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Find me a hot slot!
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Package deal!
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Secure Payments

On this page, you can buy Halls of Infusion dungeon boost in World of Warcraft Retail. It's a new instance available on Mythic Plus difficulty in Dragonflight Season 2.

Professional time-tested Mythic teams provide all services at our site, which imply super-geared characters, high skill, and a deep understanding of all affixes, bosses' strategies & game mechanics. Our carries are available on any EU and US WoW Retail realms: all the runs are cross-server and cross-faction.

We work with hundreds of PRO PvE gamers, that's why it's usually a matter of 15-30 minutes to get the HoI keystone prepared. However, exceptions may happen since the key rolling process is very RNG-based.

By purchasing this carry, you will defeat all Halls of Infusion bosses with one of our teams and get a chance to obtain some new gear at the end of the run. You will also get a guaranteed Great Vault reward from your weekly chest in Valdrakken. An ilvl of the loot mentioned above depends on the keystone level.

WoW HoI boost is a perfect solution if you need particular items from this dungeon. Very often, such items are BiS for your class/spec; that's why it's smart to farm the instance until the desired piece finally drops, as it will increase your character's stats dramatically.

We designed the Halls of Infusion boosting service to be very flexible and configurable. You can set the Dragonflight HoI run difficulty, choose from the in-timer and no-timer carries, and we can provide you loot traders of your armor type by request (the amount of them depends on the game phase since our boosters need to be properly geared to be able to trade items to you).

Keep in mind that runs through specific keystones are also super-effective for the Mythic+ rating upgrades: a situation when you need to complete some dungeon on a particular level is widespread. 

Halls of Infusion Carry:
Everything you need to know

Our Halls of Infusion carries are designed to help you skip the annoying LFG drama and wipes with low-skilled pugs. In addition, even if you are a member of a decent PvE guild, you may need some items from this dungeon. Rolling for an HoI keystone, completing numerous RNG-based runs until the desired gear or weapon finally drops, and winning that reward from your loot competitors may take ages. 

With Gamingcy, you get exclusive access to a massive PRO gamer's community that allows you to turbo-charge your World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic progress. Our boost will save you much time and give you the guaranteed result for the paid money, making your gameplay way more effective and fun.

Selfplay is required when you buy HoI carry. We usually use the LFG invitation method or the direct invite via your nickname + server info. In our experience, it's the most secure way of providing this kind of service. 

Halls of Infusion Bosses List:

Halls of Infusion Location

At the core of World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Thaldraszus game zone, you'll find Tyrhold and the portal to the Halls of Infusion instance. Traveling to this location may be a bit of a trek, even when utilizing dragonriding, so ensure you acquire a nearby flight path. The nearest flight path is situated to the Southwest of the instance entryway within Gelykyr Outpost.

Halls of Infusion Loot Table

Type of Armor Item Loot type
Leather Ancient Hornswog Spaulders Shoulder
Treads of Restored Order Feet
Watcher's Clasp of Purpose Wrist
Plate Earthshaker's Steel Visor Head
Mantle of Crushing Waves Shoulder
Gauntlets of Incalculable Power Hands
Ravenous Omnivore's Girdle Waist
Cloth Lily-Laced Bracelets Wrist
Khajin's Hailstone Footwraps Feet
Robe of Plunging Depths Chest
Mail Amphibian's Bellowing Crown Head
Hauberk of Frozen Fervor Chest
Torrential Downpour Gauntlets Hands
Swoglet Stompers Feet
Any Globe of Jagged Ice Trinket
Water's Beating Heart Trinket
Irideus Fragment Trinket
Circle of Ascended Frost Ring
Croaking Dagger Dagger
Titan-Forged Blaster Gun
Rod of Perfect Order Held In Off-hand
Tongue Hacker Axe
Undertow Tideblade Sword


Average waiting time: check the schedule.

If the schedule is empty or the system can't find any slots matching your preferences - the Get me a hot slot button will appear. Click this button, and our manager will find you a convenient Mythic+ run in 3 minutes!

Average Execution time: 15-60 minutes per dungeon

Rewards you will get:

  • Guaranteed 431-447 ilvl from your Great Vault weekly chest;
  • Chance to get a reward from the end-dungeon chest (boosters are also sharing their rewards when it's possible).

Options available:

  • Dungeon timer:

Depending on this option, there will be either 0-1 items in the end-dungeon chest (no-timer option).
Or 0-2 items in the end-dungeon chest (in-timer option).

  • Quantity:

Take advantage of the package deal mechanics, and save up to 20%!
You will also get an opportunity to choose from 2 items (in case of 4x dungeons completion) or 3 items (8x dungeons) from your Great vault chest!

  • Loot traders:

You can add up to 2 loot traders of your armor type into the run.
Our players will give you all the items they receive during the Mythic + carry*

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 70 level character in EU or US server
  • Consider that the dungeon rewards do not depend on the keystone owner!
  • *You should accept that sometimes boosters can not trade certain items due to game mechanics restrictions.
Key End-dungeon rewards Great vault chest reward
+10 415 ilvl 431 ilvl
+11 418 ilvl 431 ilvl
+12 418 ilvl 434 ilvl
+13 421 ilvl 434 ilvl
+14 421 ilvl 437 ilvl
+15 424 ilvl 437 ilvl
+16 424 ilvl 441 ilvl
+17 428 ilvl 441 ilvl
+18 428 ilvl 444 ilvl
+19 431 ilvl 444 ilvl
+20 431 ilvl 447 ilvl
Halls of Infusion

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Was happy with my experience, was fast and easy.
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Easy and very helpful
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My booster was awesome. Unfortunately I kept dying within the first few minutes. But non the less he or she was amazing
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The raid was really great! Very fast, no wipes, instructions are clear. I would do it again next time. Worth the price. Thank you very much.
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Very quick and nice run. No problems. Told us what we needed to do to get bosses down quickly. Thanks a lot for the run.
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It was a super quick and easy run. The people were nice and inviting. It is exactly what one would expect and hope for.
Kai-ishya Thompson
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