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Amirdrassil Normal
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Real time raid timers
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Raids shedule
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Find me a hot slot!
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Secure Payments

Purchase Amirdrassil Normal boost at Gamingcy, and join our team of expert gamers as we effortlessly conquer the third Dragonflight raid in World of Warcraft. For all WoW enthusiasts, the arrival of a new PvE instance is always an exhilarating journey. Our Amirdrassil Normal raid carry empowers you to defeat all nine bosses among the first and offers an excellent opportunity to obtain new gear with item levels ranging from 454 to 463, including guaranteed Great Vault rewards. We provide our services for all EU and US retail realms (runs are cross-server). 

Opting for the Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Normal boost is the ideal choice at the beginning of Dragonflight Season 3, especially for newly-created characters. It allows you to acquire tier set bonuses (2 or 4 pieces), equip your character with Best in Slot (BIS) items, and prepare for more challenging raid modes. Another advantage of such runs is that you can complete Normal, HC, and Mythic modes weekly to maximize your chances of obtaining new raid rewards. Our boosts also help you save time and avoid frustration – you won't have to wipe with pickup groups, make arrangements with Looking for Group Raid Leaders, or wait for hours in the Looking for Raid queue. Instead, you'll experience a fast and seamless run with one of our professional PvE guilds.

Amirdrassil Normal Carry: Available Options

Our Amirdrassil Normal raid carries offer three basic options: 

  • Full Priority, 
  • Armor & Token Priority (further, ATP),
  • Group Loot. 

These options are designed to be cost-effective and convenient for you, allowing you to get maximum from every sellrun you participate, paying a fair affordable price.

  • Group loot runs are the most popular among our customers because they provide a fast way to obtain a Great Vault reward and maintain a chance to receive your weekly raid drops. Additionally, these runs have an online schedule, allowing you to choose a suitable time for your WoW Amirdrassil Normal run. Please note that with the release of the Guardians of the Dream 10.2 patch, this service will be the only one available, as our teams need time to gear up and prepare for loot trading.
  • Full Priority and ATP options are designed to increase your chances of receiving powerful new gear. While these options may cost more, they significantly expedite your gearing process, offering loot guarantees, Tier Tokens reservations, and a specific number of loot traders for your armor type.

The process is smooth and uncomplicated:

  1. Please choose your desired loot preference and boost timing from our online calendar and secure your spot in the Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Normal run.
  2. Within 5-10 minutes, our support agent will connect with you via platforms like Discord, Skype, or Email. However, if you're in a rush, feel free to initiate a chat with us on our round-the-clock Discord channel and even add us to your friend list (Gamingcy username).
  3. Make sure to be logged into the game at the previously agreed time. You'll receive a battle tag friend invitation from us, or our support will share the title of our Looking for Group team for a seamless invite.
  4. Dive into an expertly managed Amirdrassil Normal boost. Farm cutting-edge PvE gear and effortlessly defeat the most formidable bosses in ATDH raid under the wing of an elite guild. Should any queries or concerns arise during your run, your ever-present support representative is at your beck and call.
  5. Once you've successfully finished your WoW AtDH Normal Carry, we'd greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to share your insights about our service on Trustpilot.


Average starting time: check the schedule
If the schedule is empty or the system can't find any slots matching your preferences - the Get me a hot raid slot button will appear. Click this button, and our manager will find you a convenient raid slot in 3 minutes!

Average Execution time: 1-3 hours

Rewards & Options description:

Full Priority

Armor & Token Priority

Group Loot run

9/9 Bosses killed in Normal raid mode 9/9 Bosses killed in Normal raid mode 9/9 Bosses killed in Normal raid mode
Full Armor Reservation Armor Type and Tier Token Reservation Chance at loot via rolling

Loot guarantee:
all suitable items per run
(454-463 ilvl) *

Loot guarantee:

  • 10 player: 4+ 454-463 ilvl* per run
  • 15 player: 5+ 454-463 ilvl* per run
  • 20 player: 7+ 454-463 ilvl* per run
Random amount
of new 454-463 ilvl gear
Weekly great vault reward for killing
9x Normal bosses:
  • 1x 454-463 ilvl item with an opportunity to choose from 3 items
Weekly great vault reward for killing
9x Normal bosses:
  • 1x 454-463 ilvl item with an opportunity to choose from 3 items

Weekly great vault reward for killing
9x Normal bosses:

  • 1x 454-463 ilvl item with an opportunity to choose from 3 items

Loot trading terms*:

* You will be the only customer of your armory type in the raid if you purchase the Armor priority loot run. It means that you will not have to compete for the gear. However, weapons, trinkets, and accessories will be rolled (except full priority). 
We guarantee a certain number of items in different slots (the exact amount depends on the option you’re buying). You can always get more items than guaranteed if you’re fortunate. Drop is RNG-based. Bonus rolls and drops that do not upgrade your current gear count toward the guarantee.

** If you don’t get the guaranteed number of items during the raid boost, we shall provide you another carry next week to get the guaranteed amount of items.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 70 level character in EU or US server
  • You should understand and accept Loot trading terms*
  • You should hit each Normal Amirdrassil boss at least once to get the loot from that boss.
  • Group loot (EU & US): Selfplay.
  • Armor & Token / Full Priority (EU & US): Selfplay / Account Sharing.
Bosses will be killed in the following order:
  1. Gnarlroot
  2. Igira the Cruel
  3. Volcoross
  4. Council of Dreams
  5. Larodar, Keeper of the Flame
  6. Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle
  7. Smolderon
  8. Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame
  9. Fyrakk the Blazing
Amirdrassil Normal

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