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When you first login into the game, everything seems to be relatively straightforward. You set up a character, level up, get gear, choose professions, and level them too. However, this whole process requires much time and is rather dull (especially if you're doing it for your alt characters).

There is a paid World of Warcraft character boost provided by Blizzard. Yet, it has so many disadvantages, like an unproportionate price to reward ratio. You get close to nothing at the start, and it's implausible you'd want to grind gear and professions with a newly-leveled character.

World of Warcraft free character boost is only given away once. Usually, it's not enough to min-max the raid's performance.

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Making new characters when you've already leveled up a toon is not that exciting anymore. The gameplay becomes a tedious chore that no one wants to do all over again for the millionth time. So it discourages players from leveling new characters and trying the game from a new perspective. Our site's World of Warcraft character boost cost is decent, and it will save your time and nerves.

So that's where our WoW character boosts are stepping into the game.

You can choose from various sorts of services we offer here just for you!

You can get whatever WoW character boost your heart desires:

  • Powerleveling to level 60 (50-60)
  • SL pathfinder
  • Fast full gear
  • Multiple characters boost
  • Bundle boosts
  • Unlocking Covenants

When you buy a WoW boost character, you will get a full-fledged maximum level character prepared for the PvE content like SL dungeons and raids. If you pursue the PvP endgame — the arena and battlegrounds are yours to conquer right away.

With our World of Warcraft character boost, you don't need to spend hours grinding the routes you've memorized throughout your leveling experience. There is no need for you to spend your precious time on tedious and repetitive quests, killing millions of mobs to get the 60 lvl ding.

We have a flexible schedule with an extensive online event calendar. You can book your wow character services at any time convenient to you. Start the high-level WoW content — get achievements, mounts, pets, and an open route into the raids in Heroic and Mythic modes with our WoW character level boost.

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Advantages of buying Powerleveling boosts:

  • It's fast, and it saves up time. Given that we have a base of over 2000+ experienced players, your order will be placed and done in the shortest time possible.
  • You won't have to grind your levels and professions — we will farm out everything for you.
  • Add extra boosting options.
  • You can buy the WoW character boost and professions to get professions of your choice leveled up to 150 or 175. We also sell bundle boosts to reduce your WoW character boost cost — they go with a discount.
  • You get everything!
  • Gold, items, gear, mounts, achievementseverything our players have farmed out while boosting your character will stay with you.
  • The lowest prices on the market
  • Our WoW character boost price is fair depending on the option you choose — that way, you can save up money instead of overpaying for multiple opportunities.
  • It's Effective and Customizable
  • If you need to level your alt fast to get into the raid or boost a character to roll the best class for PvP — you can buy a WoW character boost to 60.
  • You can choose and adjust the service to your liking (add multiple character boost, professions grind, skipping SL storyline, etc.)
  • It is safe.
  • We will never discredit you — we're using the unique Hide-My-Boost technology, which allows us to avoid security blocks.
  • We use VPN to guarantee you 100% confidentiality.

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