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This service gives you an opportunity to buy a fast Exodar rep boost in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Exodar is an Alliance Faction

The Exodar is a faction in World of Warcraft, representing the Draenei refugees who call the crashed ship their home. You can gain a reputation with the Exodar by completing quests and defeating mobs wearing their tabard. As players progress in reputation, they gain access to rewards such as mounts, pets, and gear.

The Exodar faction is known for its strong focus on the Light, a holy force that guides the Draenei in their fight against evil. They also have a strong connection to the Naaru, benevolent beings of pure Light energy who have aided the Draenei in their struggles.

Players who align themselves with the Exodar can experience unique storylines and quests that explore Draenei's history and culture. The Exodar also has a presence in the game's lore, with key characters such as Velen, the wise leader of the Draenei, and his son, the former prince of the Burning Legion, involved in major events.

By choosing the Exalted rank boost, you can obtain access to unique rewards. The table below provides item descriptions at each reputation level. 

Our professional boosters will safely play on your account and complete various faction quests and dailies until they reach Exalted Rep level. At our site, we offer a variety of Exodar rep farming options that allow you to upgrade your current reputation level to maximum without overspending. 

Our experience tells us that purchasing the Exodar reputation boost from our site is the quickest way to achieve remarkable rewards while avoiding tedious grinding. Gamingcy will ensure that the entire leveling process is stress-free and enjoyable, handling the entire job turn-key. 

The WoW Reputation Ranks follow the logic of Hated, Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered, and Exalted.

Exodar Power Leveling Made Easy:
How it works?

We've got you covered with our fast, easy, and affordable Exodar rep leveling service. After making your purchase, our operator will contact you within 5-10 minutes through Discord/Skype/Email. But, if you prefer, you can reach out to us directly via Discord: Gamingcy#0001 - we're available 24/7.

You'll have the opportunity to discuss your preferences for the leveling process, including a convenient playing schedule, starting time, ETA, and other nuances. Typically, it takes just 5-7 days to reach the coveted Exalted standing, but various reputation buffs may accelerate the process. Our expert booster will always provide the fastest carry possible.

Throughout the leveling process, our support manager will keep you informed of progress and immediately notify you when the job is complete. Say goodbye to tedious farming and let our PRO gamer build your Exodar rep while you save dozens of hours!

Below you can find the list of the most significant rewards, which you can purchase from quartermasters of this faction:

Rep Rank Rewards list Price Type
Exalted Great Purple Elekk 10 Gold Mount
Great Blue Elekk 10 Gold Mount
Great Green Elekk 10 Gold Mount
Purple Elekk 1 Gold Mount
Gray Elekk 1 Gold Mount
Brown Elekk 1 Gold Mount
Shroud of Exodar 4 Silver Cloak Appearance
Cape of Exodar 4 Silver Cloak Appearance
Mantle of Exodar 4 Silver Cloak Appearance


Average starting time: 1-3 hours

Average Execution time: Exodar exalted boosting takes 5-7 days

Rewards you will get:

Options available:

  • Reputation: Choose your current rank with the Exodar.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 70 level alliance character in EU or US server
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
Exodar Reputation

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