WotLK Classic Professions Powerleveling

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WotLK Alchemy
WotLK Alchemy
  • Get 450 Alchemy skill
  • Craft potions, elixirs, and flasks
  • Must-have for hardcore raiders
FROM $24.00
WotLK Blacksmithing
WotLK Blacksmithing
  • Get 450 Blacksmithing skill
  • Craft weapons and armor
  • Add Extra Sockets
FROM $24.00
WotLK Cooking
WotLK Cooking
  • Get 450 Cooking skill
  • Get buffs, Restore health
  • Earn gold by selling your food
FROM $24.00
WotLK Enchanting
WotLK Enchanting
  • Get 450 Enchanting skill
  • Enchant Weapons and Gear
  • Exclusive Rings enchantments
FROM $24.00
WotLK Engineering
WotLK Engineering
  • Get 450 Engineering skill in WotLK
  • Must-have for PvP
  • Craft mounts, weapons, explosives
FROM $24.00
WotLK First Aid
WotLK First Aid
  • Get 450 First Aid skill
  • Craft Bandages
  • Must-have for PvP
FROM $24.00
WotLK Fishing
WotLK Fishing
  • Get 450 Fishing skill
  • Catch vaulable fish
  • Get access to unique rewards
FROM $24.00
WotLK Herbalism
WotLK Herbalism
  • Get 450 Herbalism skill in WotLK
  • Gather herbs in Northrend
  • Great for gold-making
FROM $34.00
WotLK Inscription
WotLK Inscription
  • Get 450 Inscription skill
  • Create and sell glyphs
  • Craft Darkmoon cards & trinkets
FROM $24.00
WotLK Jewelcrafting
WotLK Jewelcrafting
  • Get 450 Jewelcrafting skill
  • Craft Gems, upgrade your gear
  • Earn gold by selling crafted items
FROM $24.00
WotLK Leatherworking
WotLK Leatherworking
  • Get 450 Leatherworking skill
  • Craft mail and leather gear
  • Leg armor improvement
FROM $24.00
WotLK Mining
WotLK Mining
  • Get 450 Mining skill in WotLK
  • Perfect for money-making
  • Mine Ore in Northrend
FROM $24.00

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic Professions leveling has always been a tedious but essential part of the gameplay. However, it's a must-have, because it allows you to turbo-charge your character's stats, and make tons of in-game gold. It may take weeks to explore numerous guides, gain the max skill, and finally start enjoying the benefits. We at Gamingcy believe that gaming should only bring joy, so we are offering our World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic professions leveling for sale. Products in this category are an outstanding opportunity for you to avoid the boring materials farming and get your access to the ever-needed benefits.

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Many of us left a piece of our hearts in WoW Wrath of the in 2008, and it will never go. Millions of players, who played during the Lich King times, look back with fondness on the days they spent in that good old game, farming newly-added achievements, raiding Ulduar/ICC/ToC, and queueing non-stop for BGs and arenas. Much has changed since that time: you could easily spend a day in your favorite game when you were a student or a high schooler. But as time passes, most of us have more IRL commitments that you can't ignore. And at the same time, your gamer's soul is demanding new victories. WoW Wotlk Classic professions Powerleveling cost at Gamingcy is nothing compared to the time you save for your job, friends, and family! Let's face it: nobody finds the mobs and reagents grind anywhere exciting.

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Very good fast and reliable. Will do again.
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Good run done fast
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WotLK Professions boost:
Get 450 skill hassle-free!

After realizing the importance of WotLK classic profession bonuses, your next question is which WotLK profession to choose. And directly after you finally decide, you immediately start thinking about the good WotLK professions combo for yourself. We have prepared some thoughts on all WotLK professions powerleveling! 

  • Engineering.

Engineering is popular among max-level players: on the one hand, there are many items that buff your character's DPS/HPS (like Hyperspeed Accelerators). On the other hand, you will also find multiple engineering gadgets handy for your PvP and PvE adventures. Summing up, it's one of the best WotLK professions for PvP and PvE. You can purchase any WoW WotLK Classic profession boost at Gamingcy, including Engineering!

  • Mining.

Mining is an excellent source of gold and it makes a perfect WotLK profession combo with Jewelcrafting and Engineering. Tanks will find the Toughness passive ability with +60x stamina a must-have buff. I believe Mining + Jewelcrafting or Mining + Engineering are the best professions for Wrath of the Lich King for the plate and mail classes.

  • Jewelcrafting.

It's one of the best professions in WotLK Classic: it ideally generates gold and gives you good stats bonuses from unique sockets. Some players believe that it's WotLK's hardest profession. But as we know, with the Wrath of the Lich King Professions skill boost by Gamingcy, it's not a problem at all! 

  • Enchanting.

Enjoy exclusive enchants and a solid gold income from the auction house with this great WotLK WoW profession!

  • Skinning.

Skinning with it’s Master of Anatomy passive ability, granting you +40x critical strike, is an excellent choice for rogues, druids, shamans, and hunters.

  • Tailoring.

Tailoring + Enchanting are considered to be good caster's combo: get potent cloth gear that is useful both whiles leveling and at the max level. Disenchant it. And earn gold: simple win-win mechanics. Get this fantastic profs combo in no time with our WotLK Professions boosting service

  • Blacksmithing.

Craft powerful gear that will help you both while leveling and at the max 80 lvl, and add 2x extra sockets into your gear. Perfect for warriors, death knights, and paladins.

  • Inscription.

+80 attack power unique shoulders enchant makes it one of the most potent WotLK DPS professions. And by selling Glyphs & Scrolls, you can make your gold from the auction! 

  • Leatherworking.

Craft powerful leather gear for your character, and get a unique +130 AP enchant for your bracers. Perfect for rogues, shamans, hunters, and druids. Leatherworkers often show solid Wrath Classic PvE progress because of the powerful crafted gear. Leatherworking makes a good WotLK profession synergy with skinning.

  • Alchemy.

Make your leveling and high-end gaming way smoother with various buffs and potions. Since max profession level in WotLK isn't a pain anymore, consider that you are already selling pots needed in any raid/instance/battleground fight. In my opinion, Alchemy + Herbalism is the best money-making combo in Wrath Classic.

  • Herbalism.

Herbalism + Alchemy go well together: gather various herbs, and turn them into precious flasks. Herbalism itself perfectly generates gold. Imagine what it can do when paired with Alchemy! Keep in mind the LifeBlood active skill that heals you 3600 over 5 sec!

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WotLK Professions Powerlevelling:
Get all the possible benefits!

The most valuable thing about the secondary WoW professions is that you can have all of them:

  • First Aid: great for leveling, especially if your class doesn't have healing abilities. It will also be helpful at the 80 level in PvP and PvE!
  • Cooking: great while leveling and at the max level. A powerful source of gold. Get flexible must-have PvE and PvP buffs from your dishes.
  • Fishing: easy to level with cooking. Participate in Kalu'ak fishing derby. Get access to unique pets, reagents, gems, and gear!
  • First aid, cooking, and fishing are helpful in PvP & PvE, must-have while levelling, and offer multiple exclusive pets, mounts, and achievements.

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