Best Classes In Destiny 2 For PvP and PvE

Choosing the best class in Destiny 2 is a decision that intertwines personal playstyle, game mechanics, and the constantly changing meta of the game. D2, Bungie’s renowned and dynamic first-person shooter, presents players with a universe where the choice of class goes beyond mere preference – it’s about finding a synergy between the player’s preferences and the game’s challenging environments.

Best Classes In Destiny 2 For PvP and PvE

Each class in Destiny 2 – the Titan, the Hunter, and the Warlock – comes with its unique abilities, aesthetics, and lore and offers distinct ways to engage with the game’s content, be it PvE or PvP content.
Each class offers a rich tapestry of gameplay experiences shaped by their unique subclasses and skill trees, which have evolved significantly since the game’s launch. Introducing new expansions like “Lightfall” and seasonal updates often brings new aspects and fragments, further diversifying the gameplay and strategy for each character.

Either way, whether you’re an experienced Guardian or new to the D2 universe, understanding the nuances of each class is key to mastering the game and thoroughly enjoying the rich, immersive world Bungie has created. In this guide, we’ll explore all D2 classes and subclasses, understand the current meta for PvP and PvE, and give you an understanding of what class to choose depending on your gameplay preferences.

How To Choose The Best Destiny 2 Class For You?

How To Choose The Best Destiny 2 Class

For new players starting their adventure in Destiny 2, the initial and vital decision lies in choosing a class. With three distinct classes available, your choice shapes your gameplay experience and potentially marks a long-standing journey with that character. To assist in this decision, you can either experiment by creating a Guardian for each class or read on for a concise summary of them to find your ideal match in D2:

  • Titan: Resembling the archetype of a gallant knight, Titans are ideal for players who thrive in controlling the flow of battle and fearlessly engaging multiple enemies. This class is adept at shielding allies with the Barricade ability, providing both protection and a strategic advantage against adversaries. Titans are known for their formidable strength, capable of launching powerful attacks to defend and rescue their team.
  • Warlock: Resonating with the traits of a mystical sorcerer, Warlocks are suited for players preferring to maintain distance from direct combat. This class harnesses the power to summon various aids in battle, such as stasis turrets, arc souls, void souls, and threadlings. Warlocks also have a class ability that focuses on healing teammates or enhancing their weapon capabilities, making them invaluable in supporting roles.
  • Hunter: Often seen as the agile assassin, the Hunter class might attract players who enjoy a mix of stealth and aggression. Hunters excel at swiftly eliminating enemies in close-quarters combat while remaining undetected. They possess the unique ability to become invisible or immobilize foes, giving them a tactical edge. Their class ability is beneficial in intense combat, allowing for quick melee attacks or rapid weapon reloading.

Each class in Destiny 2 offers a unique approach to combat and team dynamics, allowing players to find the one that best aligns with their preferred playstyle. Whether you’re drawn to the stealth and agility of the Hunter, the protective strength of the Titan, or the supportive magic of the Warlock, your choice will define your path as a Guardian in D2. Below, we’ll do more profound research for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan to make your choice of the best class in Destiny 2 easier!

Destiny 2 Titan

Destiny 2 Titan

In Destiny 2, the Titan class is often recommended for beginners due to its balanced nature in PvP and PvE settings. Contrary to the stereotype that Titans are only about brute strength, they excel in both offense and defense.

Titan Subclasses

  • Sunbreaker: Ideal for those who wish to dominate the battlefield. The Throwing Hammer becomes your primary weapon, enhanced further by Aspects. Creating healing Sunspots while annihilating foes, this subclass lets you experience the might of a Paladin.
  • Striker: This subclass transforms your Titan
    into a powerhouse akin to Zeus. Known for rapid ability regeneration and powerful grenades, the Striker excels with the Thundercrash Super. Its Touch of Thunder aspect makes it indispensable in Endgame content.
  • Sentinel: Focused on team support, the Sentinel can bolster DPS phases in Raids or Dungeons with the Ward of Dawn. Enhanced survivability comes from the Bastion aspect, improving your Barricade to provide a Void Overshield. This subclass allows for varied gameplay, emphasizing enemy debuffs.
  • Behemoth: Centers on creating Stasis crystals for freezing and shattering enemies or defense. It’s excellent for crowd control and self-protection.
  • Berserker: Strikes a balance between control and offense. It lets you keep enemies in a constant state of Suspend, easing engagement with enemies.

Destiny 2 Warlock

Destiny 2 Warlock

Warlocks are often favored in PvE activities for their versatile and powerful subclasses, each altering the gameplay experience uniquely.

Warlock Subclasses

  • Voidwalker: A popular choice for its enjoyable gameplay, the Voidwalker excels in various activities. This subclass specializes in debuffing enemies with grenades and Void Soul, allowing players to dispatch groups of enemies effectively. The Devour buff is especially accessible for Warlocks, enhancing their gaming experience. Coupled with powerful Exotics, Voidwalker offers a versatile and enjoyable playstyle.
  • Dawnblade: Often hailed as the pinnacle of PvE performance, Dawnblade Warlocks provide substantial support to allies. This subclass is particularly formidable in endgame content like Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls, where its Well of Radiance Super is celebrated for its effectiveness. A unique feature of Dawnblade is the ability to create a Restoration x2 buff, enabling rapid healing. For Warlocks seeking to excel in PvE, focusing on the Solar subclass is highly recommended.
  • Stormcaller: This subclass stands out for its straightforward approach to ability usage and crowd control. Ideal for players who prefer to rely on elemental abilities rather than weapons, Stormcaller allows for effortless dispatching of mobs with its lightning-based powers.

Darkness Subclasses:

  • Shadebinder: In PvP, Shadebinder excels with Stasis powers, capable of continually freezing the battlefield, a tactic more potent than the Hunter and Titan.
  • Broodweaver: With Strand abilities, Broodweaver Warlocks can summon a myriad of minions to overpower enemies. This subclass’s capabilities can be further enhanced with the right build and the Swarmers boots Exotic, expanding the army of Threadlings.

Each subclass under the Warlock banner offers distinctive approaches to combat, whether through debuffing enemies, supporting allies, controlling crowds with elemental forces, or overwhelming foes with summoned minions. Warlocks provide a multifaceted experience, making them a class worth exploring in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Hunter

Destiny 2 Hunter

The Hunter class in Destiny 2 is often misperceived as the top PvP class. It’s important to note that each class in Destiny 2 has its unique strengths and weaknesses in The Crucible. The effectiveness of any class largely depends on the player’s skill and understanding of the game mechanics. The Hunter’s subclasses offer a diverse range of playstyles, from aggressive close-quarter combat to stealthy evasion.

Subclasses of Hunter

  • Nightstalker: This subclass stands out for its stealth gameplay, resembling a character from a stealth-focused game. Nightstalker’s ability to become invisible is a key feature obtained through various unique aspects. It’s particularly useful for players who want to support their team, as the Shadowshot ability provides a powerful debuff, making it a game-changer in team battles.
  • Arcstrider: If you prefer to engage enemies directly, Arcstrider is your go-to subclass. With the Combination Blow melee ability, Arcstriders can inflict substantial damage. Enhancements from Exotics like Assassin’s Cowl and Liar’s Handshake bolster their prowess. The Super, “Gathering Storm,” can unleash devastating damage, especially with the right build.
  • Gunslinger: For those seeking a balance between damage output and survivability, Gunslinger is an ideal choice. The subclass offers easy access to the Restoration buff for healing, aiding in escaping tough situations. Gunslinger’s Knives and Supers are excellent for damage dealing, with the added spectacle of enemies exploding spectacularly.

Dark Subclasses:

  • Revenant: Often seen as the weaker option among the Hunter subclasses, mainly due to a lack of strong Exotics and less effectiveness in Endgame activities.
  • Threadrunner: In contrast to Revenant, Threadrunner stands out with its ability to suspend enemies, deal significant damage with its Super, and the additional advantage of nearly endless Grapple use.

Each Hunter subclass offers a distinct way to play in Destiny 2, whether you’re new to the game or not. Understanding them helps you harness their full potential, shaping your experience in PvP and PvE.

Destiny 2 PvP and PvE Tier List

Destiny 2 Tier List

For PVE, Titans stand out for their ability to play both supportive and aggressive roles. Solar Titans excel with their “Bonk Hammer” and can survive challenging situations, even soloing dungeons. They also have healing abilities and, with the new Pyrogale Gauntlets, can significantly increase their damage output. Strand Titans are great for keeping teams alive and boosting their abilities.

Warlocks, especially Solar Warlocks, are great at clearing enemies and boosting damage with their gear choices. They can also provide crucial healing support. Hunters are versatile, offering support with Void abilities or dealing high damage with Arc and Solar setups. They have gear that enhances their invisibility and damage capabilities.

In PVP, Titans are dominant, particularly Arc Titans, who have powerful abilities and can rapidly attack or retreat. Void Titans are also strong, especially with their ability to quickly deploy protective bubbles.

Warlocks excel in PVP with Solar and Stasis subclasses. They can create advantageous situations with their abilities and have strong counters against other classes. Void Warlocks have unique tools that make them formidable in combat.

Though not the strongest in PVP, Hunters can still be formidable with the right skills. Strand Hunters have abilities that can disrupt opponents, and their gear offers additional benefits. Solar Hunters can control areas effectively with their traps, and Stasis Hunters are adept at slowing down enemies, giving them and their teammates an advantage.
Lastly, if you’re unsure about gear choices, the ST0MP-EE5 legs remain reliable despite recent adjustments.

Destiny 2 PvP Class Tier List: From Best to Least Effective

Destiny 2 PvP Tier List

  • Solar Hunter (Rank 1)
    • Dominates endgame PvP with versatile builds.
    • Abilities like one-shot Weighted Throwing Knives and Trip-mine Grenades.
    • Supers Golden Gun and Blade Barrage excel in PvP.
  • Stasis Warlock (Rank 2)
    • Outstanding with Shadebinder Super and Stasis Turret.
    • Osmiomancy Exotic Gauntlets enhance freezing capabilities.
    • A top choice for high-stakes PvP like Trials of Osiris.
  • Void Warlock (Rank 3)
    • Specializes in debuffing enemies, crucial in Crucible.
    • Abilities and Void-buddy aspect weaken opponents effectively.
    • Ideal for debuff strategies in PvP.
  • Strand Hunter (Rank 4)
    • Quickly rose in the tier list due to versatile killing capabilities.
    • Grapple provides damage reduction and mobility.
    • Suspend dive is highly effective at controlling enemies.
  • Arc Titan (Rank 5)
    • Remains powerful despite nerfs, especially in close-range combat.
    • Thundercrash Super is excellent for quick eliminations.
    • Knockout aspect provides significant melee damage and healing.
  • Void Hunter (Rank 6)
    • Known for stealth and trap-setting abilities.
    • Invisibility and Tether Super make them hard to counter.
    • Ideal for controlling and immobilizing opponents.
  • Solar Warlock (Rank 7)
    • Strong in both PvE and PvP with Solar 3.0 changes.
    • Exceptional healing capabilities and mobility with Icarus Dash.
    • Well of Radiance Super offers significant survivability.
  • Void Titan (Rank 8)
    • Highly defensive, providing barricades and overshields.
    • Bubble Super boosts damage and offers protection.
    • Effective in defensive playstyles, especially in Trials of Osiris.
  • Strand Warlock (Rank 9)
    • Specializes in generating and utilizing Threadlings.
    • Can dominate under specific conditions with Threadling swarms.
    • Effective in team setups with multiple Strand Warlocks.
  • Arc Hunter (Rank 10)
    • Arc 3.0 changes moderately affect their abilities.
    • Arc Strider Super, particularly with blocking, offers high survivability.
    • Can deflect even the most powerful attacks and Supers.
  • Stasis Titan (Rank 11)
    • Excels in defensive strategies with Stasis Crystal walls.
    • Behemoth Super is slow-charging but offers strategic advantages.
    • Ideal for defensive and territorial control.
  • Arc Warlock (Rank 12)
    • Strong but overshadowed by other subclasses in PvP.
    • Lightning Surge melee allows teleportation and area damage.
    • Effective against groups but lacks in consistent PvP performance.
  • Stasis Hunter (Rank 13)
    • Once top-tier, now less effective due to nerfs.
    • Still useful in quick, decisive gameplay.
    • Silence and Squall Super charges fast, suitable for modes like Trials of Osiris.
  • Strand Titan (Rank 14)
    • Better suited for PvE; lacks in PvP effectiveness.
    • Abilities like Shackle Grenade and Barricade wave are inconsistent.
    • Berserker Super is powerful but doesn’t compensate for other weaknesses.
  • Solar Titan (Rank 15)
    • More effective in PvE than PvP.
    • Received fewer benefits from Solar 3.0 changes.
    • Peregrine Greaves can enhance Shoulder Charge, but overall lacks in PvP.

Destiny 2 PvE Class Tier List: From Best to Least Effective

Destiny 2 PvE Tier List

  • Dawnblade, Solar Warlock (S+ Tier)
    • Unparalleled in damage potential and support abilities.
    • Versatile, suitable for beginners and veterans alike.
    • Exotic gear enhances effectiveness but isn’t mandatory for top-tier performance.
  • Nightstalker, Void Hunter (S Tier)
    • Excels in burst damage and support.
    • Invisibility offers tactical advantages in various situations.
    • Exotic gear like Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk significantly boosts abilities.
  • Sunbreaker, Solar Titan (A+ Tier)
    • Exceptional survivability with moderate damage output.
    • Effective in solo and group content.
    • Benefits from Exotics like Loreley Spendor and Synthocepts.
  • Berserker, Strand Titan (A+ Tier)
    • High damage output with effective suspension abilities.
    • Strong class identity and significant Strand synergy.
    • Particularly effective with the Abeyant Leap exotic boots.
  • Gunslinger, Solar Hunter (A Tier)
    • Offers excellent burst damage.
    • Adaptable but requires specific gear for peak performance.
    • Exotic gear choices can significantly alter playstyle and effectiveness.
  • Striker, Arc Titan (A- Tier)
    • High burst damage with nearly infinite ability uptime.
    • Exotic gear swapping can maximize damage output.
    • Slightly complex to master but very effective in endgame.
  • Voidwalker, Void Warlock (B+ Tier)
    • Strong neutral game with decent burst damage.
    • High survivability when mastered.
    • Nezerac’s Sin and Collective Obligation are key exotic choices.
  • Arcstrider, Arc Hunter (B Tier)
    • Solid in mob clearing and burst damage.
    • Melee-focused playstyle with dependency on abilities.
    • Effective with Liar’s Handshake and One-Two Punch shotgun build.
  • Sentinel, Void Titan (B Tier)
    • Excellent in support roles with great survivability.
    • Exotic gear choices can enhance both offensive and defensive play.
    • Slightly overshadowed by Dawnblade in support capabilities.
  • Threadrunner, Strand Hunter (B- Tier)
    • Highly mobile with great suspension and burst damage.
    • Requires melee range for effectiveness.
    • Best playstyle sometimes counters class identity.
  • Shadebinder, Stasis Warlock (C+ Tier)
    • Good at controlling champions, but lacks in damage.
    • Best Stasis build for Warlocks, yet overshadowed by
    • Strand and Light subclasses.
    • Osmiomancy Gloves and Bleak Watcher Aspect are key to maximizing potential.
  • Revenant, Stasis Hunter (C Tier)
    • Decent in boss damage and crowd control.
    • Lacks a strong class identity and is overshadowed by Strand Hunter.
    • Reliant on specific exotics for optimal performance.
  • Broodweaver, Strand Warlock (C Tier)
    • High burst damage potential and excellent Threadling generation.
    • Locked into a specific playstyle with limited build diversity.
    • Swarmers exotic legs are an ideal gear choice.
  • Stormcaller, Arc Warlock (D+ Tier)
    • Excellent at clearing minor combatants.
    • Lacks burst damage or DPS options for high-end content.
    • Crown of Tempests and Fallen Sunstar are among the best exotic options.
  • Behemoth, Stasis Titan (D- Tier)
    • Good at crowd control but ineffective in high-end content.
    • Few synergistic exotic armor pieces.
    • Generally outperformed by Light subclass builds.


Choosing the right class in Destiny 2 can feel overwhelming, but it’s a journey of discovery that shapes your entire gaming experience. Each of them – Hunter, Warlock, and Titan – carries its unique strengths and challenges, ensuring that regardless of your choice, you’ll find aspects to cherish and master. Our comprehensive guide on Destiny 2 classes is designed to demystify these choices, helping you embark on an adventure in the enthralling world of Destiny 2 with confidence.

Our aim is to make your choice in Destiny 2 not just an informed decision but also an exciting one. The joy of the game lies in discovering and growing fond of your Guardian as you delve deeper into the game’s universe. So, whether you’re a novice or looking to deepen your understanding, our D2 class comparison is the key to unlocking a world of unparalleled adventure and strategic gameplay.


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