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Discover a quick and easy way to unlock rare WoW titles. Many players farm them for various reasons, such as prestige, social aspects, and completionism. We've gathered the game's most engaging and demanded titles in this category. Obtain all of them easily. Take advantage of professional World of Warcraft titles boost by, and make your characters' names genuinely epic!

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Battlemaster Title
  • Become a master of 4x classic BGs
  • Horde & Alliance
  • ETA: 3-5 months
FROM $894.00
Demonslayer Title
  • 3x Legion Achievements
  • New Mount
  • 5000x Demons defeated
FROM $49.00
Farmer Title
  • Exalted Standing with MoP faction
  • Access to 3 new mounts
  • New Tabard
FROM $44.00
Herald of the Titans
  • Algalon defeated
  • Rare FoS Achievement
  • New WotLK Rare Title
FROM $94.00
Justicar / Conqueror
  • Exalted standing with 3x BG factions
  • New Mounts & Tabards
FROM $469.00
Khan Title
  • 53 new achievements
  • Become a Master of 5 different BGs
  • Super Grindy Title
FROM $809.00
Legend Title
  • Unique Super Rare Title
  • 2400+ Rating & 100+ round wins
  • 100% Guarantee
FROM $769.00
Professor Title
  • New Archeology Title
  • Get 20+ Rare Artifacts
  • 100% Manual Work
FROM $79.00
Servant of N'Zoth Title
  • New Title & Feat of Strength
  • 10 Honorable Kills without dying
  • ETA: 1-3 days
FROM $79.00
The Insane Title
  • FoS Achievement & Title
  • Reputation upgraded with 7 classic factions
  • Skip Months of Farming
FROM $394.00
The Seeker Title
  • Two New Titles
  • Amazing Tabard
  • 3000 quests completed
FROM $79.00
The Smoldering Title
  • Exclusive Seasonal Reward
  • 1500 Mythic Rating
  • KSC Achievement
FROM $189.00

Fast & Easy WoW Titles Boost

Titles in World of Warcraft serve as a testament to a player's dedication, skill, and achievements within the game. They offer a unique way for players to express their in-game identity and stand out among the vast array of adventurers in Azeroth. Whether you're a seasoned veteran seeking the next challenging feat or a newcomer eager to make your mark, pursuing titles is an exciting and rewarding aspect of the World of Warcraft experience. However, not everyone has the opportunity to dedicate time to earning these significant upgrades of their characters' names. Most of them are rewarded for completing hardcore challenges and grindy objectives. For this reason, many casual players conclude that buying a boost is the most rational solution. That's where Gamingcy comes in!

Gamingcy: Your One-Stop Shop for Rare WoW Titles

At Gamingcy, we understand that your time is valuable, and you may not have the hours and months to invest in farming the best and the rarest World of Warcraft titles. Our boosting services are designed to provide you with an effortless and hassle-free solution to achieving your selected WoW titles. With our team of professional carriers, we'll save you tons of time and effort, allowing you to showcase your in-game prowess easily.

Our super-fast, easy, and effective boosting services are tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to dominate the PvP leaderboards, conquer challenging PvE content, or get rare event-related titles, Gamingcy has got you covered.

In World of Warcraft, it’s a way for players to distinguish themselves, make their in-game nicknames more undivided, and showcase their accomplishments. With hundreds of unique titles available, there is something for every type of player. This article will explore the various types of titles in World of Warcraft and how Gamingcy's farming services can help you unlock these prestigious collectibles.

  • PvP Titles

They are earned through participating in various activities such as battlegrounds, arenas, and world PvP combat. For example, "Gladiator," "Battlemaster," and "Conqueror." Gamingcy's experienced carriers can help you achieve these highly sought-after titles by providing the necessary support and expertise in PvP combat.

  • PvE Titles

Player versus Environment (PvE) titles are obtained through completing various in-game content such as dungeons, raids, and world quests. For example, "Defender of a Shattered World," "Herald of the Titans," and "The Kingslayer." Gamingcy offers a wide range of boosts to assist you in earning them by successfully completing challenging content with the help of our skilled carriers.

  • Achievement Titles

They are are granted upon completing specific in-game tasks, milestones, or challenges. Examples include "Loremaster," "The Explorer," and "The Insane." With Gamingcy's boosting services, our professional gamers will guide you through the necessary steps to unlock these achievement-based titles, ensuring you meet all requirements and complete any challenging tasks. Most often, they'll get them unlocked for you turn-key at a suitable time: 

  • Reputation Titles

You can earn them by reaching exalted status with various in-game factions. These titles include designations such as "The Beloved," "Guardian of Cenarius," and "Champion of the Naaru." Gamingcy's boosting services will help you quickly, easily, and efficiently increase your standing with the desired faction, allowing you to unlock these prestigious titles.

  • Seasonal and Event Titles

Seasonal and event titles are available for a limited time during specific in-game events or celebrations, such as "The Hallowed" during Hallow's End or "Elder" during the Lunar Festival. Gamingcy can assist you in obtaining these time-sensitive titles by ensuring you complete the necessary event objectives within the given timeframe.

  • Rare and Unobtainable Titles

Some World of Warcraft titles are extremely rare or no longer obtainable due to changes in in-game content or limited-time events. For example, "Scarab Lord," "Hand of A'dal," and "The Undying." While Gamingcy cannot provide boosting services for these unobtainable milestones, we can help you pursue other rare and prestigious titles that are still available in the game.

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Easy, safe. Best service i've used.
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