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WoW SL Alchemy
  • Get Max Alchemy skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Alchemy profession 
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WoW SL Blacksmithing
  • Get Max Blacksmithing skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Blacksmithing profession 
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WoW SL Cooking
  • Get Max Cooking skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Cooking profession 
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WoW SL Enchanting
  • Get Max Enchanting skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Enchanting profession 
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WoW SL Engineering
  • Get Max Engineering skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Engineering profession 
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WoW SL Fishing
  • Get Max Fishing skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Fishing profession 
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WoW SL Herbalism
  • Get Max Herbalism skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Herbalism profession 
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WoW SL Inscription
  • Get Max Inscription skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Inscription profession 
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WoW SL Jewelcrafting
  • Get Max Jewelcrafting skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Jewelcrafting profession 
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WoW SL Leatherworking
  • Get Max Leatherworking skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Leatherworking profession 
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WoW SL Mining
  • Get Max Mining skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Mining profession 
FROM $18.00
WoW SL Skinning
  • Get Max Skinning skill in any WoW Expansion
  • Get your access to unique benefits of the Skinning profession 
FROM $18.00

Easy & Effective Way to Level Your Professions.

In Shadowlands, Blizzard has implemented many changes to the game: removing artifacts, changing class balance, adding new gameplay features, and a list of new skills; Shadowlands profession changes were brought to simplify professions by reducing the maximum skill level, dividing it into the old patches' profession recipes and the new, Shadowlands ones.

WoW Professions boost is something anyone who hates leveling professions would consider buying. It's nice to have someone do the grind for you while you get the advantages of a max-level profession.

Primary professions you can benefit from.

In WoW you can choose two professions at the same time. There are 11 professions total, and they could be classified as Crafting and Gathering wow leveling professions.

Crafting professions allow you to craft certain items like gear and flasks; those are:

  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithing
  • Engineering
  • Enchanting
  • Inscription
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring

In World of Warcraft, professions that go together are usually Crafting and Gathering ones. However, the profession combinations can vary depending on your class and focus on PvP (arena) or PvE (raids).

It's up to you which professions combo you'd like to choose; either way, you spend a lot of your time, effort, and gold to get Shadowlands professions leveling to the maximum.

Gathering professions are the tedious wow leveling professions to have. They require you the most effort to get out into the open world and grind:

  • Herbalism
  • Mining
  • Skinning

Those professions provide passive buffs to your character, but they are the most monotonous to level.

Gathering professions are the most efficient when it comes to wow professions money-making. Some people might argue that professions like Blacksmithing are more lucrative. Still, long-term-wise, Gathering ones have a much more reliable income since many other Crafting professions rely on resources obtained from Gathering.

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Discover incredible buffs from secondary professions.

There are secondary professions in the game that are somewhat supportive of your gameplay advantage rather than fully influencing you full-time:

  • Cooking
  • Fishing

Cooking or Fishing have their own boons you can implement into your gameplay. They are supportive to each other, meaning you'll have an easier time leveling Cooking while your Fishing is at the same skill level.

You can definitely level up Cooking by obtaining resources from the auction house. Still, it's way easier to buy our wow professions Powerleveling. Our professional team will do it for you. You won't have to lethargically stare at your monitor and suffer the profession leveling process!

What wow professions bring the most money?

Usually, it's Gathering professions (skinning, mining, herbalism). You can farm out those resources and sell them at the auction house. 

WoW Professions benefits are substantial since they keep the economy of the server you play on alive. It also helps new players get access to high-end content by bettering their gear. 

Let us take the burden of professions leveling off you.

To be completely honest, you do not want to spend hours fishing or grinding the reagents for Cooking or any other profession.

It's fun to level them once, but repeating the same process multiple times is not very entertaining. Our WoW professions carries are just the remedy for this issue. You buy them and never worry about WoW leveling professions again.  

You can choose whatever you want. Each wow professions perk is suitable for a particular class or gameplay choice.

The amount of resources you have to farm out is daunting. WoW professions skill farming isn't the thrilling experience you can have. That's why so many prefer the WoW profession boosts. You can spend your time way more effectively, whether it's in a game or real life. 

Perfect profession for each of your characters.

Some professions are more popular amongst particular classes since their class' mechanics allow it. For example, the best professions for a hunter are alchemy + herbalism currently. 

WoW professions for rogue are likely to be Engineering and Mining: numerous useful Engineering's devices can turn the tide of a PvE fight or Battleground encounter in their favor. While mining allows you to earn gold and get most of the reagents required for your engineering.

In any case, we provide WoW professions boosting services so you can master your profession and be a high-performance player. No more grinding for resources, stalking the auction house, looking for low prices in trade chat. You can buy WoW professions boosts at a cheap price! 

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