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At Gamingcy.com, we offer a premium service that allows you to purchase WotLK PvP gear boost from our professional multi-Gladiators teams with a guarantee of receiving a particular set. Our team of expert gamers will securely farm Arenas and Battlegrounds until they obtain the desired equipment for your character, whether it's the Honor set at 232 ilvl or the Elite set at 252 ilvl.

This service is the perfect solution if you want to skip the tedious and time-consuming gearing process and start playing a powerful WoW Wrath of the Lich King character right away. It's also incredibly useful for your alts, particularly if you're interested in trying out high-end content for a new class. Selfplay is available upon request.

At Gamingcy.com, you can buy PvP gear in WotLK Classic and dominate even the toughest battles with ease. You'll have a genuine competitive advantage that will set you apart from the rest. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gameplay experience and take your character to the next level!

WotLK PvP Gear boost:
How does it work?

Our service provides a straightforward solution to our customers seeking an efficient WotLK Classic PvP gearing method.

We understand the frustration that comes with the unpredictable nature of RNG, and we want to eliminate that issue entirely. We aim to provide a guaranteed result for the money paid, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The process is designed to be fast and easy. Select the set you want to receive during the carry, either the elite or the honor one, and add it to your cart. Then, pay for your World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King PvP gear farming using Visa, Mastercard, or Crypto.

Within 3-5 minutes, one of our managers will contact you through Discord, Skype, or Email, and you can arrange a suitable time for the boosting service or start with the soonest available team. Once the service is complete, our manager will inform you immediately.

With our fast PvP gearing service, you can be confident that you will receive the desired gear set and play a powerful character in no time. We are committed to providing our customers a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

How much does the WotLK PvP Gear Farm cost?

Our Classic WotLK PvP gear boost service is designed to offer our customers the best possible value at an affordable price.
We have achieved this by partnering with over 2000 professional EU and US gamers, enabling us to offer fair and competitive prices for our WoW WotLK PvP gearing. We believe in providing our clients with top-quality service at a reasonable price, and we take pride in being able to do so.
Additionally, we continually offer limited-time sales to make your purchase even more advantageous. We want our customers to have the best possible experience with us, and that includes receiving the best deal possible.
With our elite PvP ilvl boost, you can easily catch up and overtake your friends' and guild mates' progress in Wrath of the Lich King while enjoying a fast, cheap, and stress-free experience. We guarantee that you will receive the desired gear set. Our service will be performed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on the game without any unnecessary delays or setbacks.


Average starting time: 1 hour

Average Execution time: 1-2 weeks

Rewards you will get:

  • Full set of 232 ilvl PvP Honor gear or 252 ilvl PvP Elite full set;
  • Some PvP Achievement progression;
  • All other rewards you may receive during the boost (RNG-based) are yours to keep.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 80 level character in EU or US server
  • Active WoW subscription
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
WotLK PvP Gear

Our reviews

Amazing service
Speedy completion of orders and very friendly team. Very happy with my order and will definitely be returning for more in the future!
Great and fast service
Great and fast service. The booster was trustworthy and professional.
Professional, good and quick support. No problems.
Amazing… there were no issues… very…...
Amazing… there were no issues… very professional team. Thank you
greald Schlosser
Great experience
Great experience. Fast and easy.
loved it was fun and easy and enjoye...
loved it was fun and easy and enjoyed trying to out heal theyre healer but didnt stand a chance hahahaha
My friend told me about this service...
My friend told me about this service and said they were trustworthy. The website was clear, well laid out and reasonably priced. The process to buy the serv...
Custom boost 75-80 and 200 gesr boos...
Ordered an lvl custom boost from 75-80 and 200 gear boost. Great communication and very great fast service :) good guys ! Would buy again ! Thank you :)
Kevin Davidsen
Very happy with the service provided...
Very happy with the service provided! Even though we had a small hiccup where I had Dc them whilst working they politely asked to be patient whilst they work an...
A+ service
A+ service, would highly recommend
good ^_^
good price good service promised results met
Amazing service
Amazing service! Superb communication and professionalism. Pilot completed the leveling service at an earlier date than expected. Highly recommend these guys!
Great service and support...
Great service. Support was great. Accidentally got invited into the wrong raid. Spoke with support and they got me a new slot in the correct raid asap. Fast and...
first time usage
that even thought i died a lot didnt get kick also i was able to get the mount i wanted before the next expasion
A full satisfied Customer...
You did a very good Job and left me as a full satisfied Costumer.Be sure that Iwill come back to give you more Orders.I will my closest Friends tell about you a...
Great job
This service is amazing. They kept me updated threw discord on progress. The order also was suppose to take 10 days and they finished in 4. 10/10 recommend thes...
My Gamingcy great experience...
Fast response and good prices Honesty and clear with times Trustworthy in regards of payment
Very fast and good service...
Very fast and good service
Great Run
Very friendly staff. Kept me informed the whole process and got the job done quick!
This site delivered on everything th...
This site delivered on everything they promised! The team was professional and friendly, I would use this service again!
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Four Strong Reasons To Buy Wrath Classic PvP boost now

When the decision to buy WotLK PvP boost from us is made, you receive a set of guarantees that elevate us above our competitors. We always work with our customers’ privacy and time to ensure we can provide the best carry.
Our 24/7 human customer support allows us to quickly respond to all your questions and get your WoW carry ready in no time, so you don’t have to wait long for delivery.
You decide the schedule entirely — receive your rating boost when you have time for it.
And to ensure not to draw Blizzard’s attention to your WoW WotLK account, we’re using our innovative technology — Hide My Boost. With it, you can rest easy and buy our WoW Wrath of the Lich King boosting, knowing your privacy and anonymity are securely protected.
Number ONE goal of our team is to make your time spent with us hassle-free and enjoyable
We value your time and perfectly understand how important it is to get your boost right away!
We know everything about online gaming. All of our 2067 boosters are members of top world guilds since early game expansions

Secure Paypal payments;

Verified Trustpilot reviews;

Exclusive Hide My Boost system;

SSL and Https protocols for your 100% privacy and data safety.

Five Simple Steps To get your WotLK PvP Carries

Has the time to buy PvP carry in WotLK from Gamingcy come? Here are these easy five steps to get your World of Warcraft boosting!
1. Choose the suitable WoW carry service from the list and set all the parameters. If everything is correct, proceed with the purchase.
2. You will receive a message from our manager via Discord, Skype, or E-mail. We will confirm information about a boost on our side, as well as some extra details.
3. Be ready by the scheduled time. We will send you info about the LFG party in World of Warcraft, or send a Battle.Net friend request.
4. Follow the instructions of our employees to receive your boosting. Enjoy your best WotLK PvP carry — get the rating and other rewards as fast as possible.
5. Like the service? Leave a review so that others can learn of your experience! Did something go wrong? Tell us about it — our Quality control department is always there to resolve such situations and do compensation if necessary!
Choose the service you need and add it to the cart. If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask our 24/7 support team.
Follow the cart's instructions and pay securely with Paypal or with your Credit card!
Contact us in Discord, Skype, or Facebook messenger to confirm your order and start the service!
Once your service is completed, our manager will immediately inform you about it!
Your opinion matters! Share your experience with other customers and help us to improve!