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Enlarge your collections!
Enlarge your collections!

This Cryptic Aurelid boost allows you to get this flying account-wide mount hassle-free. We offer in-game carries for all EU and US Dragonflight (Retail) servers, so you can buy the service you need with real money.

The Cryptic Aurelid is a Shadowlands mount obtainable through the "From A to Zereth" meta-achievement. It was added back in World of Warcraft's Eternity's End update. With its mysterious appearance and enchanting glow, this mount captivates players. It symbolizes accomplishment for those who have successfully completed the meta-achievement requirements in the challenging zone of Zereth Mortis. Flying atop the Cryptic Aurelid, you can traverse the world of Azeroth in style and prestige, showcasing your dedication and mastery.

Cryptic Aurelid farming:
How does it work?

Buying Cryptic Aurelid implies that our professional gamer will complete all the requirements for which this mount is awarded. 

Don't waste your time grinding through the From A to Zereth meta-achievement - let our expert boosters do it for you! We'll securely play your account and complete all the necessary quests and dailies to unlock this acc-wide mount. And with our service, any WoW gold or other rewards you receive during the boost are yours to keep.

So how does it work? It's simple!

  1. Add the service to your cart.
  2. Pay with your preferred method (Visa, Mastercard, or Crypto).
  3. Get in touch with our manager via Discord, Skype, or email.
  4. We'll arrange a suitable boosting time or start immediately with the next available pilot.
  5. Our PRO gamer will then farm the From A to Zereth until the mount is unlocked - we guarantee 100% results.
  6. Once the boost is done, our manager will let you know immediately.

Stop stressing over grinding and enjoy your WoW collectibles with Gamingcy's Cryptic Aurelid farming service!

How to get From A to Zereth Mount fast?

We've got you covered! Our expert WoW gamers offer the Cryptic Aurelid mount for sale. The "From A to Zereth" meta-achievement is part of the Eternity's End update of World of Warcraft. 

Here are the requirements:

  1. Secrets of the First Ones: Complete the 9.2 Campaign. This achievement requires progressing through the main storyline quests of the Eternity's End update.
  2. Dune Dominance: Complete the three unique encounters that can spawn in the Endless Sands area of Zereth Mortis. These encounters likely involve challenging opponents or specific objectives.
  3. Sand, Sand Everywhere!: Uncover treasures from piles of sand located in the secret Locus Shift room. This achievement may involve finding hidden treasure caches within a specific area.
  4. Cyphers of the First Ones: Fully unlock and obtain all research in the Cypher of the First One's system. This likely involves engaging with a research system and completing all available research options.
  5. The Enlightened: Earn Exalted status with the Enlightened faction. This requires gaining a reputation with the Enlightened through various activities such as quests, world quests, and faction-specific tasks.
  6. Treasures of Zereth Mortis: Loot all the one-time treasures in Zereth Mortis. This achievement involves finding and collecting all the unique treasures scattered throughout the zone.
  7. Adventurer of Zereth Mortis: Defeat all the rare enemies available in Zereth Mortis. This achievement requires finding and defeating all rare enemies within the zone.
  8. Synthesized!: Craft one protoform creature using the Protoform Synthesis system. This achievement likely involves utilizing a system or crafting mechanic to create a specific type of creature. 9. Synthe-fived!: Craft five protoform creatures using the Protoform Synthesis system. This achievement requires crafting multiple protoform creatures.
  9. Synthe-superfived!: Craft twenty-five protoform creatures using the Protoform Synthesis system. This achievement involves crafting a more significant number of protoform creatures.
  10. Synthe-supersized!: Craft fifty protoform creatures using the Protoform Synthesis system. This achievement requires crafting a substantial number of protoform creatures.

This convenient boosting service is ideal for avid collectors within the World of Warcraft community, saving you countless hours of gameplay and granting access to the most sought-after new mounts.

Buy the Cryptic Aurelid mount boost at our site and expand your WoW collections at unbeatable prices!

We NEVER use any third-party software or exploits, and we do all the work manually. 


Average starting time: 1-3 hours

Average Execution time: up to 2 months

Rewards you will get:

  • Cryptic Aurelid account-wide flying mount;
  • From A to Zereth meta-achievement;
  • Exalted standing with the Enlightened faction;
  • Some Genesis Motes to craft mounts and pets;
  • A lot of Schematics to craft mounts and pets;
  • You will keep all the gold and rewards that may be received during the boost.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 70 level character in EU or US server
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
  • Zereth Mortis unlocked
Cryptic Aurelid

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