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All TBC Attunements
  • Get yourself an easy access to dungeons and raids
  • Get Revered standing with TBC faction
FROM $29.00
TBC Arcatraz NM Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Arcatraz dungeon
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $29.00
TBC Auchindoun Heroic dungeons attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Auchindoun dungeons
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $39.00
TBC Black Temple Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Black Temple raid
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $234.00
TBC Caverns of Time Heroic Dungeons Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Caverns of Time dungeons. 
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $39.00
TBC Coilfang Reservoir Heroic Dungeons Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to heroic mode of Coilfang Reservoir dungeons
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $44.00
TBC Flying Mounts Unlocking
  • Fast flying riding skill unlocked
  • Get flying mount of your faction
FROM $34.00
TBC Hellfire Ramparts Heroic Dungeons attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Hellfire Ramparts Heroic Dungeons
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $42.00
TBC Hyjal Summit Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Hyjal Summit raid
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $219.00
TBC Karazhan Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Karazhan raid
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $64.00
TBC Serpentshrine Cavern Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Serpentshrine Cavern raid
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $79.00
TBC Tempest Keep Attunement
  • Get yourself an easy access to Tempest Keep raid
  • Obtain reputation points, gold and other rewards
FROM $114.00
All-time easy attunements: boosting

Doing quests gets tedious after you've done it for millennia. WoW TBC quest boost is precisely the thing you're looking for: it relieves you of the need to do them at all.

TBC Classic Quests & Burning Crusade attunements services allow you to skip both of them. We get it: farming anything is dull and takes a lot of time. 

Attuning can be one hell of a challenge. They make sense, yet just looking at the guides for completing them makes all enthusiasm to play the game vanish. 

WoW TBC Classic attunements are another pain in the neck: more quests and more reputation grind. 

Just imagine doing the thing you detest for days. We feel you. Games are supposed to be fun. Skip quests and get straight into the Outlands' dungeons via WoW TBC quests carry.


  • A Question of Price

Our Burning Crusade farming quests service is cheap because we don't use third-party software. All the work is done manually by professionals.

Since 2014 we've accumulated a lot of experience to price our services reasonably.


  • A Matter of Time

Attuning can take up months. We're not joking: it's the hardcore content TBC has to offer. You can skip it fast with our attunements boost. 

Do you want attunements right now? Buy our Burning Crusade quests carry!

Why right now? Well, because no one likes to wait. Doing something you hate doubles the tediousness. You'll feel way better after such a chore like attunements is past your concerns. 

Dungeons provide a different experience to regular completion of quests. They're dynamic as opposed to dull TBC Classic quests farming. 

However, a pitfall awaits you: you unlock dungeons after getting attunements. They are, quite frankly, imposed. 

For example, you buy a WoW TBC attunements service that includes all TBC attunements. 

You save money, get easy access to dungeons in a week. Plus, you get the revered reputation with all TBC factions!

Gold, items, and everything our boosters have farmed will also be yours.

Beat hardcore TBC philosophy where time investment is so high only a small percentage of players could abide and stay relevant. Burning Crusade weekly quests farming is a part of this idea: you have to play the game to stay afloat constantly.

Be the top dog without the frenzy. We don't like keeping our customers waiting:

TBC Classic quest boost is going to be quick. 

Keep up hassle-free: WoW TBC quests help

Are you behind your guild's progression? You don't want to be that lazy guy who hasn't finished his attunements and can't raid with the guild. We will gear you up with our WoW TBC farm service and do attunements for you. 

Forcing yourself to do Burning Crusade daily quests farming will make you love the game more. 

  • Your ticket to the Top TBC Guilds

Being a member of a prestigious guild is difficult. Do you still want to be one? Well, it's pretty tough to get into guilds that are already attuned to Hyjal and Black Temple. 

We've got the Burning Crusade quests boost for sale. It's a gateway into the high-skilled world. Be the recognizable rare person on the server. Without WoW TBC quests grinding. 

Let us be your WoW TBC guide

With our WoW TBC quests farming service, you don't have to bother looking for attunements guides. It seems not very comforting: you barely want to follow all the steps. 

Here's a better solution: our Burning Crusade attunement guide is only a few steps: open the catalog, place an order and wait. 


  • ALToholics' favorite

Logging into the game for the first time and leveling a new character was magical. You remember hours of running quests, how engaging the story was, how everything was reeking of novelty

However, if you're a fan of alts, doing these quests again might be unappealing. The same thing over and over again? Really? We get your annoyance and offer you a way to avoid it: Burning Crusade quests farming is our specialty. 


  • Are you looking for something specific?

You don't have to buy a bundle that offers everything at once. Though you can alter it: our Burning Crusade quest boost is highly customizable. Purchase a specific dungeon attunement such as Arcatraz without overpaying.

No limits: Effective TBC Classic farming 

You know when you're rewatching your favorite movie, you're dying to see the best part? The same thing with raids. Raids are no leisurely picnic in Burning Crusade. Yet, they are so enjoyable: you get to play with other people and earn rewards.

Make those rewards instant with our TBC Classic quests carry! Like you can skip the movie to the exciting part, do the same to TBC. You won't have to fight for loot.


  • Skilled players to the rescue

If you don't want to bother playing with new players, this service is for you. 

Our professional team of more than two thousand boosters is yours to command. No wipes and setbacks: get right down to WoW TBC farming.


  • Safety first

We don't use any third-party programs while Burning Crusade farming: only VPN and unique HideMyBoost technology to ensure your confidentiality. 

WoW TBC Farm: play it smart!

Imagine you're already doing dungeons on normal mode. You're leveling up; everything's fine. And then you have to get TBC Classic attunements to get into the raid. It must be daunting to rerun the dungeon to do WoW TBC quests farming. Be smart. You can avoid it.

You miss out on some decent gear by skipping everything. Yet don't fear missing out on anything: we're offering TBC Classic quests help so you can resort to something else.

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WoW TBC quests that are 110% easier if boosted

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG. It has a roleplaying aspect that players fulfill up to a certain extent. 

Quests can't be separated from WoW completely. You endlessly grind WoW TBC quests.

Like, you'll take your fill of boring stuff anyways. 

Attunements go hand in hand with PvE content (dungeons and raids); They're shoved down your throat. 

Seize the chance to catch your breath from Burning Crusade quests grinding. It's worth it because:

  • You will have more time on your hands. You can do something opposed to quests or anything else.
  • There is no need to focus on a single game aspect; why concentrate on only one thing,and attunements only?
  • If you're a fan of alts — this boost is irreplaceable: don't be stuck doing the same thing again just to gear up a new character.
  • Don't let quests stop you from exploring new classes.
  • Cheaper to get attunes done by pros: you spend less money on WoW subscription.
  • It takes less time for our boosters to get attunes: they can do them with their eyes closed. 
  • You need attunements for further PvE progression. 
  • You don't deserve to fall behind.
  • Burnout: with boosts, you can do everything and more without ending up hating the game and quitting.
  • With TBC Classic quests boost for sale, you get additional bonuses:
    • Reputation up to Revered
    • Gold
    • All the loot

Make TBC more enjoyable: don't wither grinding

Buying a boost pretty much benefits every aspect of the game. Especially when it's about quests and attunements. Attunements boost gives you reputation points, long quest lines completed, access to raids, loot, gold, etc. 


Since you can't completely rid yourself of quests, you could do something about it.

Get the boost: you temporarily rid yourself of worries of grinding and reap all the benefits that come with the boost. 

By getting a boost, you will save:

  • Time
  • Gold
  • Effort
  • You won't lose the desire to play the game because of farming
  • If you're leveling an alt - you won't have to go over attunements again
  • You can do anything else while we're boosting
  • You get various bonuses like reputation, gold, and loot
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