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Renown Levels boost
  • Fast upgrade of your Renown to the desired level
  • Unlock new covenants soulbinds, upgrade your WQ rewards & Covenant Sanctum
FROM $4.00
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Covenant Assaults
  • Fast completion of the Covenant Assaults
  • Get Korthian gear & special rewards from the War Chest
FROM $9.00
Chains of Domination Campaign
  • Fast completion of the Chains of Domination Campaign
  • Access to account-wide flying in Shadowlands
FROM $22.00
Covenant main campaign boost
  • The desired Covenant Campaign done
  • Access to various rewards of the desired covenants faction
  • Get Renown 23 level (or higher)
FROM $29.00
Covenant Mounts Bundle
  • Get multiple covenant mounts to your collection at a bundle deal price
  • Get any mount for any covenant hassle-free
FROM $14.00
Shadowlands Main campaign
  • Fast completion of the desired part(s) of the Shadowlands Main Campaign
  • Get your access to covenants
FROM $29.00
Reservoir Anima farm
  • Get any amount of Reservoir Anima fast
  • Use Anima to Buy various rewards from covenants
  • Upgrade Covenant Sanctum, Adventures table, Anima Conductor
FROM $9.00
Ardenweald Wilderling Harness
  • Get Ardenweald Wilderling Harness Mount to your collection
  • Fast upgrade of your renown to 45 level
FROM $47.00
Autumnal Wilderling Harness
  • Get new Autumnal Wilderling Harness to your collection
  • Fast upgrade of your renown to 70 level
FROM $82.00
Elysian Aquilon
  • Get Elysian Aquilon Mount to your collection
  • Fast upgrade of your renown to 45 level
FROM $47.00
Battle Hardened Aquilon
  • Get new Battle Hardened Aquilon to your collection
  • Get On the Offensive achievement
  • Death's advance reputation boost
FROM $81.00
Ascendant's Aquilon
  • Get new Ascendant's Aquilon Mount to your collection
  • Fast upgrade of your renown to 70 level
FROM $82.00

Your fast & secure Shadowlands Covenants Boosting Services.

Shadowlands, the most recent entry in the unfurling saga that is World of Warcraft, brings with it a lot of interesting quirks and new powers for your character. Take advantage of them and become stronger than the rest! Azeroth’s Afterlife is a bunch of interconnected realms ruled by powerful Covenants that give the players special boons upon joining their cause.

These powers, items, and related abilities all feed into making your character survive Torghast and other battle locationsonce and for all. Every new ability and item will give you an edge that you can’t afford to miss out on, and that is why it is important for you to get them. The fate of Azeroth hangs in the balance!

What Is a World of Warcraft Covenant?

In Shadowlands, each zone is dominated and controlled by a Covenant. These are the Kyrian, Necrolords, Venthyr, and the Night Fae. Throughout the campaign, you will be able to join one of these Covenants and gain access to the covenant's specific powers, items, and abilities that they provide.

As with everything in World of Warcraft, this requires a lot of time and effort on your end to achieve. This can be difficult to maintain, especially if you have a family and a job. As such, we provide boosting services to help you achieve these things at affordable prices. What you get from using our Shadowlands Covenants boost is covered in the next section. Keep reading to find out!

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