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On this page we offer you to buy a fast Mag'har Rep Boost provided by a professional PvE gamer.

The Mag'har, an unwavering and honorable group of untainted orcs in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, reside within Nagrand's harsh surroundings, an Outland region. Unaffected by demonic forces, they uphold traditional orcish ideals such as courage, honor, and devotion, reflecting their people's rich cultural roots.

To build a reputation with the Mag'har, you must participate in various quests, including dailies completion, defeating foes, and traversing the hazardous landscapes of Outland. As your standing with this esteemed faction improves, you can obtain exclusive rewards like distinctive mounts, visually appealing tabards, and potent equipment to assist in their adventures.

The Mag'har also play a crucial role in the story of Outland, and allying with them is essential for players wanting to uncover the rich lore and history of this shattered world. 

Our services provide access to exclusive faction rewards and Mag'har of Draenor achievement upon reaching Exalted rank. A table featuring the items available at each reputation level is included for your convenience.

By purchasing the Mag'har rep farming, our professional boosters will play securely on your account to complete the required faction quests and dailies. We guarantee an Exalted Rep lvl, and offer various customizable options to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective service.

At our site, we offer a hassle-free and enjoyable leveling experience that skips the tedious rep grinding. Our reputation boost is the fastest way to unlock outstanding rewards and rank up with Mag'har. 

WoW Reputation Ranks follow the progression: Hated, Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered, and Exalted.

The Mag'har Rep Power leveling:
How does it work?

Our Mag’har rep leveling is designed to be quick, hassle-free, and cost-effective. Once you purchase our service, you can sit back and relax, our operator will contact you via Discord, Skype, or Email within 5-10 minutes of payment. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly on Discord at Gamingcy#0001, and we're available round the clock.

During the chat, we'll discuss your preference for playing schedule, starting time, and other details that might help us tailor the power-leveling process to your needs. Typically, the process takes 5-7 days to achieve the coveted Exalted standing, but various reputation buffs could speed up things. We pride ourselves in offering the fastest boosting service possible.

Our support team will keep you in the loop at all times and notify you as soon as the job is done. So, if you'd rather not waste dozens of hours doing tedious farming, let our experienced pro gamer build your rep with The Mag'har faction instead.

Below you can find the list of the most significant rewards, which you can purchase from the Provisioner Nasela, quartermaster of this faction:

Rep Rank Rewards list Price Type
Revered Tempest Leggings 1 Gold Legs Appearance
Talbuk Hide Spaulders 1 Gold Shoulder Appearance
Exalted Reins of the Cobalt War Talbuk 70 Gold Mount
Reins of the Silver War Talbuk 70 Gold Mount
Reins of the Tan War Talbuk 70 Gold Mount
Reins of the White War Talbuk 70 Gold Mount
Reins of the Cobalt Riding Talbuk 100 Gold Mount
Reins of the Silver Riding Talbuk 100 Gold Mount
Reins of the Tan Riding Talbuk 100 Gold Mount
Reins of the White Riding Talbuk 100 Gold Mount
Mag'har Tabard 1 Gold Tabard
Earthcaller's Headdress 1 Gold Head Appearance
Hellscream's Will 1 Gold Axe Appearance
Ceremonial Cover 1 Gold Cloak Appearance


Average starting time: 1-5 hours

Average Execution time: The Mag'har exalted boosting takes 5-7 days

Rewards you will get:

  • Mag'har of Draenor achievement;
  • The Exalted rank with faction and access to all factional rewards.

Options available:

  • Reputation: Choose your current rank with the Mag'har.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 70 level horde character in EU or US server
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
The Mag'har Reputation

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Easy and very helpful
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