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World of Warcraft Classic came out in 2019. It was highly requested by many players throughout the years. We begged for it and finally got it.

It’s a breath of fresh air for those who have been playing retail for a long time. Relive content on another WoW Classic level: get into the most renowned online community without having to spend enormous hours. It feels like a real MMORPG. No wonder WoW was groundbreaking back in 2006.

However, people were different fifteen years ago. Many of us were young; nostalgia is a significant success factor for Classic.

Fast forward to now, the original version of World of Warcraft can feel tedious and grindy.

You have to spend months leveling up a character, even if you chose WoW Classic fastest leveling class in the game. If you wanted to get into a raid, you needed time to prepare for it: not a day, a week minimum. Farming mats for professions, consumables and other things like reputation cost you not only your time and money but immense amounts of effort. All of that is repetitive and can become boring extremely fast.

The New approach to WoW Classic leveling boost.

Now you have access to boosting: the ultimate solution for all the World of Warcraft Classic problems.

Forget having to endlessly grind. Getting each levels is not a hassle with boosting.

Secure WoW Classic quick leveling — there’s no need to calculate how long it will take you to 60. Rest assured it’s not outstretched or indefinite: discover the Vanilla WoW efficient leveling by simply purchasing a boost.

It takes a maximum of twenty days to get your character to lvl60. We have harsh deadlines.

With WoW Classic level boost, you easily receive the following benefits:

  • Farming materials is no longer a problem. You can order a professional boost so you won’t have to grind mobs one by one to farm materials.

  • Save money. Subscription doesn’t run on its own. You manage your finances effectively by getting a boost: the faster you progress in-game — the less time you waste; therefore, you spend less money. Boosting is a perfect investment, and the WoW Classic level boost price is reasonable.

  • Time management made simple. We all have real-life responsibilities. Not everyone can afford mindlessly farming materials in-game. With the boost, you can tend to more important business. At the same time, you progress effortlessly with the WoW Classic power leveling service.

  • Hop right into the end game. World of Warcraft is famous for its end game. Raids, battlegrounds, and more. All the Fun events are happening at lvl60. You won’t be bored. Make boring Classic effortless.

  • It’s not an easy picnic to do WoW Classic solo leveling. Grinding mobs and quests. Considering that there are simply not enough quests in Classic zones, you have to rely on killing mobs. With the boost, you can forget about killing monsters for exp.

  • Play smart: invest in convenient gameplay. Quality of life features in Classic aren’t the most prevalent. Inventory is smaller than retail; there are fewer flight paths; you get your mount at lvl40, which means you have to run by foot all this time. There is no LFG; you have to travel everywhere and look for players manually. What a time sink!

  • Get gear faster. It’s no secret Classic’s philosophy. It is tricky: you work hard for every green piece of gear. With WoW Classic level service, you don’t have to worry about these things as they get right into your inventory.

Pick your options.

Here at Gamingcy, we value the flexibility of the plethora of WoW Classic powerleveling service we offer.

Pick the most suitable boost for your needs: be it a custom WoW Vanilla powerleveling or a special quick start bundle, which gets multiple characters boosted to the max.

Our reviews

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The stellar WoW Classic leveling at twice less effort.

We get it: nostalgia-fueled veterans can grind away hours for this game. However, if you’re playing optimally and do not want to sacrifice your precious time, Classic can be too much.

We want to help you and boost you into the best content Vanilla has to offer. Simply, you won’t ever get bored.

Avoid the time sink of endlessly looking for players, traveling to dungeons that are long on their own. Forget WoW Classic leveling tier list - what’s the point fitting in?

A magnificent way to start off high is to get a Classic Quick Start Bundle.

For those who are starting new or coming back into the game, or just need to get to the end-game faster, fully prepared. You get a mount, profession leveled up, and gear, depending on the type of WoW Classic custom power leveling you choose - all in a boost.

Trust only the best.

The boosters that do your boosts are exceptional professionals. We recruit only the best players to do WoW Vanilla power level; they have a bunch of experience behind their backs.

We’re also verified on Trustpilot and have a bunch of positive reviews. Rest assured, getting WoW Classic power leveling with high-level gamers.

Alts are easy with Gamingcy’s boost

You would think making alts is mildly unbearable in Classic. You’re right: it is. Yet, it’s not an issue if you have access to WoW Classic power leveling boost.

If you end up in a situation where you need more characters on your account, fret not: you don’t have to face grinding of Vanilla WoW more than necessary.

Getting a boost would be the optimal solution. You get the advantages of having an alt like more bank space and additional professions, which can help you accumulate gold.

In short, you can do all kinds of stuff with the WoW Classic leveling service. All the advantages at the cost of a boost: you won’t regret it.

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Are you not feeling like leveling, but do you want to finally start raiding?

We know how excruciatingly painful it is to gain level by level until 60. You have it so close yet so far: the last ones are the longest. You can’t wait to get the 60 to start farming gear, reputations, do PvP, dungeons, raids, have fun with your guildies.

The journey to 60 in Vanilla WoW is great, but the end-game content is what World of Warcraft is famous for.

We don’t offer only boosts from level 1 to sixty. You can boost from any level you’re currently at to the max level.

Let us help you to get to the best WoW has to offer: don’t torture yourself - just get a boost and count it as done! You log back into the game with your freshly leveled 60 character - all in just two weeks.

Discover WoW Classic fastest leveling.

Classic is not just a journey to 60: the real Classic begins at max level. 40 man raids, guilds, PvP, farming, getting your epic mount — the thrill of hitting that last level; It feels like an accomplishment, right? Well, while you’re at it, you might be spending months on leveling till the end, and when you reach your goal, you feel exhausted to the point of needing to get a break from the game.

Leveling in Classic is at times unnecessarily overextended. Seize your level 60 character without having to suffer for it.

The Cheapest way: boosting in Classic.

Get the best experience without spending tons of gold and time. Start off your game high without bland farming. Grinding mobs in Classic is a legend passed down generations: why spend hours mindlessly killing monsters for gold when you could be raiding with your level 60 character?

Could you imagine having to grind every day? You need so much gold to even participate in raids. Making WoW a chore instead of entertainment isn’t the way to go.

We encourage you to step down from grinding and find joy in the best game features, which exclude endless farms.

Play optimally: level at top speed.

Play your way while reaping all the benefits of the game. Boosting allows you to get everything you need in the shortest time possible. Alts are no problem; you can level any class you need for the upcoming raids.

Especially if you’re getting back into the game with the new Season of Mastery, which is a great way to start anew. You can experience Classic polished, refreshed, with hundreds of new players already enjoying the game. Join them with World of Warcraft Classic boost — the fastest way to level in WoW. Forget guides and tuning yourself to them: finding the right boost is the way to level.

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