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Fated Raids
Sepulcher of the First Ones
Sanctum of Domination
Castle Nathria
TimeWalking Raids
Azshara's Eternal Palace
Battle of Dazar'Alor
Tomb of Sargeras
The Nighthold
Online schedule & timers: pick your raid time & join smooth Raid run tonight!
Get new powerful Raid gear from Raid bosses.
Get prestigious Raid Achievements.


Fated Raid Normal
  • Fast Fated NM run with PRO guild
  • 278-285 ilvl drops: Personal loot or Add loot traders & guaranteed loot
  • Online raids schedule & timers
FROM $29.00
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Fated Raid Heroic
  • Fast Fated HC run with PRO guild
  • 291-297 ilvl drops: Personal loot or Add loot traders & guaranteed loot
  • Online raids schedule & timers
FROM $58.00
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Fated Raid Mythic
  • Fated Mythic run with PRO guild
  • 304-311 ilvl drops. Pick bosses you want to defeat
  • Use the "Find me a hot slot!" button to get your run ASAP!
FROM $144.00
Specific Fated Raid Boss
  • Kill particular Raid bosses in Normal, Heroic or Mythic mode
  • A chance to get new 278 - 311 ilvl items without overpaying
  • Online raids schedule & timers
FROM $4.00
Fated Raids Last Boss
  • Defeat the final boss of the currently active fated raid with our team
  • Online raids schedule & timers
  • 285-311 ilvl drops via Personal loot
FROM $14.00
Jigglesworth Sr. Mount
  • Get the Jigglesworth Sr. to your collection
  • Get Fates of the Shadowlands Raids meta-achievement
FROM $29.00
Hero of Fate Title
  • Get the Hero of Fate title
  • Get Heroic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement unlocked
FROM $58.00
Fates of the Shadowlands Raids Achievement
  • Get Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement unlocked
  • Get the Jigglesworth Sr. mount to your collection as a reward!
FROM $29.00
Full Raid Gear Farming
  • Get full Normal or Heroic Fated Raid Gear set with a guarantee.
  • Fast runs with PRO raiders every week until you get your full set!
FROM $239.00
Heroic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids Achievement
  • Get Heroic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement unlocked
  • Get the Hero of Fate title as a reward!
FROM $58.00
Mythic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids Achievement
  • Get Mythic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement unlocked
  • Get Shadowlands Raid Teleports as a reward!
FROM $998.00

Fated Raids WoW Carries: Be among the first to discover new features!

Fated raids is a new long-awaited 9.2.5 feature: once a week, one of 3x WoW Shadowlands raids (Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, or Sepulcher of the First Ones) becomes fated. Bosses become way harder (because of the Fated affixes), and the loot that is dropped from such raid is of a higher item level. Our WoW fated raids boost is meant to save you dozens of hours of your time and get the most desired fated raids rewards hassle-free. Forget about endless LFG queues, picky guild leaders, toxic teammates, and annoying wipes. With your WoW shadowlands 9.2.5 fated raid boost will be lightning fast, simple, and joyful. Online events calendar allows you to book a slot from the timetable and have your run at the most suitable time. And with the flexible options that any product at can offer, your WoW Fated raid boost cost will undoubtedly be affordable. We never make our customers overpay! Purchase our WoW fated raid boost at a cheap price, and enjoy the premium quality with the best support team in the industry, and advanced online technologies, which are available exclusively at!

Shadowlands fated raid boosts for sale: defeat any end-game boss in any instance with our professional teams. Runs start every hour!

Buy Fated Raid boost from Gamingcy: Your gear, class, and skill do not matter!

An idea of replaying old WoW content was in the air for a long time: first, there were time-walking events, then classic servers, and now the time has come for WoW fated raid runs. In my opinion, that’s great: there’s a tremendous amount of content in World of Warcraft (especially on the retail servers), which has been perfectly designed, but now is long-forgotten. Do we, as players, want new content in the game? Yes, of course! But it’s never a problem for any of us to complete some legacy instance (currently, most of us are doing it for transmogs, pets, and mounts), especially if you feel this instance like something new: new affixes will not get you bored! Old fights will be more challenging, and you must invent new strategies! Participate in our WoW fated raids loot runs, and you will feel a part of a professional team, where everyone knows his role perfectly, and the big group works together seamlessly!

Like any other WoW instance, there are 3x difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Our WoW Shadowlands 9.2.5 fated raid boost perfectly covers any of them.

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WoW Fated Raids Schedule: Express runs with top Guilds every hour!

We at believe that boosting services should be fast, secure, and simple. That’s why we’re constantly working on our site’s improvements. We’re investing money into developing the exclusive software (Hide-my-boost system) to make your boost safe from blizzard suspensions. The online calendar, a rather complicated mechanism, allows you to see all upcoming boost runs in one place and book your slot for a suitable time.

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete any WoW Shadowlands Season 4 instance with a professional team. Enjoy our WoW fated raids carry schedule, book your slot online, and get your order done tonight!

In our online events calendar, we have considered the fated raids schedule and made the joining process swift and easy for you. Timely and effective carries comes first. As you already know.

World of Warcraft fated raids will rotate in the following order:

  • 08.02.2022 – Nathria
  • 08.09.2022 – SoD
  • 08.16.2022 – SotFO
  • 08.23.2022 – Nathria
  • 08.30.2022 – SoD
  • 09.06.2022 – SotFO

And so on until the rotation is removed and all raids are Fated later in the season. Together with this rotation, our WoW fated raid boosts will also be modified.

While a raid is fated, it’s just the fated difficulty that will be available. However, the other two will be of the usual difficulty that week. Buy wow fated raid boosting services, and enjoy new powerful gear for your character. Collect the BIS setup without joining

If we speak about the ethics of the process, when you pay for wow fated raid runs with real money, we don’t see anything objectionable in a desire to save your time. The money you’re earning should work for you, improving your life. And whenever you’re facing any inconvenience in real life, You can solve most of them with cash. It’s way smarter to save your time and get more fun from the game instead of trying to be «ethical» and suffering from the in-game difficulties: wipes, toxic community, and tedious grinding. The only one, who is interested in your in-game uptime, is Blizzard (the more you play- the more they earn). Whose interests are more significant to you: yours or Blizzards?

In most cases, WoW PvE is mostly about your invested time and discipline. And if you have a real life with multiple commitments, you don’t have enough time for the game. WoW fated raid carry service by Gamingcy is your perfect solution! With us, the fated raid bosses farming will be smooth and easy, as never before!

We strongly advise you to pay attention to our World of Warcraft fated raids boost because it’s a time-tested way to get your maximum from this game. Skyrocket your progress, get the most tempting gear, and become a new WoW Shadowlands PvE legend!

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