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Shattered Sun Offensive TBC reputation
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  • Get access to Tabard of the Shattered Sun
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Sporeggar TBC Reputation
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The Aldor TBC Reputation
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  • Get access to Aldor Tabard
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The Consortium TBC Reputation
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  • Get access to Consortium Tabard
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The Mag'har TBC Reputation
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  • Get access to various Talbuk mounts
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The Scryers TBC Reputation
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get access to Scryers Tabard
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The Sha'Tar TBC Reputation boost
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get access to Sha'tar Tabard
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The Violet Eye TBC Reputation
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get The Violet Eye achievement
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Thrallmar TBC reputation
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get access to Thrallmar Tabard
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Honor Hold TBC Reputation
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get access to Honor Hold Tabard
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Keepers of Time TBC Reputation
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get access to Keepers of Time Tabard
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Kurenai TBC Reputation
  • Configurable rep boost to the desired rank
  • Get access to various Talbuk mounts
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Free yourself of daily chores with WoW TBC Reputation boost 

Reputation is the necessary evil in WoW. Boosting is the go-to if you need maximum speed with WoW TBC reputation power leveling up to Exalted. Without the carry, it takes at least 37 days - it’s the minimum if you do it alone.


Here’s a quick snippet of a TBC reputation guide: there are 13 factions. You can’t do dailies every day and grind dungeons. It’s unacceptably dull. Why wait and watch 40-minute videos explaining to you what you’re gonna be doing in the next few months? Here’s the daily routine:

  • Go to zone
  • Pick up daily quests
  • Kill 6
  • Collect 12
  • Waste 20 minutes
  • Hand in quests
  • Repeat next day
  • How is this endgame content?


These quests equate to nothing but a waste of time. Being frustrated over chores shouldn’t be part of the game. TBC does have its fair share of fun, yet some aspects are forceful. 

You shouldn’t feel pressured to do something to get to the content. There’s no place for fear of missing out on anything in the game.

Games are entertaining; they’re not supposed to be imposed on you.

Why do TBC Classic reputation farming?

There is another list of why leveling up reputation to Exalted is a literal grinding chore:

  • Reputations are not account-wide.


  • You’re not doing them once.


  • You can’t skip the grind (except boosting).


  • Do you like alts? Welcome to leveling rep points again.


  • Very repetitive: dailies and dungeon grind.


  • There are few alternatives to level up your reputations (apart from our TBC Classic reputation power leveling :). Especially if you hit Revered, the only thing you’re left with is grinding dungeons and unrepeatable quests.


  • Hard to be accepted into dungeon groups.


  • Do you have a guild or a party of friends? If not, in PuGs, you’ll be required to have good gear. You’re gonna have trouble getting accepted into groups. Nothing personal, Classic players are kinda hostile.


  • Looking for a group takes a few hours.


  • Spamming in chat looking for a group? Just what I’ve wanted” - said no one.


  • Doing dungeons for nothing but rep points.


  • Takes up too much time - more than a month. 


  • Reps have great rewards


  • (it’s a good thing, yet it’s still forced: there are no alternatives. Not if you buy the Burning Crusade reputation farming boost)


  • Sha’tar offers the most potent pre-raid items


  • Spell casters helmet enchant, Leatherworking recipe for Drums of Battle (it’s highly sought-after). 


  • Patterns for Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting. 


  • And it’s just one faction. Do you want a one-of-a-kind hippogryph mount? Reputation reward. 


  • In short, you need that Exalted


  • By the way, you can buy a TBC Classic reputation boost on Gamingcy. Get desired reputations in less than a month. It’s safe, fast, and cheap. 


With the Burning Crusade rep services, you get to

  • Raise your reputation level to Exalted, starting at any reputation level for the shortest time.


  • Obtain collectibles only available through reputations (mounts, pets, tabards, transmog, recipes, etc.).


  • Get unique mounts like the Netherwing Drakes, one-of-a-kind Cenarion Hippogryph, Nether Rays, and Talbuks.


  • Save numerous efforts on minor progress grinding.


You need exalted reputations and a WoW TBC reputation purchase. It’s not a matter of “sooner or later.” Exalted reps provide a significant boost to your gaming experience (enchants, patterns, gear, mounts). 

Therefore you need reputations unlocked as fast as possible. It’s much easier to play. 

Easy means smooth. Relaxing. Fun. Make that your game, not the “annoying, repetitive, and frustrating” grinding rep experience. The Burning Crusade reputation power leveling does precisely that.

Boosting: helps not miss out on life

Reputations overlap with a lot of other TBC mechanics. Reputations allow you to attune to dungeons. 

Tabards, mounts, gear, enchants, gems, patterns… Did we miss anything?

Gold and loot from our TBC Classic rep boosts. Everything in 3 weeks! These are just in-game perks the TBC Classic rep boost offers.

Real-life ones are obvious, yet they’re of much more importance. You save time, effort, and money. Meanwhile, you can be productive if you have to be up to other antics anywhere else. 

There’s no need to sacrifice one thing for another: you can successfully play WoW and not miss out on anything important in your real life.

Both of these worlds can coexist with Gamingcy’s TBC Classic reputation purchase.

Derailing TBC: hop straight to rewards

WoW TBC attunements aren’t a myth: they’re required as much as reputations are. You need to farm reputations to get attunements and questlines done so you can even get into the raids. 

It’s unfortunate, but TBC can be a bit railed. You have to have reputations up to Exalted to even play the endgame.

There’s no need to solely focus on one thing. Doing attunements will be a headache for the entire TBC. Especially if you like making alts, you eventually face a reputation grind. TBC Classic reputation purchase solves this issue: no grind with rep rewards.

Manage your time without compromising

Obtaining the Burning Crusade rep boosts doesn’t take as long as getting reps to Exalted

You are already Exalted with us: buy the boost and get TBC factions maxed out too.

Reputations are hard to level: you have to constantly do at least one TBC Classic reputation farming type. Be it dungeon runs or questing.

We don’t want you to choose either real life or WoW. You can succeed everywhere without losing in quality. 

You choose the fastest way to level up reps! Get the most fun out of the game.

You’ll be raiding in a few weeks: more TBC rep rewards and more loot await!

Don’t wanna do dailies? We’re happy to help you out!

There’s a specific carry that does your dailies for you. Questing is an inherent part of any RPG. Doing the same quests over and over again is strenuous.

You will have your fair share of dailies in the future. The Burning Crusade reputation farming boost: save yourself from unnecessary daily questing.

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Ahead of the curve: 7 WoW TBC rep boost advantages

To be frank, without WoW TBC reputation purchase, you lose a lot:

  • You lose so much time


  • You’ll have to grind non-stop for a few weeks: maybe 5, maybe more. It all depends on how consistent you are. That means doing dailies, spamming dungeons, and grinding mobs for reputation items. 


  • You miss out on the fun


  • If you’re focused on WoW TBC reputation farming only, how are you supposed to be content with it? It feels like Groundhog Day


  • We can see you going on the same route like a bot, doing dailies, exhausted, scrolling your socials while you’re away waiting for the flight path to end. It’s like that for at least 37 days. Why subscribe to such misery?


  • You spend a significant amount of time learning practical ways to WoW TBC reputation farming.


  • A pestering one. Reading a TBC Classic rep guide just to do something boring. Getting anxious, choosing the most optimal route of grinding reputations, and doing them yourself, no way that’s fun.


With the boost, not only do you avoid having to face any inconveniences mentioned, but there are also more reasons to get into boosting:

Only skilled players boosting

There’s nothing worse than playing with unskilled players. They prolong your dungeon run. Thus making it unbearable to play: you might end up switching one player to someone else. Switch these for our boosters buying TBC Classic rep services.

It’s not the case with us. We’ve been doing WoW TBC rep boosts since 2014. We did over 200k orders and are constantly improving our TBC Classic rep services! 

A 2067+ team of players are ready to do your bidding. Thus our schedule is highly flexible: you make your own arrangements for the Burning Crusade reputation purchase.

Round-the-clock support

Contact our 24/7 available support if you have questions or difficulties. We resolve our issues on the spot: you won’t be waiting. 

Privacy-driven website

We use VPN to ensure 100% confidentiality. We’ve developed a particular HideMyBoost software that guarantees your account will not be banned. We also have verified reviews on Trustpilot.

Full transparency

You can pay via PayPal or credit card. All transactions are encrypted and protected. 


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Seize countless reputation rewards with Gamingcy’s boost

Getting the Burning Crusade rep boost is substantial when you’re playing optimally. 

You can get two birds with one stone: save yourself time to do essential things in the real world without losing progress in Warcraft. 

It’s simple yet effective

You only have to do a few steps: check the shop for the service you need. Then follow the checkout, contact us to confirm the Burning Crusade reputation purchase, and wait. 


You end up getting more out of the game while spending less time on it.

You can do wonders with Gamingcy without having to compromise. Seize the Burning Crusade reputation boost with countless advantages!


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