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Enlarge your WoW TBC Classic mounts collection hassle-free
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Amani War Bear Mount
  • Get Amani War Bear mount to your collection
  • Fast Zul'Aman raid run with PRO guild
  • A chance to get 128-133 ilvl items via Personal loot
FROM $119.00
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Swift White Hawkstrider Mount
  • Get the Swift White Hawkstrider to your collection
  • A chance to get the Magisters' Terrace gear
FROM $19.00
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TBC Flying Mounts Unlocking
  • Fast flying riding skill unlocked
  • Get flying mount of your faction
FROM $34.00
Talbuk Mounts
  • Get various Talbuk mounts to your collection
  • Get Exalted standing with the Mag'har / Kurenai
FROM $84.00
Cenarion War Hippogryph Mount
  • Get Cenarion War Hippogryph mount to your collection
  • Get Exalted standing with the Cenarion Expedition 
FROM $79.00
Netherwing Drake Mounts
  • Get various Netherwing Drake mounts to your collection
  • Get Exalted standing with the Netherwing 
FROM $84.00
Nether Rays Mounts
  • Get various Nether Rays mounts to your collection
  • Get Exalted standing with the Sha'tari Skyguard
FROM $79.00
Dark Talbuk Mounts
  • Get various Dark Talbuk mounts to your collection
  • Farming Halaa Battle Token and Halaa Research Token
FROM $194.00
Reins of the Raven Lord Mount
  • Get Reins of the Raven Lord to your collection
  • A chance to get Sethekk Halls gear
FROM $29.00
Alliance Black War Mounts
  • Get various Alliance Black War mounts to your collection
  • Battleground wins farming
FROM $69.00
Horde Black War Mounts
  • Get various Horde Black War mounts to your collection
  • Battleground wins farming
FROM $69.00
Buy WoW TBC Mounts at a reasonable price

The Burning Crusade, which came out in 2007, has introduced flying into the game.

Mounts are persistent throughout the game: valued and collected, many people spend months only to get that rare drop from a raid boss.

Conquer the skies of Outlands with style! Get your own unique mounts offered on Gamingcy.


Why do TBC mounts farming when you can buy a boost on Gamingcy?

Flying feels new, especially if you're riding an exquisite mount. 

TBC mount boost is even better. Why?

  • Reputation farm. Farming rep points is a grinding mess. It's an inherent part of the game, yet you can bypass it with boosting.


  • PvPing takes a while. Some mounts are obtained through PvP. BGs are a bit more stable since you have a random group to play with, yet it still takes a while.


  • Takes time. It's always about time. MMORPGs are time-consuming, but with boosting, it's not an issue. 


  • Unskilled players. Like with the PvP mentioned above, you might end up losing a lot of time playing with noobs. You need your wins quickly to get the desired item.


  • Spending gold. You can save your gold by getting a boost. Spend gold on mats for your professions, or buy top enchantments and gems for your gear


Every mount offered here on Gamingcy is all the rage: there's a uniqueness to them. Everyone wants to have them: they're rare, they have a low drop rate. It's worth drooling over how good they look.

World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade mounts are most recognizable: Dark talbuks, Cenarion Hippogryph, Netherwing drakes… I haven't even mentioned half of them. There's no reason to ride only one of them in the game. 


Mounts in TBC carries your character's look to the next level. They make other players envious. They reflect how far you've made it into the game. Be it a reputation reward, a boss drop, or a world PvP reward. For example, there's a one-of-a-kind Hippogryph that you can get through reputation. 


We're not only selling top rares in Burning Crusade. If you don't have a suitable riding skill, you can get a mount level TBC boost on Gamingcy. Our professional booster takes only 1-3 days to get your flying skill learned.

Don't sacrifice your time. Get TBC Mounts Boosting instead

Farming is all about time investment. Be consistent with how much you farm each day.

Sometimes there are hiccups when you have to temporarily stop your farming. 

Just imagine: you saw that player riding a rare mount in the capital city of your faction and thought to yourself, "Damn, that's a really cool mount. I want that." 

You look for the requirements, see how many reputation points you have to farm, then TBC mount prices… You get less excited. You start farming and gradually lose any desire to continue farming.

It's normal.

However, having to choose between:

  • spending time on something completely unrelated to what you want 
  • and
  • getting the thing you want immediately 


Really makes you think. How come you have to do farming only to get the reward like a few weeks later? Instead, buy the Burning Crusade Classic mounts to get what you want without doing what you detest. Would you be happy about getting it after farming for so long?


You'd probably be so tired of farming you'd just be glad you're done with it. Or you could completely stop halfway.

There's no reason to not use the Burning Crusade boost mount that allows you to get the item you want twice faster since our boosters do it as a job and have mastered the ways of farming (and more). 

You're much happier getting it without the terrors of farming, suffering the WoW Burning Crusade mount costs. Believe me, it feels like getting a Christmas present.

Our reviews

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TBC Classic mounts boosts: bonus reputation

You won't have to farm gold! On top of that, you also get your reputations leveled to Exalted (for example, if it's a Nether drake - you need rep to get it). It feels like 50 bucks you left and forgot about in your pocket. You wouldn't expect to have more benefits from buying only a WoW TBC mounts boost. 

We're not gonna go into details, but reputations are an essential part of Burning Crusade.

So it's a neat bonus to know about.

The unique TBC mounts for sale without the grind

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade mounts look nothing like Classic ones: they're the complete opposite of generic.

Take Nether Rays, for example. They bring out a completely new alien fantasy. They're a breath of fresh air.

For Loremasters out there, the Anzu is wanted by everyone. It's:

  • Unique
  • Has a story
  • Using new animations


All the goods we're offering are on par with the ones we've described.

Don't spend hours of your time: spend a few minutes and get them.

Better than the TBC mount store: PvP boosting

PvPing is a challenge in itself. Farming (again!) gets more unpredictable

It's not just dailies and dungeon runs: it's killing enemy players in the open-world, battlegrounds, and arena. 

Get a mighty gladiator to fight for you. You're securing your PvP wins this way because it's faster, and you know you're dealing with a pro. The booster knows the drill and gnaws through enemies quickly. 

It only takes 10 days for one Talbuk and 7 days for one war mount. 

It's significantly faster than grinding them alone.

A Time-bomb: unskilled players

Since you're playing with professionals when buying our services, you don't know who you're playing with on your own.

It can be difficult and time-consuming if you're hunting after these PvP mounts because you have no idea who you're playing with. Probably you don't have a BG group to play with and farm. It's up to fate how many noobs you're gonna end up with.


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A World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade mounts boost saves thrice the effort

Farming gold takes time (unless you're stealing it from a guild bank).

It seems that everything in this game requires you to have 24 hours in a day. Farming reputation, gear, profession mats, PvP currency, and gold.

With our Burning Crusade mounts carrys you will be able to save thrice the effort:

  • Spend your time on activities you want, not forced
  • Get your reputations leveled up
  • The mount will be bought for you - we will get the gold ourselves


It's a gold mine for avoiding unnecessary tasks. Enjoy your leisure, not slave away while you're at it.


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The Burning Crusade mounts for sale: prestigious and elite without the hassle

To sum up, the mounts we offer are the most desirable ones in the game. 

Now, instead of dreaming of the mount you saw, you possess the most incredible mount in Azeroth. You make other people envious. They're probably farming for the mounts right now!

Don't let farming scare you off. We will save your time and do so efficiently, with no setbacks. 

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