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WoW Arena 3v3 Boost
  • Configurable 3v3 arena boost
  • Get 1600/1800/2100 rating or rating upgrade with self-play!
  • Get Elite gear, titles, 3s achieves
FROM $22.00
Best Seller!
WoW Arena 2v2 Boost
  • Configurable 2v2 arena boost
  • Get 1600/1800/2100 rating or rating upgrade!
  • Get Elite gear, titles, 2s achieves
FROM $16.00
WoW Arena Coaching
  • Effective game sessions with multi-gladiators. Pay per hour.
  • Voice chat in Discord / Skype
  • Learn new PvP tricks & mechanics. Upgrade your rating!
FROM $54.00
Honor Kills farm
  • Fast Honor kills farming with non-rated Arena games & Random BGs
  • Get any amount of Honorable Kills hassle-free
FROM $29.00
WoW RBG Boost
  • Configurable RBG Rating boost
  • Get 1600/1800 rating or rating upgrade!
  • Get Elite gear, titles, achieves
FROM $62.00
Conquest Points farm
  • Fast Conquest points farming with Arena games
  • Easy access to weekly PvP Great vault rewards
FROM $22.00
Best Seller!
WoW Honor Levels Farming
  • Honor levels farming with non-rated Arena games & Random BGs
  • Unlock multiple unique PvP mounts, titles, pets, and toys
FROM $29.00
Honor Points Farming
  • Honor points farming with non-rated Arena games & Random BGs
  • Get 5k-100k Honor points hassle-free
FROM $14.00
Best Seller!
PvP Gear Farming
  • Fast PvP Gear farming with PvP activities
  • Easy access to PvP rewards: honor, conquest, etc
  • Gear up to 9 ranks of PvP items
FROM $244.00
Vicious Warstalker Mount
  • Get the Vicious Warstalker to your collection
  • Fast PvP activities farming to get prestigious PvP mount
FROM $149.00
Vicious Saddle Mounts
  • Fast PvP activities farming to get Vicious Saddle(s) items
  • Unlock prestigious PvP mounts hassle-free 
FROM $149.00
Conqueror of Azeroth
  • Get the Conqueror of Azeroth meta-achievement
  • Unlock the Conqueror's Scythemaw mount
FROM $339.00

Buy WoW PvP Carry: Reach the Top of the Ladder With Gamingcy.

Discover an easy and fun way to spice up your World of Warcraft’s PvP gameplay. Buy WoW PvP ranks carries that will help you with achieving of the most hardcore goals. PvP gameplay gets considerably more difficult as you advance in your rank, and the smartest way to outplay the competition at the higher PvP ranks is doing it together with highly skilled teams of professional PvPers. You can master your playstyle by playing together with our carries. Dominate the competition at the higher ranks of Rival, Duelist, and Gladiator with a WoW PvP ranks carry. Master your own character, and understand the challenges that other classes pose and learn how to counter them best.

Rise through the ranks and get professional gameplay services from your own Shadowlands PvP carry with Gamingcy’s Shadowlands PvP boost and make the most of WoW’s cutthroat PvP gameplay.

Affordable Shadowlands WoW PvP Boosts from Gamingcy.

World of Warcraft's Shadowlands ranked PvP gameplay is highly nuanced, involving carefully building your character’s gear and talent loadouts. In return, you stand a chance of winning the best exclusive seasonal rewards that will let everyone know you’re a skilled PvPer not to be messed with. Whether you’re an experienced PvP player or a newbie, with a WoW PvP carry, you can easily optimize your gear and talent loadout for PvP and be sure that you are taking every advantage.

3v3 WoW Arena Carry.

With the World of Warcraft Shadowlands 3v3 PvP carry WoW, you’ll receive help from a professional World of Warcraft PvP carry to reach up to 2000 rating in WoW Shadowlands’ PvP arena ladder. In addition, you'll gain access to the best available PvP gear, achievements, and titles in WoW Shadowlands.

2v2 WoW Arena Boost.

Just like with Gamingcy’s 3v3 PvP carry WoW, you’ll benefit from the gameplay experience of professional Shadowlands PvP carry behind your character to power through to the top of the PvP ratings. With this carry, you’ll gain powerful PvP gear and difficult to acquire PvP achievements, so other players will know you’re deadly serious when it comes to PvP!

Arena Coaching.

Arena Coaching lets you play alongside your WoW Shadowlands PvP carry, and is your choice for getting PvP rating 2000+. As you play, your Arena Coach will give their input on how you can improve your character’s build and gear to better serve your class and spec’s role for PvP. Your Arena Coach will also teach you various PvP strategies and tactics by outlining the steps you need to take to respond across a variety of PvP fights. Like any other product at our site, you can buy it with Paypal, Credit cards, and crypto!

Vicious Saddle.

A Vicious saddle is a precious PvP item that you can exchange for unique WoW PvP mounts. However, getting even one saddle is quite hard, especially if you don't have reliable PvP teammates. With Gamingcy's WoW PvP carries Shadowlands , it's no longer a problem: with our pros, you will keep winning and winning until you get the long-awaited Vicious saddle fast and hassle-free!

3v3 Arena Wins Farm.

If you need lots of 3v3 Arena wins fast but don’t have the time to search for the best teammates on LFG again and again to find the right group, you can put that all behind with Gamingcy’s Ranked 3v3 Arena Wins farming. Your character will get this PvP WoW boost done with 2 of our top PvP players. It will ensure that you will get win after win, whether you need it for boosting your rating, unlocking an achievement, or earning a rare reward.

Honor Kills Farm.

Winning in PvP is not easy, and to unlock the Titles associated with Honorable Kills, you will need a lot of kills: 100,000 and 250,000 Honorable Kills respectively for the Titles “of the Alliance” / “of the Horde” and “the Bloodthirsty.”

A quarter-million kills really is a bit much, so why not let Gamingcy’s WoW PvP carries take care of a few, or all of those kills for you; how many Honorable Kills you need to farm is up to you.

Conquest Points Weekly Cap.

To earn Conquest, you have to participate in Rated PvP content. Regular PvP players can earn as much as 550 Conquest in a single week, but if you’ve fallen behind the competition, you can still earn any Conquest you may have missed. Of course, taking the time to max out your Conquest earned week after week gets tedious, and playing catch up makes the whole ordeal even more stressful.

If you are behind on your Conquest gains, or just want to take your mind off of the weekly grind, there’s no better WoW PvP boosting solution than Gamingcy’s Conquest Points Weekly Cap.

Honor Farming.

Along with Conquest, Honor is the other PvP currency in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Like Conquest, Honor is spent to acquire gear. But, unlike Conquest, Honor is obtainable from all PvP content and not only ranked PvP WoW boost. It is also used to upgrade both Honor and Conquest gear. Further, unlike Conquest, you are able to upgrade Honor gear based on your Covenant Renown rather than your PvP Rank.

The Honor currency mechanics outlined above make Honor farming an essential activity whether you’re focusing on accumulating Covenant Renown or actively engaged in PvP. There isn’t any limit to the amount of Honor you can earn, so with Gamingcy’s Honor Farming World of Warcraft PvP boost, you can get as much Honor as quickly as you need.

Conqueror of Azeroth.

Conqueror of Azeroth is one of the best and the most difficult ranking Achievements in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. To unlock it, you will need to first complete 9 other World PvP Achievements, including:

  • Band of Brothers
  • War Supplied
  • Bounty Hunting

On top of those three, you’re going to need to get the Tour of Duty Achievements for the different areas of Vol’dun, Stormsong Valley, Zuldazar, Nazmir, Drustvar, and Tiragarde Sound by earning 1,000 in each area. If you need a carry to help your character unlock some, or all, of these achievements on your way to unlocking Conqueror of Azeroth, then Gamingcy carries are ready to assist you. What’s even more pleasant, you can drop the cost of this bundle, if you have already completed some parts of this meta!

Gladiator Boost.

WoW Shadowlands’ Gladiator Title is the hardest PvP rank title to achieve, requiring you first reach a 2400 PvP rating and then further 50 wins at the PvP carry of 2400 or above. For Players skilled or tenacious enough to unlock it, the title will signify that they belong to the upper echelons of WoW’s PvP players base while at the same time granting them access to that season’s exclusive Gladiator’s mount.

You also can get a hold of the glory and the goods of Gladiator PvP status with a professional carry from a Gamingcy WoW PvP Rankings carry. This includes the climb to PvP Rating 2400, as well as all 50 of the wins needed afterward. Nothing suprising, that the cost of this title is be pretty high, but who cares, when it comes to really serious PvP standings and rewards?

RBG Wins Farm.

Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) in WoW Shadowlands are the biggest PvP battles featuring up to 10 players on each side, this makes finding a full team of reliable players difficult and winning consistently even more so. On the other hand, winning Rated Battlegrounds is also your best option for earning large amounts of Honor and Conquest fast, assuming you are able to win most of your matches. Winning in Rated Battlegrounds also allows you to progress towards unlocking the seasonal mount, as well as earning Vicious Saddles.

This is why, for all of your PvP rankings progression tied to competing and succeeding in WoW Shadowlands’ rated battlegrounds, you will be most efficient when working with a team of highly experienced, professional-quality PvP players, like Gamingcy’s worldwide pool of pro carries.

The Alliance / Horde Slayer Title.

While this Title doesn’t require as much sheer time investment as Conqueror of Azeroth or Gladiator, it can still be really frustrating unless you get lucky. Unlocking the Title requires you accrue a killing streak of 10 Honorable Kills within War Mode while you have a bounty on your head. So you can be sure that not only will your immediate opponents be doing their best to kill you, but so will every other enemy in the zone.

One great way to finish unlocking this early is with support from our WoW PvP ranking carries to keep you alive while you get all 10 kills needed.

RBG Rating Boost.

The RBG ranking push is the fastest and most efficient way for you to reach whatever PvP rating you desire for WoW Shadowlands’ 10v10 rated battlegrounds PvP game mode. You’ll get the opportunity to play together with a professional PvP team as you climb the ranks to reach your target RGB rank.

This ranked boost is great for novices and veterans alike, as WoW will always match you against opponents of equivalent power, meaning no matter whether you’re unranked, Elite, or Gladiator, you will always benefit from this PvP carry WoW. Whats even more exciting, it won’t cost much!

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What You Get With Gamingcy’s Shadowlands PvP Boost.

Immediate Response Times.

Never miss out on limited-time events again. Forget about having to ask for ranked gameplay assistance only to wait for hours, if not days. With the biggest online schedule for WoW SL events, Gamingcy’s global WoW PvP boost community of over 2,000 professional gamers is available to respond to your urgent requests and accommodate all of your PvP and PvE needs at amazing costs.

Great Deals.

Whenever you purchase something from Gamingcy, be sure to check out our Hot Offers for special discounts and promotions on a variety of WoW PvP boosting services, as well as PvE carry for any Dungeon or Raid in the game, whether Normal, Heroic, or Mythic+. Buy in-game help for real money: it costs cheap, and is provided by the most high-exp PvPers!

Flexible Plans.

Take control of your ranked boost with Gamingcy’s Self-Play boosting services option. With Self-Play, work together with your team of Gamingcy WoW Shadowlands PvP carries so you can stay locked into the action and the story of World of Warcraft as you triumph over Dungeon and Raid bosses - or even other players.

Feeling burned out but don’t want to give the competition the opportunity to get ahead? No problem. Have a busy week during an important in-game event and don’t want to miss out on those exclusive rewards? Let Gamingcy handle it. With the Account-Sharing boosting services option, our boosters can pilot your character while you take time to treat yourself or to attend to other matters that just can’t wait. In addition, acc-shared services usually cost way less!

Privacy & Security.

You can rest assured that your World of Warcraft account security is maintained at the highest standard with Gamingcy’s WoW SL PvP ranking farming. Whether you opt for self-play or account-sharing, Gamingcy protects your privacy by encrypting your account and payment details to provide anonymous ranked carry and boosting services, no matter where you’re located or what realm your character is in.

Affordable Prices.

How much does PvP WoW Boost cost? Apart from reliability and security, one of the most important controlling factors when choosing a boosting service is being able to buy WoW PvP boost at cheap price. Regardless of where you're struggling in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, all of Gamingcy’s World Of Warcraft boosts are available at highly competitive prices, tailored to your specific needs, whether those be for running Mythic+ raids or dominating the Season PvP. Enjoy top-quality services that cost cheap.

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If you’re serious about World of Warcraft PvP gameplay and want to come away from Shadowlands’ PvP with all of the best PvP gear, rankings, and rewards, you’ve got your work cut out for you. To really dominate in PvP, you’ll need to not only remaster your own class but also how you assess the threats that players of other classes pose to you. We at Gamingcy strive to make your learning curve more manageable, and our broad range of WoW PvP services guarantees that no matter what aspect of PvP you’re struggling with, you can find an edge.

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