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Dragonflight RBG Carries:
All you need to know

Buy your Dragonflight RBG carry — conquer any rated Battleground and secure your victory!

Ranked Battlegrounds are the place to prove your skill, mettle, and teamwork in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Two teams fighting each other, using wit, strength, knowledge of their class, and WoW mechanics. All this is to prove they are worth it and rise in the rankings to receive the deserved rewards. 

To get mentioned prizes you need to work for them. This mode requires a top-level performance from each member of the team. And sometimes, no matter how good you are, some group members will just grief and weigh you down, denying that precious rating. The fact that there are 9 more people on the team means there can be more throwers as well.

This is why we made our Dragonflight Rated battlegrounds boost! To secure your victory in Battlegrounds, we provide you with a team of top WoW PvP players. With them at your side, you don’t need to worry about others' performance. These highly skilled gamers will make your Dragonflight BG matches smooth and fast. With Dragonflight RBG boost in US or EU, you can forget about undeserved losses and get your rewards tonight!

RBG Boosting in Dragonflight
How does it work?

When you buy Dragonflight RBG boost from Gamingcy, assistance comes in the form of a team of pro-tier players, who are going to help obtain various rewards. And speaking about them there are quite a lot. Let’s look at boosting details.

The primary service is of course our Rated Battleground boost in new WoW expansion. Reaching necessary rating milestones unlock a lot of stuff, such as titles, achievement, transmog skins, and gear tiers. The thresholds are:

  • Knight Captain/ Legionnaire — 1800 
  • Commander/ Lieutenant General — 2100
  • Grand Marshal/ High Warlord — 2400

With our help, you can receive any of the WoW RBG standings in no time, since our professionals will take care of it. But these are not the only Battleground-related carry we provide. We also provide options for fast Honor and Conquest points farm, quick Honor levels, as well as special BG-specific achievement runs. So whatever brought you to World of Warcraft Battleground — we’ve got a Dragonflight WoW RBG carry for it!

So what are you waiting for? Buy the best Dragonflight RBG boost in EU or US offers while they are hot! Band together with our pros and get to dominate the rated Battleground! Fast, cheap, and easy! Get your rating today!

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Buy RBG rating and we guarantee your wins! Earn rare rated PvP rewards, such as titles, achievements, epic skins, and more. No need to deal with griefing comps anymore, as our professionals and their skill will help you achieve the heights of the leaderboard. Forget the taste of defeat with our RBG boost service!

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