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Enlarge your collections!
Enlarge your collections!

This boosting service allows you to buy Shaman Transmogs farming for real money.

Every service we offer is performed manually by our skilled players, seasoned experts who have fine-tuned their understanding of the game's mechanics and intricacies.

A gaming professional from our team will securely access your account and seamlessly execute the Shaman transmog set boost. He will persistently engage in the requisite PvE/PvP World of Warcraft activities until your character gets the full outfit.

Shaman transmog sets farm can often be time-consuming and unpredictable due to its heavy reliance on RNG. Each PvE session could last up to an hour, usually necessitating multiple tries. Concurrently, PvP sets demand substantial in-game currency to be amassed. Our platform gives you the opportunity to purchase all Shaman Transmog sets (PvP and PvE) from previous WoW expansions: Classic, The Burning Crusade (TBC), Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK), Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria (MoP), Warlords of Draenor (WoD), Legion, Battle for Azeroth (BFA), Shadowlands.

Choosing Gamingcy's WoW Shaman transmogs boost is a reasonable decision that frees up your time and energy. Any gold or other RNG-dependent rewards accrued during the service's execution are yours to keep (most often, it's some bonus weapons skins).

How to get new transmog gear for your Shaman fast??

The solution is straightforward! Buy Shaman Transmogrifications farm from our seasoned WoW players!

By purchasing unique xmog sets boosts through Gamingcy, you bypass the monotonous grinding and the vagaries of RNG, which inevitably come into play given that most items have a drop chance of around 10-20% (or even less).

This service is an optimal choice for WoW collectors: it saves countless hours of your time and provides access to the rarest and most striking gear appearances for your Shaman. The transmogrification of gear revitalizes your gameplay and gives your cherished character a fresh outlook. Every player should seize this opportunity, especially considering the game's age and the constant desire for new experiences it brings.

PvP mog sets farming is largely currency-driven, involving non-rated arenas and random battlegrounds. Meanwhile, the PvE gear grind implies dealing with RNG and low drop rates (having high-level alternative characters on your account could expedite progress). Nonetheless, by choosing a specific set from our platform, you are assured of its acquisition: our player will persist until it is received.

This type of carry services is intended to take your gameplay to the next level. How? If there's a Shaman transmogrification gear skins you fancy, you'll inevitably set about acquiring it. Given the vast array of content in WoW Dragonflight (raids, dungeons, arenas, mounts, achievements, etc.) and the limited playtime most adult gamers can afford, your gaming might devolve into endless xmogs farming. As a result, more thrilling high-level activities might have to be forfeited to procure the best Shaman transmogs. Gaming should generate joy and excitement: savor the thrill of playing an epic-looking character, and we'll handle the rest. More importantly, we'll do it entirely at your convenience without disrupting your regular playtime (you can designate the time for our pilot to access your account).

Shaman Transmog Sets Boost
The Process Explained

After purchasing the Shaman transmog boosting, our manager will reach out to you via Skype/Discord/Email. We typically respond within a window of 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, you can contact us round-the-clock via Gamingcy#0001 on Discord.

During this interaction, you'll iron out all the specifics about the service: commencement time, a comfortable play schedule, and other details.

Throughout the carry, our manager will keep you updated and instantly notify you through your preferred messenger once the task is complete.

All Shaman tmog sets from this list will be reliably gathered by our top-rated PRO gamers, well-versed in the most efficient strategies for tackling legacy WoW content (raids, dungeons, quests, non-rated PvP).

Say goodbye to grinding for hours on end in World of Warcraft for new outfits: purchase a boost, and let Gamingcy take care of all the routine tasks!

We NEVER use any third-party software or exploits, and we do all the work MANUALLY.


Average starting time: 1-3 hours

Average Execution time: 1-3 weeks

Rewards & Options:

Transmog sets from Classic:
  • Transmog gear Tier 1 drop in Molten Core raid. Get the So Hot Right Now achievement.
  • Transmog gear Tier 2 drops in Blackwing Lair raid. Get the Dress in Lairs achievement.
  • Transmog gear Tier 2.5 drops in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj raid. Get the Accessor-Eyes achievement.
Transmog sets from The Burning Crusade:
Transmog sets from Wrath of the Lich king:
Transmog sets from Cataclysm:
Transmog sets from Mists of Pandaria:
Transmog sets from Warlords of Draenor:
Transmog sets from Legion:
Transmog sets from Battle for Azeroth:
Transmog sets from Shadowlands:
Special Sets:

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 60+ level character in EU or US servers
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)

Depending on raid difficulty, you will get one or more desired sets:

Tier Sets Normal / 10 player Heroic / 25 player Mythic LFR
T1  The Earthfury      
Т2 The Ten Storms      
T2.5 Stormcallers Garb      
T4 Cyclone Regalia      
T5 Cataclysm Regalia      
Т6 Skyshatter Regalia      
Т6.5 Skyshatter Sunwell Raiment      
Т7  Heroes Earthshatter Regalia      
Т8  Valorous Worldbreaker Regalia      
Т9  Thralls Battlegear      
Т10  Frost Witchs Regalia Heroic Recolor    
T11  Regalia Of The Raging Elements Heroic Recolor    
Т12  Volcanic Regalia Heroic Recolor    
Т13 Spiritwalkers Regalia Heroic Recolor   LFR Recolor
T14 Regalia Of The Firebird Heroic Recolor   LFR Recolor
Т15  Regalia Of The Witch Doctor Heroic Recolor   LFR Recolor
Т16 Regalia Of Celestial Harmony Heroic Recolor Mythic Recolor LFR Recolor
Т17 Windspeaker S Regalia Heroic Recolor Mythic Recolor  
Т18 Embrace Of The Living Mountain Heroic Recolor Mythic Recolor  
Т19 Regalia Of Bound Elements Heroic Recolor Mythic Recolor LFR Recolor
T20 Regalia Of The Skybreaker Heroic Recolor Mythic Recolor LFR Recolor
T21 Garb Of Venerated Spirits Heroic Recolor Mythic Recolor LFR Recolor

PvP sets:

PvP Sets Gladiator Sets Honor Sets
TBC Season 1 Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
TBC Season 2 Merciless Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
TBC Season 3 Vengeful Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
TBC Season 4 Brutal Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
WotLK Season 5 Deadly Gladiators Ringmail Armor Hateful Gladiators Ringmail Armor
WotLK Season 6 Furious Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
WotLK Season 7 Relentless Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
WotLK Season 8 Wrathful Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
Cataclysm S9 Vicious Gladiators Ringmail Armor Bloodthirsty Gladiators Ringmail Armor
Cataclysm S10 Ruthless Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
Cataclysm S11 Cataclysmic Gladiators Ringmail Armor  
Pandaria S12 Malevolent Gladiators Ringmail Armor Dreadful Gladiators Ringmail Armor
Pandaria S13 Horde & Alliance Recolor  
Pandaria S14-15 Horde & Alliance Recolor  
WoD S1 Horde & Alliance Recolor  
WoD S2-3 Horde & Alliance Recolor Horde & Alliance Recolor
Legion S1-2 Horde & Alliance Recolor Horde & Alliance Recolor
Legion S3-4 Horde & Alliance Recolor Horde & Alliance Recolor
Legion S5-6-7 Horde & Alliance Recolor Horde & Alliance Recolor
BfA S1 Horde & Alliance Recolor Horde & Alliance Recolor
BfA S2 Horde & Alliance Recolor  
BfA S4 Corrupted Gladiator Mail Set  
Shadowlands S1 Sinful Gladiator Mail Set  
Shadowlands S2 Unchained Gladiator Mail Set  
Shaman Transmog

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Raid finished in time very punctual start, nothing to complain about the level of the players, very happy :)
Good run
Good run nothing to say the work is done perfectly
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Good service I had fun
Peter Dandanell
Your teams have very talented…...
Your teams have very talented individuals that can adapt well, and the entire process was quick and easy to get started. Thank you.
Done in 20 mins. I waited ages before deciding to do this, worrying about security. Wish I had done it sooner. Brilliant service
martin s
Easy, safe. Best service i've used....
Easy, safe. Best service i've used.
Barry Scott
Cool experience
Cool experience! Service was great and games were fun!
Custom boost 75-80 and 200 gesr boos...
Ordered an lvl custom boost from 75-80 and 200 gear boost. Great communication and very great fast service :) good guys ! Would buy again ! Thank you :)
Kevin Davidsen
good job.
good job. Service très très rapide
Lyan ANantes
Fast and professional
Fast and professional, would recommend and use again.
good ^_^
good price good service promised results met
It was swift and profetional...
It was swift and profetional. I enyojed the service. The guys really pulled through. They could be more talkative though ;p but it wasn't an issue. I understand...
easy and quick
easy and quick
Great team
Great team, excellent customer care.
My booster was awesome
My booster was awesome. Unfortunately I kept dying within the first few minutes. But non the less he or she was amazing
fast, cheap, fun
fast and friendly runs, easy to book. thank you :)
Steffen Schöngen
71-80 in 3 days
71-80 in 3 days, super fast! Responses via discord <1min Just awesome! Nothing to complain and a big thank you
Great service Quick and very nice…...
Great service Quick and very nice people tuaght me little bit to so overall 5star great service and good price to
While it did take a while the order was fulfilled despite my character being an extremely low ilvl. The management was extremely friendly and communicative.