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This is has always been one of the critical parts of any MMO, including World of Warcraft. 

TBC Gear farming is widespread because people in-game have hyperbolized requirements. 

Therefore, If you have suitable high-level items,  you’ll be welcome in the most potent groups and guilds on your server.

Hop in the PvE content without strenuous efforts!

Don’t worry about your gear level: our professional boosters provide WoW TBC BiS gear and standard mode alike. Enjoying TBC raids and dungeons has never been easier.

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Lightning strike quick: TBC gear boost

Service speed and quality are our top priorities. You don’t have to worry about waiting a few weeks to get the desired items. 

We’re offering the most prominent online community of boosters. The most flexible scheduling that you can alter to your liking. All for a fair price. 

A must-have: unique WoW Burning Crusade Armor Sets 

You just logged in Burning Crusade Classic. Leveled up another new character (or is it your first time?) to 70. 

Picture yourself in the best set that is available in the game. The greatest: with the best enchants and gems. You’re beating TBC Classic DPS rankings. Raid leaders are begging you to come into their raid.

Annihilating your enemies with a few clicks. Being valuable in any group. Did you imagine that?

All of that is yours with a mouse click. We offer starting and TBC Classic BiS gear: we don’t settle for less. 

Get most out of the game with tons of fun by getting the best items you need or want. Our motto: our customers get high-quality products in the shortest time.

TBC Gear farm you must try out

Do you want to try out PvP? It is not off the charts. 

Good item level gives you the best (at the time possible) damage/healing output.

Don’t be afraid to PvP because you don’t have PvP gear. Find glory in battlegrounds and arenas with your timely and fair priced boost!

Chore-free way to get WoW TBC Items 

WoW Burning Crusade items are crucial for high character performance. 

With the best items, you have no choice but to get the best results. Gear is a means to an end, not the end result. 

Maximizing your performance means you get everything fast and time-effective. WoW Burning Crusade gear farm pushes the meaning of this word past the limits: saving time while equipping your characters up for further PvE and PvP endeavors is possible. 

Be free from WoW chores, and make your dreams the best player without spending too much time a reality.

How to effectively get gear in TBC Classic?

This is a recurring issue in WoW. It has always been tedious, so getting a few bonuses would be much appreciated.

If you choose to get a pre-raid boost, you’ll get all the loot, and gold received during the boost. 

If you fancy a tier 4 boost, you quickly run three raids. From each of them, you get additional RNG loot and gold. All of that with a guaranteed full tier 4 set.


Buy TBC Classic gear and progress faster than any other player

Are you behind in the game and don’t have a group to do dungeons with? Unfortunately, few groups will take you if you’re not appropriately geared. 

Don’t get discouraged: we are your best allies

Get the Burning Crusade items quickly and enjoy the content! No one will turn you down if you’re full BiS.

Have a speedy boost with an individual schedule

Gamingcy has been on the boosting market since 2014. We’re experienced! We’ve done over 200k boosts and figured out the best solutions to your problems in the shortest time. 

Full-time available support

If you have any questions, please contact our support team! We’re on the watch seven days a week, so you don’t face any inconveniences. 

Safe and proven services

With Gamingcy, you don’t have to worry about where your money goes. We use the unique hide-my-boost technology: your account will not be banned. 

We’re taking credit cards and PayPal. Pay securely!

Completely confidential

We use VPN and our own unique Hide My boost technology to ensure 100% confidentiality. No one is going to know. 

The lowest prices on the market

We want to make boosts affordable. The quality to price ratio is deficient. The time required for your order to be ready is even lower.

That does diminish the way we treat our customers. It’s precisely the reason why we have our prices so low. 

Treat yourself with a boost and save your time for leisure!


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Rid yourself of inconvenience: obtain Heroic Burning Crusade items 

You’re not going to be welcomed in groups unless you're already geared. Unfortunately, Classic players have unrealistic expectations. They are pretty hostile when it comes to freshly leveled characters. 


Good gear is hard to come by, but the best is even harder to get.

Entry item level is high in heroics. Heroic dungeons give you one fit for raids. TBC drops farming is where it’s at: it is the easiest and the fastest solution to all your problems.

Even the world-best player needs good gear. Like it or not, your performance is affected by it, no matter where you are in the WoW Burning Crusade tier list.

Why struggle questing and spamming in chat for dungeon groups? Get a boost: rid yourself of any inconveniences

Instantly get Burning Crusade tier sets for your alts

If you’re making an alt, boosting is the go-to solution. People don’t care where you got your gear from: it’s your skill that matters. Even top US raiding guilds buy boosts. 

You perform well and find the best services to get incredible sets. 

It’s a video game. It’s supposed to be fun. Get straight to the fun parts!

Outdo everyone with your class no matter the TBC Classic tier list placing

It doesn’t matter where your class or spec is on the list made by other players. You can get the maximum performance out of your character with good gear and have fun. 

There is no need to force yourself to play the spec you don’t want to play: boosting helps you get every WoW Burning Crusade item you need.

You will be pleasantly surprised as people note your outburst of performance with not-so-much popular class in the rankings. 


  • No more RNG drama

WoW TBC hunter BiS gear is usually joked about: the hunters need all the items in the game! With Gamingcy’s boost, you’re not required to play a hunter to get everything in the game fast. Snatch all that gear effortlessly without having to fight with your peers. 


  • Best-in-slot gear? We got you covered!

Are you afraid you’re gonna raid for months until you get the full set? 

Get to the juicy parts fast past the farming. You get any class tier set you want, be it hunter or WoW TBC warlock BiS set. The sky’s the limit with Gamingcy.

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Boost to start off high in 2 weeks

Be outside the arguable Burning Crusade Tier list players make. No matter what class you play, you have the best output with boosting. 

You don’t need to have a mental breakdown about how you can’t play your favorite class - be better than shortlists.

What do you do if you haven’t played a specific spec or class? You make an alt character and try out the game from an entirely new perspective. This doesn’t mean you should repeat the annoying game aspects. Give yourself a boost! 

Enjoy an entirely new game with the best gear. Master the game!

Be ahead of others with boosting

All in all, boosting is an exquisite option to quickly catch up with your peers, get better at the game, run more challenging dungeons, and eventually raids.

Boosting saves you a lot of time: just think about how many parties you’d have to look for!

Instead, you only find one, full of professionals. 

Not to mention that you get a full set, not a few RNG items. In a typical situation, they’d be rolled for. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to get new gear.

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Experience only the best version of Burning Crusade Classic — without tedious grinding and unskilled players. Beat the DPS rankings! Conquer dungeons and raids looking fabulous and giving your all!  


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