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On this page you can buy Timbermaw Hold Rep Boost in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. 

The Timbermaw Hold is a faction of furbolgs in World of Warcraft, located in the tunnels connecting Felwood, Moonglade, and Winterspring. Initially hostile, players can improve their reputation with the faction by completing quests and defeating Timbermaw Hold's enemies. As players gain standing, they gain access to unique rewards, such as crafting recipes, gear, and a [Stave of Fur and Claw] trinket that transforms them into a furbolg. The Timbermaw Hold's relevance has waned in newer expansions, but they remain a nostalgic element for players exploring Classic WoW content and seeking faction-specific rewards.

With access to unique rewards and the highly desired They Love Me In That Tunnel achievement available upon reaching Exalted rank, our service offers a range of options to help you upgrade your standing with this faction to the maximum level. For a detailed breakdown of the specific items available at each reputation level, please refer to the table below.

Our professional booster will securely play your account, completing faction quests and dailies until building the coveted Exalted Rep level. We offer a range of options for Timbermaw Hold rep farming, allowing you to choose the service that best suits your specific needs. Our customizable carry service ensures a guaranteed result without breaking the bank.

At Gamingcy, we believe that purchasing the Timbermaw Hold reputation boost through our site is the quickest and most efficient way to unlock fantastic rewards and bypass the tedious grinding process. We strive to make the entire leveling experience seamless and enjoyable by taking care of everything from start to finish.

In World of Warcraft, the reputation ranking system progresses from Hated to Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered, and ultimately Exalted.

Timbermaw Hold Reputation Power Leveling:
How does it work? 

Our Timbermaw Hold rep leveling service is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a fast, easy, and affordable way to elevate their rank. Once you've made a purchase, our operator will contact you within 5-10 minutes via Discord, Skype, or email to discuss your preferences. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly on Discord using our tag Gamingcy#0001 - we're available 24/7 and ready to assist you.

Our expert PRO gamer will work with you to determine the most convenient playing schedule, starting time, estimated time of arrival, and other important details. With the aid of various reputation buffs, we can usually reach Exalted standing within just 3-4 days. Our booster's primary goal is to provide you with the quickest possible carry service, so you can enjoy the rewards of your newfound reputation level as soon as possible.

Throughout the entire process, we'll keep you updated on the progress and notify you as soon as the job is complete. Don't waste countless hours on tedious Timbermaw Hold farming - let our expert handle it for you and save yourself valuable time and effort!

Below you can find the list of the most significant rewards, which you can purchase from the Meilosh, quartermaster of this faction:

Rep Rank Rewards list Price Type
Friendly Pattern: Warbear Harness 1 Gold Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Warbear Woolies 1 Gold Leatherworking Pattern;
Honored Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Belt 2 Gold Blacksmithing Plans
Pattern: Wisdom of the Timbermaw 2 Gold Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Might of the Timbermaw 2 Gold Leatherworking Pattern
Revered Plans: Heavy Timbermaw Boots 4 Gold Blacksmithing Plans
Pattern: Mantle of the Timbermaw 4 Gold Tailoring Pattern
Pattern: Timbermaw Brawlers 4 Gold Leatherworking Pattern
Exalted Stave of Fur and Claw 60 Gold Toy


Average starting time: 1-5 hours

Average Execution time: Timbermaw Hold exalted boosting takes 3-4 days

Rewards you will get:

Options available:

  • Reputation: Choose your current rank with the Timbermaw Hold.

Requirements + Important notes:

  • 70 level character in EU or US server
  • Account sharing (an experienced player will securely log into your account and do all the work for you)
Timbermaw Hold

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Great fast efficient service I highly recommend it
Rudi de Kok
Super fast!
It was super fast, the moment i pay, it took less than 5 minutes to contact me and start the boost, after that, the boost was smooth and fast, 100 % recommend.
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Excellent work - quick and easy process.
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Fast and and great boosting service
Professional team.
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Dustin Halstead
Best experience I have had as of yet...
Best experience I have had as of yet. Amazing group, and friendly and got the job done
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