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Sunwell Plateau Raid
  • Fast Sunwell Plateau raid run with PRO guild
  • Guaranteed item at loot for your class
  • A chance to get 141-164 ilvl item via Personal loot
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Zul'Aman Raid
  • Fast Zul'Aman raid run with PRO guild
  • Get 1x Guaranteed item for your class
  • A chance to get 128-133 ilvl items via Personal loot
FROM $119.00
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Black Temple Raid Boost
  • Fast Black Temple raid run with PRO guild
  • Get 1x Guaranteed item for your class
  • A chance to get 141-156 ilvl items via Personal loot
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Hyjal Summit Raid
  • Fast Hyjal Summit raid run with PRO guild
  • Guaranteed item at loot for your class
  • A chance to get 141-151 ilvl item via Personal loot
FROM $229.00
Tempest Keep Raid
  • Fast Tempest Keep (The Eye) raid run with PRO guild
  • Guaranteed item at loot for your class
  • A chance to get 128-141 ilvl item via Personal loot
FROM $294.00
Serpentshrine Cavern Raid
  • Fast Serpentshrine Cavern raid run with PRO guild
  • Guaranteed item at loot for your class
  • A chance to get 128-141 ilvl item via Personal loot
FROM $224.00
Karazhan Raid
  • Fast Karazhan raid run with PRO guild
  • Guaranteed item at loot for your class
  • A chance to get 115-125 ilvl item via Personal loot
FROM $112.00
Magtheridon's Lair Raid
  • Fast Magtheridon's Lair raid run with PRO guild
  • A chance to get 125 ilvl item via Personal loot
FROM $129.00
Gruul's Lair Raid
  • Fast Gruul's Lair raid run with PRO guild
  • A chance to get 125 ilvl item via Personal loot
FROM $124.00
Buy Raid Carries: Crusade through Outlands in the next 20 minutes

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade raid design is especially epic. Compared to Classic WoW, players have to find and cooperate with 25 players instead of 40. 

However, even if you play optimally, there are some difficulties in PuGs:

  • Takes too much time to find a group
  • Sometimes people leave after a wipe, so looking for players extends clearance for a few more hours
  • Getting loot is harder since some leaders secure the loot items for themselves 
  • Unless you have a static guild group to play with, PuGs themselves aren’t very reliable
  • With that said, you don’t know how skilled your PuG players are, resulting in an unknown completion time
  • Not everyone you find has attunements done
  • You’re not going to wipe for hours on one boss


Any of these reasons shouldn’t stop you.

Like if you’ve decided to make an alt and you need a fast run and Burning Crusade raid loot to gear up. Yet all of these reasons mentioned are tied to one thing: time.

Is your time sinking away too fast? Buy TBC raid runs

Finding a party can be troublesome. You might spend too much time finding a suitable group.
That means, if you’re playing optimally, you would spend 1-2 hours a day playing the game, maybe on weekends. You prioritize your real life. You can’t afford to spend an hour looking for a group for another hour, perhaps even urgently quitting the last boss.

You can get your TBC raid boost done by professionals. You know what to expect of them: they’re fully ready to do TBC raid carries you need faster than any PuG you could find.

Why keep yourself waiting for a group? Try TBC raids boosting!

You’ve been looking for a group for the past hour. You’re tired of waiting and eager to hop in and play the game. 


You successfully clear packs of mobs, everyone’s doing their job, you’re having fun.

Then suddenly, your tank is bickering in chat, making everyone uncomfortable.

You try to ignore them. You wipe on the first boss. Tank leaves; you’re looking for another one for the next half an hour.


The moral of the story is you don’t have to be relying on other people’s benevolence. 

Waiting for a replacement for hours until you get someone adequate. 

When you obtain a TBC raid carry, everyone’s being professional. No one’s trying to put spokes in the wheels. The only time you’ll have to wait is while you’re flying to the raid entrance. (you’d probably be summoned, though)

With fair TBC raid services, you won’t fight for the loot

Some people lock the items they need. That means you’re gonna wait even more until a suitable group appears in chat. 

Seriously, why fight for the loot with other players when you could have a fair chance of getting it? Sometimes people do TBC raid loot runs but lock essential items.

Sure, it’s RNG, yet no one will lock items for no reason.


The raid will be run fast, loot rolled fair, no hiccups, no childish arguing. 

Are PuGs reliable?

Unless you have a guild or a group of friends, PuGs are unreliable.

Loot might get stolen, you might be randomly kicked out of the raid, etc. 

Some raid leaders have an inadequate perception of what a raider should be. Item level, consumables. If you’re simply looking for a fast run, you might end up skipping a bunch of annoying min maxers. 

We don’t set the rules. You do. So you can run a raid of your choice as comfortably as possible.

Set the bar high: TBC raids WoW boosts with skilled players

Continuing the PuG story, finding skilled players feels like playing Russian roulette.

There’s always going to be that one person disrupting your run. Pulling everyone behind.

I’m not even mentioning AFKers. Those guys are a menace, making raiders wait.

With that said, you don’t wait for anyone. You know who you’re paying — only the skilled players that do not stand in fire or AFK. 

We’re crazy about high-skill. We want to share that passion with you. Showing you that running World of Warcraft Burning Crusade raids and getting that TBC raid loot can take less than an hour.

Forget hearing “I haven’t attuned yet”

Sometimes that’s the reason why people get kicked out of the guild. Having attunements is crucial, especially for getting TBC raid sets.

You’re not that kind of person. You’re ready to clear out all the bosses.

It’s just that finding people with complete attunements will take more time. 

WoW TBC raids boost without wiping

Sometimes World of Warcraft TBC raids doesn’t go that smoothly with regular players.

You value your time. So do we: the Burning Crusade raids carry will be run smoothly as butter.

No wipes, no leavers. You come into the raid and come out of it with loot. (If RNG is in your favor)


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3 Effortlessly Run TBC Classic Raids Service

We’re offering three TBC raid tiers to run:

  • Magtheridon’s Lair
  • Gruul’s Lair
  • Karazhan 


The first two are pretty fast and shouldn’t take more than one day. It’s only two bosses in Gruul’s Lair and one in Magtheridon’s Lair.

If you were worried about time, performance should be completely shrugged off. By that, we don’t mean malice; you’ll just have fun running with us. WoW is extremely fun when every player in the raid does what they’re supposed to.

Forget about any inconvenience and frustration: low-skilled players aren’t a thing on Gamingcy

TBC Classic raids Boosting made Fast & Furious

We have a platform of more than 2067 professional boosters available for you to command. 

They have played Burning Crusade on retail and know how to run any raid you choose.

Magtheridon’s Lair

It’s one of two small raids of TBC. 

Our professional boosters will fight alongside you if you need some loot from this dungeon. 

All you need is an active subscription and a level 70 character.

Gruul’s Lair

This is another mini-raid of TBC. You can get a chance of a loot drop for your class.

It has only two bosses, so it’s not going to take long. 

It’s not some Third-Party thing

We don’t use any third-party software while boosting. We do all the work manually.


As you would expect, if you buy a boost into Karazhan, it will be run by our boosters that have done it a million times already.

Karazhan is long, so the chances of players leaving or playing poorly are proportionally increasing.

Not only do you get a chance for loot drop, but also amount - Fiery Warhorse’s Reins.

Tier 4 tokens

Every instance mentioned before drops gorgeous Tier 4 set tokens which you can exchange for a class set. 

Buy with best prices

We’ve done over 200k+ orders and know how to determine our prices reasonably.

There’s no need for us to set our prices high: we’re confident in the quality of our boosts.

We guarantee you a smooth experience with our boosters.


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The WoW Classic TBC raids boost you have to try out to get easy loot

Let’s refresh everything: raiding can be delightful leisure. 

Games shouldn’t be a chore to play, and WoW is not a “Wait in queue” simulator

  • Time is essential. It takes a lot of time to find a group of 15 players, better yet, 25.
  • Don’t let leavers stop you from raiding. If someone leaves from your raid group — you might end up spending additional time to find a replacement. 
  • Is [item] locked? Forget about it. You get a fair chance for loot.
  • Play with professionals: why settle for less?
  • Attunements are not a problem anymore because our boosters always have them.


Run your Raids now without having to wait

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You can easily find a secure raid group here on Gamingcy

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