Best Boss DPS Weapons in Destiny 2

The landscape of Destiny 2’s boss damage potential is ever-shifting, influenced by the dynamic game meta and continuous updates from Bungie. This evolution keeps D2 Lightfall engaging, introducing fresh content, balance tweaks, and weapon alterations that make each season unique. Consequently, the prime weapons for boss defeat can change from one season to the next.
In this ever-changing Destiny 2 world, players must be adaptable and informed about the latest modifications to maximize their boss’s damage output. Guardians continuously experiment with various weapon types, armor combinations, and subclass abilities to uncover the most efficient strategies for tackling raids, strikes, or formidable bosses.
Ultimately, the best boss damage-dealing weapons in Destiny 2 will harmonize seamlessly with the prevailing strategies and tactics of the moment. Guardians who remain vigilant, adaptable, and engaged with the Destiny 2 community will be well-prepared to complete the game’s evolving challenges, no matter how they transform.

Cold Comfort: Top-10

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort stands as a storied rocket launcher within Destiny 2, distinguished by its Aggressive Frame archetype and renowned for its icy stasis-infused might. This formidable weapon boasts an array of perks tailored to elevate its performance across both PvE and PvP endeavors.

  • How to Get Cold Comfort?

Aspiring Guardians can unlock Cold Comfort through fortuitous encounters within the Season 21 dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep. Acquiring this powerful weapon entails active participation in activities affiliated with this dungeon, hoping that it will drop as a coveted reward.

Depending on the roll, it offers perks like Impulse Amplifier (increased velocity and reload speed) and Explosive Light (extra damage), alongside other options such as Envious Assassin and Impact Casing. All these factors make this weapon one of the best DPS weapons in Lightfall for both PvE and PvP activities.

Succession: Top-9


Succession, a legendary sniper rifle in Destiny 2, falls into the high-impact archetype, perfect for precision shots against bosses.

  • How to get D2 Succession?

Obtainable in the Deep Stone Crypt raid from Beyond Light on Europa, it may drop during the second encounter. Succession offers various perks like Reconstruction (gradually refilling the magazine), Moving Target (improved target acquisition and movement speed when aiming), Lead from Gold (bonus reserves upon heavy ammo pickup), No Distractions (reduced flinch when aiming), Killing Wind (increased mobility, range, and handling after kills), and Slideways (partial reload and stability/handling boost after a slide). Ideal for precision and adaptability in battle.

The Hothead: Top-8

The Hothead

Hothead is an Arc Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 known for its powerful perks. It is a legendary weapon that can be a valuable addition to your arsenal for various activities in the game.

  • How to get the Hothead?

Hothead can be obtained through various means in Destiny 2. One standard method is playing activities offering weapon drops, such as strikes, Nightfall: The Ordeal, or even specific raids and dungeons. It may also be available through seasonal content, vendor rotations, or particular quests. The availability may change over time, so checking in-game sources or community updates for the current acquisition method is essential.

Notable perks include Explosive Light (increased damage after picking up an Orb of Power), Clown Cartridge (chance to increase magazine size), Vorpal Weapon (bonus damage against bosses), and Lasting Impression (rockets leave damaging area). Seek a “god roll” based on your playstyle and activities.

Apex Predator: Top-7

Apex Predator

The Apex Predator stands as a formidable Rocket Launcher within the realm of Destiny 2, celebrated for its remarkable capacity for inflicting substantial damage and its versatile utility across a range of PvE engagements, including formidable raids and challenging Nightfall strikes. The beauty of this weapon lies in its adaptability, as it can be tailored with a diverse array of perks to harmonize seamlessly with your unique playstyle and preferences.

  • How to get D2 Apex Predator?

One must delve into the Last Wish raid, nestled deep within the enigmatic Dreaming City, to get the Apex Predator RL. This coveted Rocket Launcher is the fruit of your labor within the raid’s various encounters, emerging as a potential reward at the culmination of specific challenges.

Consider the “Reconstruction” and “Bait and Switch” perks for the best DPS performance.

  • “Reconstruction” gradually refills the magazine, perfect for sustained boss damage;
  • “Bait and Switch” boost handling and reload speed after the first shot.

Divinity: Top-6


Divinity, an Exotic Trace Rifle, wields a distinctive Exotic perk named “Judgment.” Taking damage while wielding Divinity cloaks your target in a disruptive field, rendering them more susceptible to your attacks. This perk proves invaluable in cooperative content, significantly boosting the damage inflicted on bosses.

  • How to get Divinity in D2?

To acquire Divinity, complete the “Divine Fragmentation” questline in the Garden of Salvation D2 raid with your team or Gamingcy’s professional sherpas. Customizable traits and perks like “Polygonal Rifling,” “Particle Repeater,” and “Penance” enhance its performance.

Divinity is often praised not for its raw DPS but for its unique ability to create a critical hit bubble on the target. This bubble allows teammates to do increased damage when hitting this zone, making Divinity a powerful support weapon in team scenarios, especially during boss fights: it will boost DPS of the whole fireteam.

Parasite: Top-5


Parasite, an exotic grenade launcher, boasts unique perks: Worm Byproduct and Worm’s Hunger. It releases hive worms that explode with increasing power as the projectile remains in the air, making it ideal for group enemy encounters.

  • How to get Parasite in D2?

To obtain Parasite, complete The Witch Queen expansion questline. This journey involves Throne World challenges, battles, and puzzles. Advancing through the expansion’s story is crucial to access and complete the questline.

Parasite’s perks:

  • Worm Byproduct (Boosts damage as the projectile lingers in the air),
  • Worm’s Hunger (Fires hive worms with explosion size and power tied to flight duration).

Arbalest: Top-4


Arbalest is a unique Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, notable for being the first weapon of its kind to use special ammo instead of heavy ammo. With its intrinsic perk, “Compounding Force,” the Arbalest fires slugs that cause massive damage to elemental shields, making it particularly effective (or maybe even meta) against enemies with barriers.

  • How to get Arbalest in D2?

To get your hands on this LFR weapon, players initially had the chance to earn it during the Revelry event. The fusion rifle was later added to the general Exotic loot pool for those who missed out during the event. Now, Guardians can obtain Arbalest from Exotic engrams, or it may appear as a random powerful reward.
While Arbalest’s specific stats, such as impact, range, stability, and handling, can vary based on the roll, it generally offers a balanced performance suitable for various combat scenarios. In the realm of DPS (damage per second), Arbalest may not be the top-tier choice for endgame PvE content. Still, its utility against shielded enemies makes it a valuable tool in specific encounters.

In conclusion, Arbalest stands out in Destiny 2’s arsenal for its distinctive role in shield-breaking and its versatility in both PvE and PvP content.

Thunderlord: Top-3


Thunderlord is an iconic Exotic Machine Gun in Destiny 2, known for raining electrical havoc upon its foes. With its intrinsic perk “Reign Havoc,” kills with Thunderlord generate lightning strikes, causing an impressive area-of-effect damage. It’s a genuine callback to its glory days in the original Destiny, making it a fan favorite for many.

  • How to get Thunderlord?

To obtain Thunderlord, players initially had to complete a quest during the Festival of the Lost event in 2018. However, after the event ended, Thunderlord was added to the Exotic loot pool, meaning players can now obtain it from Exotic engrams or as a random powerful reward.

In terms of stats, Thunderlord offers a well-rounded mix of stability, range, and handling, but it truly shines with its rate of fire and magazine size. When it comes to DPS (damage per second), Thunderlord remains competitive, especially considering its chain lightning effect that can clear hordes of enemies efficiently.

All in all, Thunderlord remains a staple for those looking for a reliable and robust machine gun. Its ability to wreak havoc on single targets and groups ensures it maintains a top spot in many Guardians’ arsenals.

Izanagi’s Burden: Top-2

Izanagi's Burden

Izanagi’s Burden is a highly coveted Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2, recognized for its unique ability to consume an entire magazine to load a single, super-powered shot. This “Honed Edge” perk can be a game-changer in both PvP and PvE scenarios, delivering a devastating blow in one pull of the trigger.

  • How to get the Izanagi’s Burden?

Players must embark on a lengthy and intricate “The Mysterious Box” quest to acquire Izanagi’s Burden. This journey involves obtaining a rare Black Armory key mold, forging multiple Black Armory keys, and then undertaking a unique version of The Pyramidion strike, among other tasks.

Stat-wise, Izanagi’s Burden provides a solid balance between range, stability, handling, and reload speed. However, its most distinctive stat is its impact, significantly when the Honed Edge perk is activated. The DPS (damage per second) of Izanagi’s Burden is exceptionally high when players optimize the Honed Edge, making it a popular choice for endgame content where burst damage is crucial, such as during raid boss phases.

In essence, Izanagi’s Burden stands out for its elegant design and unparalleled firepower when used strategically. Its ability to deal tremendous damage in a single shot makes it a meta weapon for many Guardians.

Gjallarhorn: Top-1


The Gjallarhorn is a legendary Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2, iconic for its powerful tracking wolfpack rounds that detonate into smaller homing missiles upon impact. Initially introduced in Destiny 1 as an Exotic weapon, it made a triumphant return in Destiny 2, much to the delight of veterans and newcomers alike, being one of the best DPS weapons in the entire game.

  • How to get the Gjallarhorn?

To obtain the Gjallarhorn, players typically have to complete a unique questline that challenges them through a series of tasks and missions. This “And Out Fly The Wolves” questline quest can be quite involved, requiring dedication and skill to complete.

As for its stats, the Gjallarhorn boasts a strong balance between blast radius, velocity, stability, and handling, making it versatile for both PvP and PvE encounters. Its DPS (damage per second) remains one of the highest among rocket launchers in the game, especially when the wolfpack rounds are taken into account, which can seek out and eliminate multiple targets or deal devastating damage to bosses.

In summary, the Gjallarhorn LRL is a testament to exceptional design in aesthetics and functionality. Whether taking on hordes of enemies or facing off against challenging bosses, this weapon is a must-have for any Guardian’s arsenal.


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