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WoW Classic Blacksmithing
  • Get Max Blacksmithing skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Blacksmithing profession 
FROM $104.00
WoW Classic Mining
  • Get Max Mining skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Mining profession 
FROM $44.00
WoW Classic Herbalism
  • Get Max Herbalism skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Herbalism profession 
FROM $44.00
WoW Classic Engineering
  • Get Max Engineering skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Engineering profession 
FROM $104.00
WoW Classic Enchanting
  • Get Max Enchanting skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Enchanting profession 
FROM $104.00
WoW Classic Tailoring
  • Get Max Tailoring skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Tailoring profession 
FROM $104.00
WoW Classic First Aid
  • Get Max First Aid skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the First Aid profession 
FROM $44.00
WoW Classic Cooking
  • Get Max Cooking skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Cooking profession 
FROM $44.00
WoW Classic Skinning
  • Get Max Skinning skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Skinning profession 
FROM $44.00
WoW Classic Leatherworking
  • Get Max Leatherworking skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Leatherworking profession 
FROM $104.00
WoW Classic Alchemy
  • Get Max Alchemy skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Alchemy profession 
FROM $104.00
WoW Classic Fishing
  • Get Max Fishing skill in Classic
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Fishing profession 
FROM $44.00

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