How to get to Tazavesh: Comprehensive Guide

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, is a mega-dungeon in the World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion, introduced in Patch 9.1. This otherworldly marketplace is governed by mysterious brokers and enigmatic beings that deal in secrets, artifacts, and even souls. Situated in Oribos, the Veiled Market serves as a commercial hub, but it is also teeming with backdoor dealings, conspiracies, and dark powers. Tazavesh isn’t just a place for trading goods; it’s a complex web of interests and intrigue. In

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, is a mega-dungeon in the World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion, introduced in Patch 9.1. This otherworldly marketplace is governed by mysterious brokers and enigmatic beings that deal in secrets, artifacts, and even souls. Situated in Oribos, the Veiled Market serves as a commercial hub, but it is also teeming with backdoor dealings, conspiracies, and dark powers. Tazavesh isn’t just a place for trading goods; it’s a complex web of interests and intrigue. In WoW Dragonflight expansion, this instance is still full of outstanding rewards, including mounts and transmogs; that’s why adventurers from the whole Azeroth are still exploring this mega-dungeon, trying to enrich their collections. In this guide, we’ll give you comprehensive information about how to unlock this iconic Shadowlands instance and how to get there (using the in-between or by flying path).

Here’s a table with superb rewards from this mega-dungeon that will surely encourage our retail readers to read on:

Source Reward
Fake It ‘Til You Make It Tazavesh Gearglider
So’leah Cartel Master’s Gearglider
P.O.S.T. Master Gizmo
Shopkeeper Rarity
Dungeon zone Curious Purrkin
Silver Purrkin
Damp Skrat
Scavenging Skrat

Finding Tazavesh in WoW Dragonflight

Many World of Warcraft Dragonflight players (especially new initiates) want to know how to get to the Tazavesh Mega-dungeon. Many of them heard about this iconic Shadowlands instance, but they can’t locate it on the map. And nothing is surprising about that!

The island on which Tazavesh is located is unique—it hovers between Ardenweld and Revendreth in the Shadowlands. Interestingly, the island doesn’t even appear on conventional maps and can be accessed through a special flight point.

Actually, there are two ways how you can get to the Tazavesh in Dragonflight:

  • Through the In-Between: One way to get there is through a special ship that sails through the interdimensional realm known as the In-Between. This option becomes available right after you finish the quest chain.
  • Flight Path: Once the quests are behind you, a unique flight route will emerge just outside the Tazavesh zone.

Tazavesh Flight Path

The Flight Path to Tazavesh

The Flight Path to Tazaveth was a super-important feature in the 9.1 patch. Ground mounts and open-world fights were one of the main Shadowlands features: players had to travel a lot via ground mounts (before they got the Memories of Sunless Skies, which was impossible from the start of content). However, Tazaveth is not the case when you could be ganked by a player of an opposite faction while peacefully riding to the instance: the only way to get to the floating island is by using a flight path, which requires an attunement.
Once you’ve completed the unlocking quest chain, you won’t need to retake the barge that was part of your initial journey like other raids and dungeons. Instead, you’ll have the convenience of returning to Tazavesh using the regular flight path.

With this guide, you should have a more precise roadmap of what awaits you in your endeavor to gain entry into the elusive Tazavesh. Good luck on your journey!

Tazavesh Ship

WoW Tazavesh Unlocking in Dragonflight

To embark on your adventure in Tazavesh, you’ll first need to complete an introductory questline that begins with the innkeeper in Oribos. The opening quest, titled “Al’ley Cat of Oribos,” is available to characters who have reached level 60. This quest serves as the gateway to an intriguing series of missions that make up the entire access storyline for Tazavesh.

The Complete Quest Sequence for Tazavesh Access

  1. Al’ley Cat of Oribos: The journey starts here, at the heart of Oribos with the innkeeper.
  2. Insider Trading: Delve deeper into the world of underground trading. Get some information for the Cartel.
  3. Things Best Kept Dark: Unearth secrets that were intended to stay hidden.
  4. Seeking Smugglers: Embark on a search for elusive black market dealers.
  5. Above My Station: Tread carefully as you navigate through ranks well above your own.
  6. Dead Drop: Participate in a covert exchange, ensuring utmost secrecy.
  7. Coins for the Ferryman: A transaction that will pay your way into the hidden market.
  8. The Veiled Market: The final quest that grants you access to the mysterious Tazavesh.

You can also watch this video: it will give you a comprehensive visual understanding of what to do.

WoW Tazavesh Bosses in Dragonflight: A Quick Overview

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, most of this instance can be completed solo or with 1-2 friends. However, we believe that the knowledge of these tactics (at least in broad terms) will help you farm this instance way more effectively. In the mega-dungeon of Tazavesh, The Veiled Market, you will face a series of 8 formidable bosses. Designed for Mythic+ runs, the dungeon is segmented into two distinct parts: The “Streets of Wonder,” home to the initial five bosses, and “So’leah’s Gambit,” where the final three encounters await. Here is a brief guide on how to defeat each boss and make your run successful.

Tazaveth Streets of Wonder: The Initial Boss Lineup

  • Zo’phex the Sentinel


Essential Tips: Be wary of the swirling blades and avoid launching attacks when Zo’phex’s shield is directed towards you. When the boss steals your weapon and silences you, find and retrieve your armament immediately. In case you become fixated, move swiftly and assist in freeing any fixated or trapped teammates.

  • The Grand Menagerie – A Trio of Bosses


Alcruux: Dodge the falling blue orbs and separate from others if surrounded by a swirling blue aura.
Achillite: Disperse when marked by a large blue ring and consume the bouncing blue orbs only if you’re under Alcruux’s blue-swirling aura. Prioritize depleting the boss’s shield and halting its abilities through interrupts.
Venza Goldfuse: Dash away when the boss attempts to pull you closer and assist in breaking the chains that trap your party members.

  • Mailroom Mayhem

P.O.S.T. Master

Key Tips: Absorb the hazardous liquid by stacking the circles in the golden ring. Locate and toss explosive briefcases down the wind-blowing chutes by using the extra action button.

  • Myza’s Oasis


Key Tips: When musical notes appear on the ground, grab an instrument. Be cautious of ground-based swirls and disperse when hit with the “suppression spark” debuff. Steer clear of the boss’s frontal cone attack and the deflection mechanic that involves Crowd Control.

  • So’azmi


Key Tips: Disperse to avoid being struck by the boss’s rapid dash that inflicts a bleeding debuff. Make use of teleporters to dodge energy waves and to reposition when barriers split the room. Double interrupt the boss’s “Double Technique” ability before the casting completes.

Tazaveth So’leah’s Gambit: The Final Trio

  • Hylbrande


Key Tips: Never stand directly in front of the boss to dodge his slashing attacks, unless you’re the tank. Sidestep the frontal cone attack of “Titanic Crash” and vacate the group if marked by a golden beam that leaves harmful pools. During the “Sanitizing Cycle,” take the indicated runes to each corner of the room. Utilizing the Rune Helper addon can simplify this phase significantly.

  • Timecap’n Hooktail

Timecap'n Hooktail

Key Tips: Stay alert to evade the boss’s frontal cone and tail swipe. Tanks should aim this frontal cone at incoming adds to eliminate them. Also, keep your distance from fire swirls and bodies of water. Move away from the ship whenever chains are dragging you.

  • So’leah


Phase 1: Prioritize eliminating and interrupting adds. Interact with glowing orbs to acquire a damage-over-time (DoT) effect and deplete the star’s charges. Once the DoT falls off, repeat the action.

Phase 2 (Triggered at 40% HP): Stand near a relic when you are the target of “Hyperlight Jolt,” ensuring the beam traverses through all relics. Evacuate from AoE rings before detonation. Sidestep any golden missiles that emit from the relics.

Conclusion: Farming Tazavesh in Dragonflight

Navigating the Tazavesh in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight requires both time and strategy. With its introduction questline that commences in Oribos and culminates at the Veiled Market, the experience is both enthralling and challenging. Beyond the quests lies the heart of the experience: an intricate mega-dungeon, split between the Streets of Wonder and So’leah’s Gambit, brimming with demanding enemies and a unique atmosphere. Each boss still presents an amazing set of mechanics that makes returning to this mega-dungeon in Dragonflight challenging.

However, the true essence of Tazavesh is not just about killing these bosses and farming impressive mounts and pets: there’s also the lore, immersing oneself in the environment. In this quick guide, we’ve given you all the info you need to find, unlock, and get the best rewards from the dungeon. With the right knowledge, preparation, and teamwork, anyone can farm the Veiled Market and get its hidden treasures. As you explore this big dungeon, remember that every challenge helps you get better, and you can find cool stuff like new skins for your character and mounts.



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