:

  • each allied race has its own lore and history;
  • allied races of WoW has a unique questline to be unlocked;
  • there are some requirements for allied races to be playable;
  • each race has its own racial abilities and perks;
  • some allied races are better for PvP while others dominate PvE content;
  • they refresh the look and feel of your WoW character.

With all these incredible perks, it's no wonder that everyone wants to unlock allied races Dragonflight to widen the choice of character customization in WoW. Additionally, suppose you level up the allied race character from scratch. In that case, you will get a cool stylized armor set that will only add to the feel of the new playable race, not to mention that you get a special race mount as well.

What You Ought to Know About Allied Race Heritage Armor Unlocking

Upon WoW allied races carry, many of them have new looks, new designs (hairstyles, skins, special features like tattoos, etc.). Blizzard has implemented the Heritage armor with the first allied races released back in BfA: Kul'Tirans and Zandalari trolls. Heritage armor is a unique set of gear designed according to a particular race fantasy.

As of yet, here is a sets list for the following races currently available:

  • Vulpera, Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, Highmountain Taurens, Kul'Tiran Humans, Zandalari Trolls, Mechagnomes, Dark Iron Dwarves, Mag'har Orcs, and Nightborne.

How to get allied race Heritage Armor:

  • level at least one allied race character up from 20 to 50
  • complete the heritage quest (e.g., after getting level 50, you will be given a quest Heritage of the Vulpera if you chose Vulpera)

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What is the Easiest Allied Race to Unlock?

If you are a hardcore player focused on collectibles and transmog sets - those racial gear pieces are a must-have when creating a set. (A heads up - we have a WoW allied races farm bundle that includes all of them - or you can customize it to your own accord for a lower price - you get more for less!)

There is more:

  • The heritage armor is a cosmetic set that is available account-wide.
  • You can use it on any armor (cloth, leather, mail, plate).
  • It can be worn by any character of the armor's race.

The Remarkable WoW Allied Races: Unlock Your New Character Outlook

As the name suggests, we provide the best opportunities for WoW allied races services here on our website. That includes special offers, mutual benevolence, and discounts. The more you order — the more you save up!

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