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On this page, you can buy the Altars of Lilith boost in Diablo 4 and unlock them all, or the ones in specific locations, upgrading stats for all characters in your D4 account. Additionally, you will get the 10 renown in that region(s) and extra fame system skill points. This service is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC platforms.

Our expert boosters know the exact locations of all the Lilith Altars in Diablo 4. We guarantee to use the quickest pathways to find them and clear the required challenges to interact with them.

D4 Lilith Altar boosts are available exclusively in the Piloted mode (account sharing) – it implies that a skilled player will log into your account to execute the Altar unlocking service with utmost speed. Upon completing the order, you will be informed via Discord (our username there is Gamingcy).

Alternatively, the Self-Play mode (Carry) can also be availed for this service. You join forces with our professional booster, traverse the Sanctuary hand by hand, and locate all the Lilith Altars.

What are the Altars of Lilith?

The Altars of Lilith are stone statues of Lilith scattered across the Sanctuary. The statues are generally tucked away in hidden locations, a strategic placement encouraging exploration away from the main paths and regions of significant interest. Each of the game's five primary zones:

  • the Fractured Peaks, 
  • Dry Steppes, 
  • Scosglen, 
  • Hawezar, 
  • and Kehjistan

hosts between 28 and 34 Altars, totaling 160 of them throughout the world.

Interacting with them, a task as simple as clicking on it, rewards you with a one-time bonus applicable to all characters on your account. These bonuses range from increases in character attributes, such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Willpower, to an increase in the Maximum Obol Capacity or even a Paragon Point. Alongside these enhancements, you also receive a slight experience boost and an increment of 10 Renown specific to the zone where the Altar is located.

Altars of Lilith Unlocking in Diablo 4: All you need to Know

Upon finalizing your D4 Altars of Llilith unlock purchase, a dedicated manager will contact you via Discord, Skype, or Email. We aim to initiate contact within 5-10 minutes post-payment. Alternatively, you can directly reach out to us on Discord using the username Gamingcy. This way, we can coordinate all necessary details for your Altars of Lilith boosting, including the kickoff time, a convenient gaming schedule, and any specific preferences you might have.

Choosing to pay real money to find these shrines is an intelligent move if you're looking to swiftly gain access to the fantastic rewards these mystical statues offer, all while sidestepping the potentially monotonous grind on your own.

The Altars of Lilith are scattered throughout Diablo 4's Sanctuary and offer an array of rewards that significantly enhance your gameplay experience acc-wide. These bonuses include character stat boosts, Renown, Paragon points, and permanent attribute enhancements that apply to all characters on your account.

Here's a glance at some rewards you can expect from Diablo 4's Altars of Lilith:

  • Noteworthy permanent power enhancements to all your characters
  • Gains in Renown, experience, and potential for a boost in Maximum Obol Capacity
  • Achievement of the Altar of Lilith Seeker challenge upon discovery of all 28 of them in the Fractured Peaks
  • Substantial stat boosts upon discovering all 160 Altars scattered across the Sanctuary
Area Account-wide Rewards
Dry Steppes +12 DEX, +12 STR, +18 INT, +16 WIL, 330 Renown, +4 Paragon Points.
Fractured Peaks +12 DEX, +12 STR, +12 INT, +12 WIL, +20 Max Obols, 280 Renown.
Hawezar +12 DEX, +14 STR, +10 INT, +12 WIL, +50 Max Obols, 340 Renown.
Kehjistan +14 DEX, +42 STR, +12 INT, +12 WIL, 310 Renown.
Scosglen +18 DEX, +20 STR, +14 INT, +16 WIL, 340 Renown. 

Choose Gamingcy for our top-tier Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith farming service and liberate yourself from the long hours of repetitive gameplay. Enhance your gaming experience with a seamless, swift, and worry-free journey through Sanctuary, all facilitated by our skilled and dedicated players. Say goodbye to the days of tediously hunting down every Altar of Lilith in Diablo 4. Instead, purchase a boost and let Gamingcy handle the routine for you! Enjoy a more rewarding D4 experience.



Average starting time: 1-2 hours

Average Execution time: 5 hours for each zone

Rewards you will get:

  • Unlock Altars of Lilith in all or the desired zone;
  • Account-wide improved stats;
  • All the rewards that you may receive during the boost will be yours.

Options available:

  • Location: Select location for Altars of Lilith unlock.
  • Difficulty: Select your game difficulty: softcore or hardcore.
  • Selfplay: You will play your character yourself with a group of our professional player(s).
  • Account sharing: An experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you.
Altars of Lilith

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