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Five reasons to buy Classic gear boosting.

Leveling is tough in Vanilla WoW. Getting WoW Classic gear is much harder than it is on retail. You get it by hard work and tons of time invested.
Acquiring your pre-raid gear is crucial because you don’t get accepted in raids without it. To participate and enjoy the gameplay in PvP and PvE, you have to get to a certain WoW Classic item level.
You can get gear from many different places: quests, dungeons, professions, and Gamingcy’s boost.

If you desire to get to the raiding content as fast as possible or to become part of a good guild, our WoW Classic boost is for you.

With this boost, you get easy BiS (or not) available items. You skip the grind of questing and dungeons, save enormous amounts of time, and get additional bonuses like everything that’s been farmed during boosting: maybe you get lucky and find an epic.
Within a few days, you’re able to explore Classic raids, fight grand bosses, and seize all WoW Vanilla rewards.

Why buy WoW Classic gear?

First of all, this is not retail. WoW Vanilla gear is hard to come by, and every green that would be easily disposed of in, for example, Shadowlands, is greatly valued in Classic.

Boosting allows you to play the game and enjoy it, without having to constantly worry about grinding another dungeon and praying to RNG gods so your WoW Classic drops are going to be the ones you need.

Just think about it, while boosting you can:

  • Be AFK doing whatever you want

Seriously, you can do something else while our professional boosters do their job. You can do whatever you want and still progress in the game.
There’s no need to do anything: someone else does all the work.

  • Get loot without the hassle

No more straining yourself over gear: you get it effortlessly. During a WoW Classic gear boost, getting loot or any other WoW Classic item drops in an instance or a raid is a huge bonus. Maybe you get lucky and find something you wouldn’t expect. Like a rare epic.

  • Gear up your alts

Boosting is not restricted for alts, of course, but if you’re leveling your third character, you’re probably tired of doing everything again. You just want to gear up and play the new class and explore its potential. Boosting makes perfect since you get more than World of Warcraft Classic gear (gold, raw materials, etc.) and you skip the tediousness.

  • Save time

Don’t spend your life in the game. Vanilla is a hardcore game and getting gear takes up too much time.
With our boost, you can win in-game and in real life. Tend to more important things while boosting, thus saving effort without paying with time.

  • Full WoW Classic gear for sale (BiS or not is your preference)

Who doesn’t want to get BiS gear in the shortest time frame? Be one of these people that have a full set of cool gear.

The no-obligation WoW Classic item purchase.

Boosting allows you to do literally anything while boosters are doing your service.
You don’t need to focus on the game at all - it basically plays itself, and you come back only to reap the WoW Vanilla drops.
It’s crucial, especially in Classic WoW, to find that balance between getting all you need in the game without forgetting about your real life. Not all of us can afford to be online 24\7, unlike our support.

  • Support is on the clock 24\7

In case you’re facing any difficulties ordering our WoW Classic item boost, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support. We’re on the clock 24\7 so you don’t have any inconveniences.

You will be pleasantly shocked by the WoW Classic item prices.

Easily seize the Vanilla WoW item you need or want: there are many options available on Gamingcy.

Running dungeons or endlessly grinding quests can be extremely exhausting, yet you don’t have to face it alone.

Gearing is no longer a problem with boosting. You get a better chance at getting the best WoW Vanilla items for every slot without having to worry about your peers.

We provide all kinds of gear you need, whether it be regular RNG or BiS tier WoW Vanilla gear sets: you can get anything you want in one click.

We understand how long & tedious getting loot and fine gear can be. RNG is merciless when it comes to the right WoW Vanilla item you vitally need to drop.
You could farm days over and over again and not get the desired WoW Classic item. That just means you get no character progress for the time you invest, it’s not the way to play the game.

  • Professional boosters

We recruit only the best players there are in WoW. We’ve been boosting people since 2014 and know how to play the game. Any secret and effective venues are known to us. Get your World of Warcraft Classic rewards and keep up with the new coming gear.

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Create more effective alts with WoW Vanilla drops boost.

Leveling and gearing up one or two characters is okay, even in Classic WoW. But having to it the third time… the fourth time… too boring, right? World of Warcraft can be grindy at times, and gearing isn’t an exception: it follows you everywhere.

If you need gear from professions, well, you know how it is: grinding for recipes, then materials, then you might be looking for another player with their profession maxed out. But then you need gold and that’s farming too.

With boosting, you pay once and you throw all your problems out the window. You gear as much alts as you like, and no boring farm can stop you. WoW Classic item buy a boost that certainly saves you a wagon and a half of time and effort.

World of Warcraft Vanilla rewards that take your game to the next level.

Take playing WoW onto the next level: do more than one thing at a time. Vanilla WoW item drop rates are notoriously low, so it's natural that you’d want to save time and effort grinding away in the game. With boosting, you get gear and more. You can tend to your own things: the list is endless. Boosting is a faster means of gearing: instead of finding quests and completing them, you buy the boost and hope for the RNG to be good.
It always works: you get your loot without wasting your time on long questlines.

WoW Vanilla BiS gear list: hurry keep up with the new patches.

We don’t play the same version of the game for years. It gets updated from time to time: Blizzard rolls out a new patch.

With it, your gear becomes outdated. There arises a new question: where can I find the time to farm out all the new gear? It sure won’t drop all in one day.
Except, with boosting, you can stay updated at all times. Effortlessly keep up with new patches and get the freshest gear from new dungeons and exhilarating raids.

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