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Here you can purchase any PvP and PvE WoW Shadowlands Currencies: Soul Ash, Honor and Conquest points, Cosmic Flux, Cypher of the First Ones, and more! Backed by experience and quick performance, you get any amount of currencies farmed out in no time. Grinding and farming anything can be a tedious notion we do not want to partake in at times. Relieve yourself from unnecessary efforts — let us do the dirty job for you!

Besides familiar currencies — Honor Points and Mark of Honor, in WoW SL, there were 4 types of unique WoW Shadowlands currencies:

  • Renown
  • Soul Ash
  • Valor Points
  • Reservoir Anima

Each of these WoW Shadowlands currencies can be obtained under certain circumstances. It seems easy at face value, yet it takes immense effort and time. Don't do a chore out of your game because it forces you to grind currencies like it's your second job! With Gamingcy's currency boosts, you can forget about tediousness and have all the boons to yourself. Currencies are indeed a gateway to more rewards and even more content.

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Currencies allow players to buy various sorts of items in the game. You can expand your gear, mounts, and other collectibles collection using these. On top of that, you can improve your existing equipment to be even more effective than you already are. So, the currencies boost can be helpful for:

  • Gear
  • Upgrades
  • Mounts
  • Collectibles

A unique currency helps you progress in a particular game regime called Torghast, Tower of the Damned, completion of which is essential to the main Shadowlands storyline.

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Why Buy Currency Boosts?

Simple! Farming is annoying on its own, and grinding currencies to buy various items in the game is more frustrating. There is so much to collect in Shadowlands! Upgrading gear, farming thousands for a mount, trying to get all the collectibles — everything costs a lot of time. Let's spread out all the reasons for boosting in a simple bullet list:

  • Farming Currencies Takes Time — Boosting Doesn't. It's so annoying to spend hours just to lose all your works' fruits to a single item. To buy more, you have to grind again for goodness knows how many hours! Boosting gets rid of this problem once and for all.

  • Grinding is Too Repetitive. Boosts don't require you to do anything. Doing the same thing repeatedly, like grinding monsters, isn't the most appealing experience unless you're into that kind of thing.

  • A Great Opportunity to Collect Everything. To boost means getting the item without thousands of hours poured into the game. Maybe you just want a list of items but don't have the time or enthusiasm to grind for them? We completely understand and will gladly help you out!

  • You Can Do Literally Anything While Boosting. Unlike grinding yourself, the boosters do the job for you. That means you can tend to any business you need! Spending time with family? Check. Having fun with friends? Also check. Logging back in the evening into the game and seeing that currency mount you've wanted for months in your inventory? Check.

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PvP Currencies.

  • Honor Points.

Used to purchase Unrated PvP gear in Oribos and to upgrade Rated and Unrated PvP gear.

Honor farm has been reworked in Shadowlands. It can be used for PvP gear that you can easily upgrade up to 216+ ilvl (229 ilvl in PvP). Skip the unpredictable PvP grind! Enjoy your top PvP gear and start climbing the Arena ladder as soon as possible!

  • Conquest Points.

Earned from Rated PvP activities. Spend to acquire equipment in Oribos.

The Conquest Points system has been re-introduced in Shadowlands as well. Acquiring a certain amount of Conquest Points will reward you weekly with a choice of quality gear, which will help you become the high-ranked player on your server.

PvE Currencies: Torghast Currency.

  • Soul Ash.

Used while crafting Legendary Armor in Shadowlands

Soul Ash will allow you to craft new customizable legendaries at the Runecarver.

Farming of the Soul Ash currency is a frustrating experience. You need lots of time for trial and error and a high skill cap to complete the most challenging floors of Torghast. Leave this to our professional players that will complete your WoW currency boost hassle-free!

  • Tower Knowledge.

Used to unlock the power within The Box of Many Things.

The Box of Many Things is a new Torghast progression system that allows you to upgrade your performance and potential rewards inside the tower.

This currency is used to allow progression in Torghast. It has a cap of 3510 points.

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