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Here you can buy Halls of Lightning dungeon boost and get a fast instance completion by a group of professional WoW gamers. We provide HoL carries in Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Dragonflight expansions. As a result, you will kill all bosses and have a chance to get new gear.

Halls of Lightning Bosses list:

  • General Bjarngrim;
  • Volkhan;
  • Ionar;
  • Loken.

Our Halls of Lightning boosting service has two options that depend on the expansion you’re playing: WotLK Classic or Dragonflight.

You can also choose from Normal, and Heroic mode runs based on the gear that you want to receive.

Buying Halls of Lightning dungeon carry in Wrath Classic in the current game phase is still a great idea because of the unique drops that may be useful for your class/spec and achievements. Some of them are perfect for the new characters and raid preparations. While in Retail, Halls of Lightning dungeon runs allow you to try your luck and get cool transmogs. 

WotLK HoL Carry:
Everything you need to know

Our Halls of Lightning carries are developed with a central objective: to enhance your World of Warcraft WotLK Classic or Dragonflight gaming experience by increasing efficiency and enjoyment. We recognize the frustration associated with wiping with pickup groups or enduring long waits in the Looking for Group (LFG) system, particularly for damage dealers. Furthermore, acquiring a specific item may necessitate numerous time-consuming runs through the vast instance.

Take advantage of the Gamingcy's WoW Halls of Lightning dungeon runs. Our boosting services are delivered by expert PvE players who have honed their skills in the game and are well-versed in boss strategies. We offer HoL boosts for EU (all European realms) and US (North America, Latin America, Oceania) servers.

In the World of Warcraft Dragonflight realm, solo farming this instance can be irritating, requiring constant guide consultation for details like the dungeon's location (found in the Storm Peaks zone in Northrend). Moreover, desired item drop rates are often significantly less than 100%, potentially leading to days or even weeks of effort to obtain a specific gear piece.

We propose bypassing the aggravating pickup group and RNG challenges by purchasing Halls of Lightning runs from our platform. Our boost not only saves you time but also guarantees results for your investment.

Account sharing is mandatory for our Halls of Lightning carry service. We utilize a premium VPN specific to your country and city or our exclusive Hide-My-Boost technology to ensure the appearance that no one but you has accessed your character. Selfplay is available upon request.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a reliable WotLK HoL boost at a competitive price, look no further. Below is a concise list of the most coveted rewards obtainable from this instance.

Halls of Lightning Loot Table:

Boss Item Loot type Drop Chance
General Bjarngrim Deflection Band Finger 7%
Gloves of Dark Gestures Hands 7%
Boots of Persistence Feet 7%
Volkhan Chivalric Chestguard Chest 7%
Knife of Incision Dagger 7%
Splint-Bound Leggings Legs 7%
Ionar Agonal Sash Waist 7%
Ravaging Sabatons Feet 7%
Collar of Dissolution Necklace 7%
 Loken Gown of the Spell-Weaver Chest 8%
Ice Spire Scepter Mace 8%
Advanced Tooled-Leather Bands Wrist 22%
Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver Axe 22%
Mail Girdle of the Audient Earth Waist 22%
Woven Bracae Leggings Legs 22%


Average starting time: 30-60 minutes

Average Execution time: 30-50 minutes per dungeon

Rewards & Options description:

  • Full clear all bosses in the Halls of Lightning dungeon on the desired difficulty;
  • Get a chance to obtain gear;
  • Halls of Lightning achievements unlocked;
  • All of the gold, loot and resources received during the run.

Options available:

  • Selfplay: you will play your character yourself with a group of our professional player(s).
  • Account sharing: an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you.
  • Difficulty: We will complete the dungeon on Normal or Heroic difficulty.
  • WoW Expansion: choose the game that you’re playing and need your boost on (Retail or WotLK Classic).

Requirements + Important notes:

  • Normal Difficulty: 77+ level character in EU or US server
  • Heroic Difficulty: 80 level character in EU or US server
Halls of Lightning

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Very fast and good service
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I have used Gamingcy a couple of times now and have been completely surprised at how easy the service is and how kind the players are. Easy five stars from me. ...
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Gamingcy completed my "order" faster than they committed to, and did in under 48 hours what it would have taken me weeks to complete.
The BEST wow service boots out there...
The experience from start to finish was outstanding! Everyone was so nice and timely! I would recommend this service (mythic+ run) to anyone! I would definitely...
Amazing service
Speedy completion of orders and very friendly team. Very happy with my order and will definitely be returning for more in the future!
Prompt response and assistance...
Prompt response and assistance
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was very fast. no wipes. friendly group. friendly service. perfect webside
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Super awesome customer experience, working hand in hand while my order was processed and delivered.. Makes me really trust this company and this way of delivery...
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Gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised…..fast service, easy and super fast I will definitely use again and would definitely recommend to others !!!!
Highly recommend, quick, professional and considerate.
Trevor Hall
This site is Awsome the worker are…...
This site is Awsome the worker are dooing sutch a great job. After i book a run they insta replie and help me with some Problem. High recomented